Change of Heart


Pairing(s): RyouBakura, YamiRyou

Summary: Ryou thought he loved Bakura, but Yami has been shining in a new light Ryou is almost afraid of. And who is the one who keeps sending him gifts? shounen-ai RB YR


Chapter 1: To Love One


Ryou's POV

I'm doing it again. Staring. At the man of my dreams. He's And has a dangerous air about him, too.

Well, of course he's dangerous. He was once a tomb robber a thousand years ago. And he's a yami. MY yami.

Which makes us perfect for each other. I'm his hikari as he is my yami. Together we complete ourselves. We are meant to be together! As a couple. In love...

-Sigh- I must sound like a love struck school girl. But, I truelly love him.

He may look like an evil version of myself and is always forcing me away from my friends, but he cares for me, I can tell. A bit over protective and has a problem with not showing emotions other then anger and smug happiness, but I really do love him.

Bakura is just...the perfect guy for me. There was no one else for me other then him.

...Or so I thought.


It started as any other day in Domino High School. Yuugi-tachi stood in one area, Jounouchi and Yuugi playing a round of Duel Monsters with Honda and Anzu cheering them on...Or more like cheering Yuugi on, but that didn't matter.

Seto was busy typing on his laptop, trying to drown out Ryuuji's gloating on being loved by more fans then Kaiba himself. Yami was silently sitting down a few desks behind me, scanning everyone in our class. And I sat in my seat, gazing at the back of Bakura's head dreamily who only sat two desks ahead of me.

He was so close but way too far away. I wish he'd just show affection for me...Even a hint of liking me.

"Aw! Not AGAIN!" Jounouchi suddenly whined, apparently loosing to Yuugi once more.

"Don't worry about it, Jou," Anzu reassured with a pleasant smile on her lips, "Just because Yuugi beats you ALL the time, doesn't mean you're a bad duelist."

"Ya," Hiroto agreed, adding smuggly, "You're just bad at everything else."

"Why I oughta-!"

Forgetting my earlier "Bakura watching," I watch as Yuugi and Anzu held Jounouchi back from attacking Honda with an amused smile on my face. As a small laugh escapes my lips, I suddenly get the feeling I'm being watched.

Seeing as the other three too distracted by Jounouchi's ranting on killing Honda, and Otogi busy bugging Kaiba, and Bakura just ignoring everybody in this room, I knew it couldn't be one of them. And just then, I finally notice a pair of crimson eyes watching me, glazed over with an emotion I wasn't sure about.

Blinking in confusion, I wonder why Yami, of all people, was staring at me. Shouldn't he be keeping an eye on his own hikari? He always seems even more protective of Yuugi then Bakura is over me, so why? It didn't make sense.

Pouting lightly, I turn back around to face the front of the class and the back of Bakura's head, trying to ignore Yami's eyes that was boring into the back of mine.

I still don't understand, though...Maybe I'll ask him at lunch? He probably has something on his mind he'd like to discuss with me...Ya! That's GOT to be it! Why else would he be staring at me so intently? And with those eyes...He was thinking about something, that I could tell.

He looked so zoned out...Interesting...


It was finally lunch hour. Time for me to grab my lunch and find Yami to ask him what's wrong...or at least what is on his mind.

Opening my locker, I reach in for my homemade lunch when I noticed something that wasn't there before. It was a pink wrapped gift with a light blue ribbon tied up in a cute little bow.

Tilting my head to the side, I picked up the pink gift, noticing a small letter tucked under the ribbon. Blinking at it with wonder, I slide the letter free, unfolding it to reveal the extremely short message;

To: Ryou Bakura

From: Your Secret Admirer

"An admirer..?" I whispered to myself, shocked, "Who could it be...?"

Just as I was about to open the gift, a shadow came up to loom over my shoulder, causing me to freeze in my actions. Glancing over my shoulder, I spot two familiar crimson eyes staring back into my own, that same glazed look taking hold of their usual coldness.

"Yami-sama...?" I asked, trying to keep the gift out of his line of view, "Do you need anything?"

Smiling an amazingly brilliant smile that would make even ME swoon, he asked, "I wanted to know if you'd like to eat with me today?"

"Oh! Hai," I nodded, smiling softly, trying to ignore the sudden blush that stained my cheeks, "I was planning on asking you the same thing."

Laughing softly with that smooth, deep voice of his, Yami said, "What a coincidence, ne?"

"Hai," I giggled lightly, placing the gift away for later and pulling out my lunchbox, "Lets go."

Yami smiled that same brilliant smile, before placing an arm over my shoulders and guiding me along down the school's hallway.


We now sat under a tree, spring showing its beauty in small sakura petals that hung above us. A few blossoms floated down, gently falling on the ground and a few in my white hair.

Other then the stares Yami was obviously giving me, the whole lunch was spent in silence.

Finishing the remains of my homemade rice, I placed the lid over my small lunchbox. A pink petal floated down just then, landing softly on the back of my hand that still rested on the box's lid. Staring at it silently, I then noticed another hand moving to mine, picking up the petal gently with only their index and middle fingers, ballancing it perfectly inbetween them.

Following the hand, I found a pair of lips that were curved in a light smile. Blinking, I watched as those lips rested a soft kiss on that same petal, before moving towards me slowly. A soft gasp past my slightly parted lips as I felt the cool texture of the petal against my lips, along with the faint warmth from those smirking lips.

Looking up to lock eyes with Yami's crimson ones, I am surprised to see them glazed over as they were before, but something...something deep was shining in them. I have never seen such a strong emotion before in my life. Never something so passionate...

It was a little frightening.

Gulping painfully, I quickly push myself to my feet, stuttering a, "I...I better get r-ready for class...!" and sprinting back towards our school's doors.

Safe inside the building most kids see as a prison, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. Handing rising to graps my pounding heart, face burning with a blush, I can't help but wonder what just happened...Or what COULD of happened if I had stayed...

Yami... Could he... Could he me...?


School now over and plently of homework to occupy my confused mind, I quickly head upstairs to my room, ready to get my work over with as soon as possible.

"Don't take too long!" Bakura yells after me, plopping down on the couch to watch TV and completely ignoring his own homework, "I want dinner soon!"

"Hai!" I called over my shoulder, before reaching my room closing the door behind me.

Still in jog mode, I quickly drop my bookbag on my bed before moving to my desk and removig all the useless garbage I won't be using or need for my work.

Turning back to my bed once I finished cleaning, I noticed something pink. Blinking, I suddenly remember.

The gift!

Jogging mode now dead to me, I slowly move towards it, hand shaking slightly as I tentatively pick it up.

Weighing it in my palm, I slowly reach for the pale blue ribbon like before, but this time without no Yami-sama to stop me from seeing what's inside.

Gently, I pull the ribbon off, it slipping free easily. Holding my breath, I watch as the pink wrapping falls open as a flower would as it greeted the day. And inside this "flower" was...

"...A bunny toy and another note...?" Blinking, I lifted up the rather adorably pink bunny plushie that sported a red bowtie and held a larger note in its fluffy paws.

Removing the note, I unfolded it to read the message inside silent;

Dear Ryou Bakura,

If you wish to know who I am, go to Domino's central park near the water fountain and you will find another package just like this one. If you want nothing to do with me, however, I shall stand down and leave you be.

The choice is up to you.

Signed, Your Secret Admirer. ♥