Pairing(s): Ren x HoroHoro

Summary: Horo can't leave anything best left alone, much to Ren's irritation. But damn is he sexy doing it... shounen-ai!


"Knock it off, Horokeu."

"Why? You're the one who said it didn't bother you."

"Just knock if off already!"

"No can do, Renny. Something this nice shouldn't be kept from other human eyes."

"Then just share with Ryu and Yoh. I told you, I don't want those friends of yours around you anymore."

"So stingy."

"Oof! Hey, get OFF me. Now."

"Nag, nag, nag... That's all you ever do."

"I wouldn't if you'd listen to me once in a while."

"You mean like every single time, right?"


"So typical..."

"What was that?!"


Grunting with a wrinkled nose in distaste, Ren lifted an arm around from underneath Horo's body to wrap around the blunette's naked waste. Trailing reluctant yellow eyes downwards, to take in the sight of those... ungodly hideous, neon pink swim trunks, Ren held in another curse as he spotted in childishly written kanji, on the round butt cheek lumps of the shorts, PROPERTY OF RENNY.

'Oh well...' Ren thought with a roll of his eyes, sliding his hand lower to grip at that tempting arse, giving it a hard squeeze, 'At least its speaking the truth for once...'