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Raven didn't have to look up from her book. She knew that voice anywhere. Robin. "Jinx is robbing a bank. Move out." He voiced.

Cyborg punched his fist into the air. "Yeah! I was so looking forward to kicking some hives butt!" After said that, he ran out of the room.

'Immature. I'm surrounded by idiots. '

She had always looked up to Cyborg like an older brother but for a certain amount of times he could be seen as immature. He was always having fun, chilling. Little amount of times has he shown much emotion for anything. Not counting the times of his growing affection for the T-car or Saraism, the crush he had on Jinx that she learnt from Bumblebee. But all that was gone now.

And then there was Starfire. The giggly, happy and preppy alien. She couldn't cook or sing to save her life. She was basically not talented. But Raven knew she meant well. Starfire was too naive for her to understand. She would be happy at some awkward things. And the many uncountable number of questions she would ask in a minute was growing increasingly annoying.

Beast boy was one of the worse. He would crack seriously not funny jokes at all the wrong times. On top of that, he wasn't the most sensitive person in the world. The only time she had saw him with much affection was when Terra was around. And sometimes, Raven would sympathize for the green changeling for losing his loved one. Besides that, Beast boy's love live was nil. But Raven could not comment anything about that. She didn't have much of a social life either.

And then there was tofu. Raven never had any objection with tofu. But he couldn't stand the other titans eating meat. He could turn into any sort of animal he wanted and Raven guessed he felt like one of them. So he refused to eat meat. Overall, Beast boy was just a happy go lucky person, the problems he had would be washed away by the simple structure of his mind.

And for Robin, Raven didn't know how to start. Robin was nothing like Beast boy. He was always serious playing leader. He would distant himself from the others just like her. Sometimes he was too hard on himself -this resulting in his attitude to work for anything that gives him satisfactory. Some would see him as cocky and arrogant. Maybe even over competitive. But Raven saw a withdrawn Robin. An insecure Robin. But the others were completely oblivious about Robin. They saw him as Leader brave and strong. But deep down there was a lot more.

And his mind was nothing near the simple structure of what's done is done. No. Robin was the kind of person who would dwell on things and try to fix things. Even if it kills him.

Raven contemplated her team mates as quick as lightning. After Cyborg, Starfire would follow then Beast boy would go. Raven smiled to herself. This was her cue. She floated out of the room distancing her from the rest about a few meters away.

"Robin!" Raven shouted as one of Jinx's spell floated near him. She immediately shield him.

He turned around giving a thumb up to Raven.

The fight continued. It wasn't long before Starfire, Robin and Raven had cornered her. But then she laughed and yelled, "Birds of a feather, they will stick together! Now and forever!"

Raven gasped and tried to fly away but it was too late. She was enveloped in pink dust and Starfire was floating at a side oblivious on what the spell would do.

Jinx got away with one of her spells and Robin and Raven was flung to the ground.

Raven couldn't afford to pass out. She bolted up right trying to wake Robin.

"Robin!" She yelled. A moan escaped his lips as he crawled up on his feet.

"What kind of spell did she use?" Robin said dusting the sand of his back.

Raven fell on her knees and started groaning. "The horror. THE HORROR!"

Robin offered her a hand and she slapped it. Hard. "Ouch! What the hell was that for? Are you mad?"

Raven helped herself up. "That little loser."

"It's the most terrible spell!" She nearly shouted.

"What? Are we going to die?" Robin asked nervously.

"I know these spells. This one is going to make us stuck together..."

Robin sat at the med lab's table. Raven slouched.

"In a few minutes will be stuck together by a rope." Raven said unhappily.

Cyborg looked at his machines. "I'm afraid dark girl is right."

Robin made a face. "We can't destroy the rope?"

"No, we can't." Raven said falling back on one of the beds. She landed comfortably on the med lab's bed. But Robin was jabbed to the side.

"Argh!" He yelled out in pain as he crushed against the sharp edges of the bed pole.

He looked at his left hand; it had a rope tied to it that could not be taken off by force. "And so it begins." He said sadly.

Beast boy was busy rolling on the floor laughing till he nearly choked. "You guys...HAHAHAAHA. Have to eat together,- HAHAHAHAHA-bathe together, sleep together, meditate together, work out together...HAHAHAHAHA."

Starfire was floating at the side asking Cyborg many questions on what was going on.

Raven looked at the rope. It was half a meter long. She clenched her fist and sent Beast boy flying across the room.

"I'll kill you, you little bum wrap!" Raven fumed.

"I'll help her!" Robin said angrier.

"Heh, chill you guys...will work things out..."Beast boy said as he wiped off the cold sweat from his fore head.

"Judging by the length of the rope we shouldn't have problems visiting the bathrooms." Robin said looking at the dreaded rope again," The can slide it through the door edges. Bathing shouldn't be a problem either."

Cyborg slumped on the chair tired from answering questions from the naive alien.

"Its late lets go get some rest." Cyborg said as he yawned.

"My room or yours?" Robin asked politely.

"Mine definitely. Oh and Robin?"

"Yeah Raven?"

"I hope you don't snore."

Beast boy grinned. "Don't do anything naughty! You kids have fun...!" He yelled as he rolled on the floor laughing again.

"He's just asking for his early death." Raven gritted.