He is My Father


Disclaimer: I don't make any money off of my work...I just write 'em for fun...don't yell at me! I don't own any of the characters from Star Wars and if I did I would be very rich woman...$$$...anyways...

Plot Overview: Obi-Wan's illegitimate daughter has been returned to the Jedi 14 years later, by Yoda. She has currently been living on the planet Earth, but when her parents die, she is without hope until Master Yoda comes along and whisks her away to the Jedi Temple where she is trained by her father.

Time Line: Before the Clone Wars...Anakin is 14 too. This is going to become a romance...duh!

Characters: All your favorite characters are in this story. One is AU, but trust me...you will like her.

Credits: Credits? I'll exchange them for American money...Nah...this has been written by...OKANABE! Read and Review please.