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The Party

Keira was a wreck. It had been a week since she got out of the infirmary, and to her, she still looked like a drag. And her Father, the one whom she loved, had just made her life even more miserable. He had set up a party at the Senate to petition a mission he had not spoken to Anakin or Keira about. So, now, Keira was trying to get ready for a party she hadn't a clue what was about, and Anakin was dawdling, trying to seem like everything was cool with him, even though Keira knew it wasn't.

She looked at her face in the mirror and blanched. She looked absolutely horrible.

Her face was still pale and drawn from the side-effects of the poison, and she still looked like she had nearly seen Death, but she didn't dare utter it. No one, she was sure, was going to ask her to dance; not in this state at the very least.

"Anakin, Keira, are you ready yet?" Keira could hear her father call and she was far from saying yes. But Anakin apparently wasn't.

"Almost!" Anakin yelled from his room, trying to smooth back his hair with gel, which seemed to be the style now.

"I'm not done!" Keira yelled indignantly, as she tried for the umpteenth time to get her hair in the style she wanted. Yet her hair sagged, and became lifeless once again. "Augh!"

"Is everything okay in there?" Obi-Wan asked, peeking his head in Keira's bedroom.

"I'm trying to get ready," Keira snapped, and once again tried to get her hair up, but once again failed.

"Do you want any help?" Obi-Wan asked, straightening his formal Jedi robes, but considering the glare he got from Keira, it was an obvious no.

"I think I'll just keep it down, this evening," Keira muttered angrily, and she soon went to her closet and opened it up, grabbing the dress she had bought in Coruscant's inner city.

It was a light lavender color, similar to the one Anakin bought her last year, but it was much lighter and more flowy than before. Yet, right now, Keira hardly cared.

She grabbed a brush off the dresser, but immediately, HOLLY, her old hover-droid, now fixed and happy to play, grabbed Keira's brush and immediately began imitating the same brushing habits Keira possessed.

"Give that back!" Keira yelled angrily, and she was immediately shocked by one of HOLLY's electrifying appendages. "Anakin! I thought you told me you had her mind wiped!" Keira yelled in frustration.

"I did!" Anakin said indignantly.

"Then why is she acting like a toddler in the mine, Mine, MINE stage?"

"I don't know," Anakin groaned. "It's just her personality core."

"Well, Anakin, your personality core sucks!"


"Please, Keira, who was able to create a fully functional android at age 9?"

"So can other little prodigies…"


"Well, I'm the Chosen One, aren't I?"

"Don't be an air head!"

"Who said I was?"


"I did! And so did a few of your enemies…"

"What do you expect, they're my enemies!"

"Come on, Anakin, do you really think-"

"Enough!!" Obi-Wan cried, putting his hands over his ears. "If you two don't quit your bickering I will most certainly make sure you do not go to this gala tonight!"

The two kept their silence until they reached the Air Taxi. Obi-Wan had managed to rent an old ballroom out for their use, and he had spent nearly the entire week directing various decorators and cleaners on what they were supposed to do or how they were supposed to decorate. Keira had insisted that she help, considering she was a girl, and she had a female touch, but Obi-Wan had refused her help.

The entire way in the taxi, Keira had snapped at Anakin for every little thing that had annoyed her, but that truly, it wasn't her intention to. She was just nervous about how the ballroom was going to look like, if anyone was even going to show up, and if she was going to be totally embarrassed if the party turned out to be a dud.

These thoughts kept rambling through her head as she finally stepped out of the Air Taxi and towards the antique building. Upon entering, she was relatively surprised.

There was a shock in store for Keira. To her surprise, Obi-Wan had hired a valet crew, that and a greeting crew, so whenever they had entered, someone had already taken his over-coat and put it in the closet, which was being carefully guarded by another one of the members of the greeting crew.

And whenever she had entered the ballroom, she was in for an ever bigger shock. She had stepped into the closest thing she could call heaven. The entire room was decorated in gold. There was a gold rug all the way down the stair case, a refurbished gold chandelier, and gold tables with white sheets covering them. It appeared as though there were chefs in the kitchen, making sure the food stayed hot before anyone came, and much to Keira's extreme surprise, a ice sculpturist was currently working on his masterpiece, and he was almost finished.

"It's amazing!" Keira muttered to herself as she stepped to the middle of the ballroom. "How'd you set this up so quickly?"

Obi-Wan smiled at her. "Master Yoda helped. I'm sorry I didn't allow you to help, but it appears as though Master Yoda knows how to throw quite a shin-dig. The orchestra should be here in a minute."

Keira's face brightened. "Did I just hear you say orchestra?"

"Yes, and it's actually the best that the Coruscant Theatre has to offer."

"That's brilliant!" Keira said and she immediately spun in a circle. "I can't believe I even doubted you! This place is gorgeous."

Obi-Wan smiled at her enthusiasm and looked over in Anakin's direction, but he was already heading towards the kitchen.

"Please don't annoy the chefs, Anakin! They can be sensitive to criticism!"

But it was apparent that Anakin was out of earshot by the time he was in there, and it was soon obvious to both Keira and Obi-Wan that he was having a sneak-the-food fest right there in the kitchen.

After 30 minutes had gone by, the first few guests had shown up. As Keira suspected, they were of the highest order and rank of politicians. They also had the most money.

Keira was greeted as one of the Jedi of the day, but she was not fawned over, at least not like Anakin was.

Anakin was the Belle (excuse me, Beast) of the Ball. Everyone wanted to meet the Chosen One, and for once, Keira felt a little left out. Before long, the champagne and drinks were being served, and the ale was being served faster than you could say Jedi Council.

Of course, it wasn't long before the Jedi Council itself showed up. Yoda appeared, and so did Master Windu, along with Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kit Fisto, and Luzari even showed up.

Yet, there was someone that Keira was not expecting to make an appearance. It was Kavar, and his "uncle" Palpatine. But he was even more surprised to find that Senator Amidala was Kavar's date.

"Yes, well, it's such a pleasure to be here, Master Kenobi. I truly can't believe you put this together in a week, but then again, you are a Jedi," Palpatine joked. "How is my nephew doing anyhow?"

"He's progressing from what I can see," Obi-Wan said coolly. "His sword-style is a bit odd, but I think that's to his advantage."

Suddenly, Obi-Wan turned his attention to Padme. "Senator Amidala, what a pleasure to see you!" Obi-Wan said happily, but she seemed to return with a cold shoulder.

"Hello Master Kenobi," she said, somewhat darkly. Obi-Wan was really at a loss of what to do. Hadn't she been kind to him before? Why give him the icy glare now?

"So, where is that charming daughter of yours?" Palpatine asked. "I wished to see her; oh, there she is!"

The Chancellor practically ran down the stairs (a bit odd for his age) and greeted her. "Hello, dear girl. My, my, you're looking better from what I last heard of your situation with the poison. Thank goodness your friend got the antidote; you're quite lucky. Now, I must speak with Anakin, where is he?"

"Over there," Keira said tiredly, pointing towards a gaggle of people surrounding Anakin, particularly Senators daughters. But Padme made no move towards Anakin; no, far from, she remained with Kavar. Well, why would she? After all, she was Kavar's date.

But it wasn't long before Rhayne made her appearance with her Master. The party really took an interesting turn whenever Rhayne saw Kavar with the Senator. Keira overheard a part of the hidden conversation between Kavar and Rhayne whenever Rhayne pulled her aside.

"I was wondering why you didn't ask me…" Rhayne hissed. "It was because you were going out with that Senator from Naboo…"

"It's politics, my dear Rhayne. Plain and simple politics. Why exactly would I go with a non-Force sensitive Senator when I could have a Force-sensitive Jedi, right here?"

"Get off me, Kavar…I'm not your robe you can just put on when you feel cold…"

Of course, this conversation had obviously stirred up some odd feelings within her heart, but nothing prepared her for the invitation to dance…from Kavar.

"So, exactly, what is your purpose for dancing with me?" Keira asked him, her fists clenched tightly as he held her.

"Fun, approval, and entertainment?" Kavar said, a smirk on his face. "Why else would I ask you to dance with me?"

"I'm not sure," Keira replied truthfully. And she danced with him…until Anakin, her savior, managed to pry her away.

"I can't tell you how thankful I am, Anakin," Keira said quietly. "I truly can't tell you."

But just as she had begun dancing with him, her father came up and made his speech on his "mission petition."

Keira was ticked. Why did she get a dance with Kavar, but she couldn't have a dance with Anakin?

Of course, the speech went well as expected. The politicians were more than happy to fish out the money from their pockets for the mission petition to stop the Krayne: Spice Lord. But technically, Obi-Wan lied. If he had told the truth, the mission would go down the drain.

When the party was over, and all was said and done, a cleaning crew came by to clean up the remains of the party. Since it had been success and everything was controlled, there had been little to clean up.

"So Master," Anakin said, looking up at Obi-Wan while putting on his robes. "When are we going on this mission?"

"You and I will be going on this mission together, Anakin. We'll go in about 2 weeks time."

"What about me?" Keira asked. "Aren't I going to help save her too?"

Obi-Wan shook his head. "It's too dangerous for you. I wouldn't let you go, no matter how desperate the situation was."

Keira glared ice daggers at her Father. "I have every right to go with you, you know," she said darkly.

"You're not going," Obi-Wan said, a certain finality in his voice. "Master Zarr owes me a few favors and he's going to watch you for the time Anakin and I are away."

Keira looked dumbstruck. "No way, I'm not going to be babysat by that man! Especially not my own teacher!"

"And why not?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Because he's a mean and awful man, that's why!"

"He's a Jedi, Keira. And he isn't that bad. He simply loses his temper a few times whenever students can't seem to get a concept-"


It was obvious that Keira was going to be adamant about it, so Obi-Wan did not further press the issue at the time.

"We'll talk about this at home, Keira," Obi-Wan said.

"No, I won't talk about it then, there's no way I will!"

"Keira-" Anakin interjected.


"Let's go home," Obi-Wan said in a quiet deadly tone, and without much more to say, Obi-Wan tightened his grip on Keira's shoulder and lead her out into the Air Taxi.

When they all climbed in, Keira felt a strange bubbling rage filling the pit of her stomach. How dare he even try to restrict her from going. It was as if this "mission petition" was a party-gone-wrong.

She couldn't even fathom why he was not letting her come. She had excelled in her fighting skills, she had gained a mountain of information; why was he not letting her come.

She sulked and thought heavily on this while they waited for the Air Taxi to get them home.

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