Change of Heart


Pairing(s): RyouBakura, YamiRyou

Summary: Ryou thought he loved Bakura, but Yami has been shining in a new light Ryou is almost afraid of. And who is the one who keeps sending him gifts? shounen-ai RB YR


Chapter 3: To Only Love One Forever


Ryou's POV

I couldn't believe it! Bakura, my own yami, has provented me from going to school for three whole weeks now. All because of a certain pharaoh having a crush on me. The nerve..! Not only will I have a truck loud of homework and school projects to catch up on, but my friends will be asking me questions about what my "abusive" yami had done to poor lil' old me for a month! And who knows how Yami will react when I am allowed to leave this house!

And don't get me wrong. I have taken these past weeks to myself to think over my growing affection for the pharaoh. And I have also come to realise that I do love him. But I still have yet to decide, who do I love more? Bakura or Yami?

Sure, Bakura has been getting on my nerves more often and I wouldn't mind running eagerly into Yami's arms the first chance I got, but I still loved the jerk. Yuugi would understand this perfectly, as well. Yes, he has a huge crush on Anzu, but he still loves his yami dearly. Even Malik seems to miss his own, as insane and deadly as he was. It seemed there was always a special bond between hikari and yami, no matter how much their friendship may get torn in petty arguements and such.

But Yami wasn't MY yami. Which made this love I felt completely different. Just as Yuugi feels for Anzu, and yet still feel for Yami at the same time... Only difference between us, though, was that I loved them both almost equally. Or, I think almost...

It had to be one or the other. Which one I love most? Which one I want most? Which one I need most? I couldn't decide...

Sighing, I stare outside my window, leaning against the cool glass and silently watch the raindrops roll down, collecting more of the droplets the more it decreased to the bottom. It was a light drizzle, nothing too special. But it kept my attention for the time being. And the cool texture of the glass felt wonderful against my heated flesh. Thinking of who to choose really brought out the blushes of mine.

I wish I could at least leave my room without having to get promission from Bakura. And whenever he did let me out, it was either to make him food or clean up a mess he had made by accident or his bad temper tantrums. Though, he prefered to call them anger outbursts, but what's the difference?

Running a slender finger against the window's glass, trailing after one raindrop that had captured my attention, I wonder what it would be like if I excepted Yami's love and dated him; as a real couple. Would he remain warmhearted and gentlemanly? Or would he later show his true colors and be an arrogent bastard?

Or course I highly doubt he would, but I can't rule out that possibility, right?

I blink, feeling something hit against my window which automaticly hit my forehead, jarring me out of my thoughts. Leaning back, I stare outside, wondering what could of done that? And then, in the shadows of the night, I see the teen I have been thinking of;

"Yami?" I whisper, shocked, to say the least.

Never had I thought Yami to be brave or more like foolish enough to come near my home after an encounter like that with Bakura. I was awed and dumbstruck at the same time, watching Yami intently yet not fully as he motioned to me with his hand, becconing me to come to him. How I wish I could do so, but I would be upsetting Bakura if I left... And with the pharaoh, nonetheless!

Biting my bottom lip in thought and worry, I am jarred back as my window is pulled open from the outside, Yami's face only a few inches away from mine now. How he climbed up two stories so fast is beyond me, but I ignore those pestoring thoughts as I gaze into Yami's warm crimson orbs.

"Yami..?" I whisper again, not sure if this was real or if I had somehow fallen asleep.

"Yes?" he asked, voice soft but deep in the silence of my room and drip-drops of the lightly falling rain outside.

"Wha-what are you doing here?" I can't help but ask, a bit of worry flashing in my eyes.

Smiling warmly, Yami placed a hand on my cheek, caressing it as he whispers, "How can I not? Its been far too long since I've seen you again... Why haven't you shown up for school?"

"Bakura," I sigh, leaning into his light touch, "He's willing to kill you, you know. It isn't safe for you to show yourself so soon. And in my room, noless."

"He's still upset?" Yami's eyes widen in shock, disbelief in his voice, "How long does it take for him to let it go?"

Shrugging, I smile softly as I say, "As long as he feels it nesassary... Maybe a few more days, weeks, months... A year at the least." Seeing Yami's face pale at this, I couldn't help but giggle, reassuring, "Don't worry about it... But I'm not joking."

"Guess he really knows how to hold a grudge," he sighed, shaking off his shock.

"Well, he has harbored hatred for you for five thousand years so far," I smile cutely, making a mockary out of my own words, "Who knows how long it'll be before he lets this one go... If he ever let the first one go at all."

"You're so reassuring," Yami smirks teasingly, planting a soft kiss on my nose.

Biting my lower lip once more, I softly whisper, "Yami..?"

"Yes, little one?" he purrs affectionately, running a hand through my snow white locks.

Sighing, I lean in so our foreheads touch, locking ours eyes together as I ask, "What would you do if I told you I love you?"

"I'd tell you I love you, too," Yami smiled warmly at me, "And make sure you're the happiest person on the face of this planet."

Giggling, I try to smooth out my sudden smile so I can ask my next question in all seriousness. Which was rather hard, how Yami's answer had made me feel giddy inside. But... Sighing, I finally ask, "And what if I told you I also love someone else?"

Frowning slightly at this, Yami quirked an eyebrow, thinking this question over slowly and thuroughly. Finally after a few moments of silence, he finally replied, "Then I'd let you live with this person and love them as long as it makes you happy."

"But what if living with that person still doesn't make me happy?" I question a little too soon, but I had to know. I do love Bakura, really, I do. But... Even with living with the yami, I'm still not happy as I wish I would be. But is it because Bakura doesn't show affection back or just because he isn't what I need..? I need to know... I just do.

"..It's up to you who you wish to be with, Ryou," Yami replied smoothly, brushing a few strands of my hair behind my ear neatly, "It's all up to you."

Pouting lightly at this, I ask barely above a whisper, "But what if I don't know what to do..?"

Smiling a soft, warm smile, Yami whispered, "Just follow your heart, Ryou... That is all you need to do."

"Just follow my heart..?" I blink slowly, unsure, "But... What if I'm wrong?"

"You're never wrong," Yami laughed lightly, before pulling my hand in his and raising it to rest over his own heart, letting me feel it thump underneath my touch, and then placing his over my own racing heart, "As long as you follow your heart... Yuugi has proven this to me and his friends countless of times... Its time you do the same."

Tilting my head to the side slightly, I think, who is my heart calling out to? Who is my heart pulling me to? Who is my heart wanting more then anything in this world? Who is making my heart warm and fuzzy and skipping beats without my promission? Who makes my heart bleed when they are not around to make me feel loved and special? Who is... the one who makes my life complete..?

Blinking back sudden tears, feeling rather stupid for not seeing this sooner, I lean down slowly, tentatively brushing my lips softly against Yami's. Yami is the one who my heart calls for. Yami is the one pulling my heart to him. Yami is the one my heart is wanting more then anything in this world. Yami is the one who makes my heart warm and fuzzy and skip a beat without my promission. Yami is the one who makes my heart bleed when not around to make me feel loved and special. He's the one who makes my life complete...

"..Ai shiteru, Yami-sama," I whisper, a blush burning my cheeks at such a blunt action I had just done.

Smiling warmly in return, he whispers, "I love you, too, Ryou. And I promise to Ra, I will make you the most happiest person on this world."

"One step at a time," I giggle softly, blush turning a rosey pink, "First, we need to deal with Bakura, remember? Then you came make me the happiest person ever."

"Right," Yami nodded, a blush of embarressment on his cheeks now, "One step at a time..."

Smiling, placing another soft kiss on his lips, feeling him respond strongly this time, I knew I had made the right desicition. Yami was right... I just needed to follow my heart.