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Derek didn't know what to do. He had kissed Casey at the party. She had avoided him the rest of the weekend, and he couldn't stand it. He ran a hand through his dark hair as he was pacing, trying to think of what he could do. His dad and Nora were coming home tonight and they were picking up Marti, Edwin, and Lizzie on their way, they would be sure to notice if something was up. His dad. A lightbulb clicked on in his head - his dad was smarter than he was in the 'being nice to girls' or 'getting girls to talk to you again' catagories.

Someone called upstairs, "We're home!" Derek breathed a sigh of relief, he would ask his dad right now. He just wouldn't be specific, why did his Dad need to know who he was talking about? Walking into the hallway he heard Marti yelling up the stairs, "Smerek!" He smiled and started his way toward her, but he ran into someone first.

"Sorry," he heard Casey say the same moment he did. Both looked up at each other at the same time; Derek could've sworn he felt his face get red as Casey shot in the direction that he wasn't, glaring at her shoes with a defiant look on her face.

Marti saved them further awkwardness with her, "Smerek! I'm back!" Then he managed to slowly shift his gaze from Casey to his little sister standing at the end of the hallway.

"Smarti!" he managed to make his voice say. Walking toward her he was about to ask her about her stay at their Grandma's when her face changed.

The ecstatic smile on Marti's face disappeared and turned into a frown, Derek could tell she was worried. "Did I do something?"


"Casey just went back to her room. Is she mad at me?" She looked up at her big brother Derek, a worried look on her face.

He bent down to her level, his voice reassuring, "No. You didn't do anything. She's mad at me - we had a fight this weekend, and I guess she's not over it." He tried his hardest to finish with a convincing smile to mask how he really felt, that he'd never make it alright again, and apparently it worked.

Her face split into a wide smile and she said, " I told you that you wouldn't make it the weekend."

He just smiled and walked with his sister back downstairs replying, "Yeah, you were right - Smarti."

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