The Marauders' Papers

Bits and pieces from the Marauder Era

collected to understand what exactly happened at Hogwarts during the time of

Remus Lupin, James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew.

Told entirely through notes, detention slips, homework, essays, etc.

Potions; 6th Year

Prongsie, I found the greatest hex the other day.

Really? Oh, Padfoot, please tell.

You know that book that we found?

The one that was restricted and dangerous?

Yeah, that one.

Of course I remember. Go on.

Well, I was looking through it last night and I found this hex that would inflate anything!



Neat. Have you tried it out yet?

Nope, I wanted you to accompany me with the honors.

Padfoot, you are such a good friend.

I know.

So, what do you want to inflate.

You remember that Slytherin 4th year?

You mean the one who tripped Wormtail in the hallway last week?

Yeah, that one. Anyway I was thinking...

That we should teach him to never mess with the Marauders?



Sounds good.

Lunchtime; 6th Year

Detention (Double)

Culprit(s): James Potter and Sirius Black

Crime: Use of an illegal hex on Bertram Aubrey. Aubrey's head twice normal size.

Punishment: Polishing the trophies.

Additional Comments: Please. Can't you two lay off for a few days?

Signed: Minerva McGonagall

Excerpt From The Journal of Sirius Black; 2nd Year

Journal, journal, journal,

Well, Remus is a werewolf. I know, I'm just as shocked as you are! He hasn't told us yet, bloody git, but James and I figured it out this week. I should've realized earlier that his mother died five times last year. Hm, at least I don't have to worry about a pixie flu.

It's all just so ironic. I mean, Remus is this quiet, book worm, bloke who happens to turn into a beast once a month. It's just really odd to think about. I mean, things make a WHOLE lot of sense now, but it's still, I don't know.

Ugh, it makes me respect him. And you know me, Journal, I never respect anyone.

Charms; 4th Year

Today is one of the worst days of the year.

Why, Sirius? Everything is going fine today. You hadn't been put in detention, yet, and there was pudding at lunch.

I know my day has been going fine, but what the day signifies is horrible.

And what would that be?

It's my brother's birthday.


I've been trying to avoid him all day.

Maybe you should just wish him a happy birthday and get it over with.

Remus, you don't understand. Regulus goes crazy when it's his birthday.

How so?

He makes these big scenes. Like when he turned seven, he spent the whole day shouting at the top of his lungs "I'M SEVEN!"

You did that last year, when you turned fourteen.

Well, that was different. I started doing that when my parents totally ignored me, and I had to shout for them to acknowledge me. Regulus just does it for the attention.

And you don't?

Stop taking his side, Remus.

I'm not taking his side. It's just, it's his birthday and you are family.

He conveniently forgets that when it's my birthday.

You really love to hold grudges don't you?

I don't hold grudges.

Then why has your broomstick, that "one piece of parchment", and a sneakoscope become off limits for any conversation?

Because my mum broke my broomstick when I was eight, and that "one piece of parchment" was very important to me and my cousin ripped it when I was five. And my birthday sneakoscope, that I only had for ONE day, was thrown out the window by McGonagall!

And have you forgiven any of those people for doing said action?

They don't deserve to be forgiven!

See, grudges.

I don't know what you're talking about.

List of Marauder Codes #170-179; 5th Year

#170: The Gryffindor common room has been lit on fire. Haha, I remember that!

#171: A new passage way has been discovered. We haven't used this one in a while. I think we've found all the secret passage ways, that's why.

#172: James and Sirius are being chased down by Prefects. I guess we now use this code if Remus and Lily are chasing us too, huh.

#173: Slytherins are in perfect wand aim. One of my personal favorites. Mine, too.

#174: Sirius cursed someone/something in his sleep. You really need to break that habit, Sirius.

#175: Remus's "secret" is in danger of being discovered. We've been having to use this one more often too, since Snivilly has been snooping around.

#176: ---------. HEY! This is the "James was caught snogging Lily and is on the verge of being sent to detention" code. Yes, but we have found no use for it, so what's the point in having it a code at all?

#177: A new prank idea has occurred. I might have a code #177 right now!

#178: Peter just got spell damage. Haha, that just happened yesterday!

#179: Sirius is trying fly, without magic. Merlin, do we use this one a lot.

Muggle Studies; 7th Year

Why weren't you with us on the train yesterday morning, Prongs?

I wasn't allowed to be.

What? McGonagall is now telling you where to sit on the train? This is an outrage!

That's not why, Padfoot.

Then why?

Because. Merlin, I can't bring myself to say it. You tell them, Moony. I'm too disgusted with myself.

Prongs was made Head Boy.

Well, there goes Sirius.

First day of lessons and he has already passed out.

So, Head Boy?

Don't remind me! I hate it. Moony, why didn't they pick you. At least you obey the rules some what.

I talked to Dumbledore and requested to not be Head Boy.


It was difficult enough having Prefect meetings once a month and patrol duty twice a week. I wouldn't have been able to go to Head Boy meetings once a week while patrolling five days a week.

But, you're SUPER MOONY! You can do anything!

You try scheduling in all that junk, AND the full moon. There would be questions, lots and lots of questions.

Dumbledore went from Moony to Prongs, wow, what a change.

I don't want to be Head Boy! I had already thought of a million insults to throw at you, Moony, for when you became Head Boy.

Glad to know you thought about me, Prongs.

That would be the sarcasm, huh?

Very good.

Padfoot is waking up.

HEAD BOY? Prongs CAN'T be Head Boy!

I wish it wasn't true, Padfoot, but it is.

But, but, now that means you're even higher on the git list then Prefects!


Thanks, Padfoot.

So, who's Head Girl?

Oh, well that part I can live with.

Evans, figures.

Well, now you get to be with Lily more often.

But you get to be with us LESS often!

You know, Padfoot and Prongs, there are upsides to being Head Boy.

Like what.

The ability to put people in detention.

You know, Prongs, that does open up many doors for us.

It does. Hm, maybe this Head Boy thing will be tolerable after all.


Culprit(s):Severus Snape

Crime:His nose

Punishment:Polishing my shoes


Signed:James Potter

Yes, I think this will work out all right.

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