Pairing(s): Ren x HoroHoro, mentioned OC x HoroHoro

Summary: Ren and Horo are at it again; Bickering. But what is it this time? Ren's jealous! Horo's teasing! shounen-ai!


"I can't believe you did that!"

"What are you blabbing about now!"


"What about me?"

"You just attacked a new friend of mine, again! And with spirit control!"

"Your point?"

"I'm geting sick of you attacking every new pal I make! And with the help of your spirit!"

"Basson needs practice."

"On people who can't even defend themselves!"

"... So what if I attack them? They're just stupid civiliens. You still have Yoh and Ryu to chat with all you want."

"But I want more friends then that!"

"Stop yelling. We're indoors now."

"I hate indoor voices..."

"And no grumbling either."

"Argh! What is wrong with you!"

"Wrong with me? What's wrong with you!"

"You're my problem! You're controling my every move! Choosing who I hang out with, what I eat and how much I eat, when I can go outside and goof off, when I get up or go to sleep, or even when I take a bath!"

"Yo need a bath three times a week, Horokeu. Get over it."

"That's not the point! The point is you keep attacking my new friends!"

"And I say its for the best! They're all discusting pigs!"

"Discusting pigs? You call me a discusting pig but you don't blow me through the sky!"

"They're discusting in a different way, okay! They don't crave food like you! They crave sex!"

"Sex? ... Oh, I get it. They crave me, don't they?"

"Oh, you now notice those stares!"

"Aha! You're jealous!"


"You are jealous! You are j-e-a-l-o-u-s!"

"I-I am NOT jealous!"

"You're blushing. Don't try to hide it, Renny."

"I'm not hiding anything! NOTHING!"

"Hee, hee... Whatever you say, Ren, whatever you say."

"Grrr... I'm not, damnit!"

"Prove it then."

"... I'm not jealous..."

"Aww! You're so cute when you pout!"

"And you're cute when you sleep when you're not snoring."

"OI! That's not--!"

Horohoro was silenced by Ren as he claimed his lips in a demanding kiss. Not only did Ren win Horo over in a kiss, but he also won the fight...

But he was jealous.