Get Up Again
By Henrika

Henrika- It's late, but I'm still qualified to say Happy Thanksgiving! If you don't celebrate it then Happy Thursday! I haven't posted for awhile and I figured a short piece would be nice to help me get back into the groove. Voila. Read and review!

They were never allowed to help him up when he fell.

They wanted to. They longed to be able to help the person they loved get back up. But he didn't let them. He couldn't.

All they could do was hover cautiously, hands inches above his shoulders, waiting. They would wait until he sat up; wait until he stood. Wait until he pulled himself away and began walking forward again.

Al had learned this lesson when Brigadier General Gran had hit his brother in the back of the head with his metal gauntlet and the smaller boy had dropped, only the adrenaline in his system from beating Shou Tucker keeping him conscious. Al had bent down his armored form and resisted the urge to lift his brother up, knowing that even wounded as he was, his brother would knock his hands away.

And Ed had pulled himself together, slapping his hands together and disrupting the ground to free Nina/Alexander, only to have himself broken again when they found them smeared and splattered at the end of an alley. Al had been able to do nothing but stay by his brother's side to help pick up the pieces.

Winry had learned the lesson countless times when Ed had been getting used to his auto-mail. She had it refreshed on a hospital roof, when Al had started claiming that Ed had given him fake memories. He had hit his brother; punched him hard enough that the elder had fallen back hard against the roof tiles. Winry had called his name, rushing to his side as Edward bit back a whimper, his entire body shaking as he tried to push himself up. She knew that his wounds (that he wouldn't tell her how he had got) must have been hurting him, but not nearly as much as Al's actions. He pulled himself to his knees, letting her see the already-forming bruise, the stream of blood trickling from his mouth as he quietly, pleadingly said his brother's name. Al had ran, leapt from the roof and Ed had leapt up to follow him. Winry moved here. She may not have been able to help that stubborn spirit up, but as she seized his arm and held him back from the edge, she knew she wasn't going to let him down. Al would return and realize that too.

Ed may not have let anyone help him up, but they were always there, waiting for the day he would let them.

Henrika- Ah Ed. That stubborn side is going to get him one day.