Robin snuggled closer to raven in his sleep. Mumbling something not audible. She looked down at the boy wonder and smiled contentedly. Did she really want to get free? If it means so, Robin would go back to Starfire.

Inside Raven's mind...

Timid: Of course he's going back to Starfire. That's how the world works.

Lazy: Well it's too late to do anything now.

Intelligence: Hmmm, maybe but I don't think so...

Happy: You mean he'll stay with Raven and live happily ever after?

Rudeness: Hahaha , that's very funny...No.

Love: Hmmm, not all is what it seems.

Bravery: That's it, no more fortune cookies for you love.

All emotions: LOVE!

Raven fought the urge to pace the floor and wake her sweet Robin up. Instead she squirmed in her seat and thought of the possibilities. She knew how she would separate from Robin, she knows that he'd spend all his time with Starfire again; she always knew that they would never be exclusive.

But did she really know what she was thinking?

Robin woke up and pulled away from the demon princess and blushed furiously seeing how close he was to her. The look on her face didn't change.

It was dazed and troubled. "Raven, what's wrong. I know that face." Robin said placing his arm around her shoulder. "There is no face, this is my face." Raven argued stubbornly. "What's wrong?" Robin asked again.

"Do you really want to be separated?" Raven asked flatly. She turned to look at the window avoiding his gaze.

Well that came out of the left field." What do you mean?" Robin asked.

"I mean what I said. Now stop trying to parry the question and answer me." Raven said. Her voice was dangerously silent. Robin wasn't sure what to answer. "Uh, well I...I mean...We can't get stuck together forever right...?" His voice trailed off.

Raven turned to the clock. "10 pm."

Then she shot a quick glance to Starfire, she was making her pudding of sadness.

Then she thought of Beast boy and Cyborg eating pizza out of the tower. They wouldn't be happy if they were stuck forever.

"Two more hours Raven." Robin reminded her silently. "What are we going to do?" Robin asked quietly. Raven quirked up an eyebrow. "What are we going to do if we got away from each other's grip?"

Raven just pulled a puzzled face. Too bad she wasn't any good at lying.

"We have a bond Raven, don't try to lie." Robin said sadly. "You have the cure to the spell, that I know, but do we really want to separate from each other?"

"R- Robin lets go." Raven said.

Robin was engulfed in purple and black. Soon they appeared in the middle of a desert. It was dark and drizzling. "Its Saturday here." Raven explained. Robin nodded. Raven sat down on the ground and Robin followed.

"I'm going to miss all the time we spent together." Raven said smiling weakly. Robin face turned pale. "What do you mean, miss?"

"We both know that after we're separated there is no chance of us spending time with each other anymore." Raven said still smiling.

"But Raven-"

Raven's face turned angry and she placed her index finger over his lips. "Save it. Lets just get this over with and you can return to Starfire and I can have my personal space back."

Raven swallowed hard and leaned into him.

"Raven what are you doing-mmm"

Robin nearly choked when Raven kissed him on the lips. He soon relaxed and savored the taste.
She pulled away and her face was flushed. "We should go." Raven said looking at the rain pouring heavily down on Robin's head.

"Wait, Raven. You know getting separated and all. Did that...Kiss, mean anything?" He asked quietly. He took his left arm and rubbed the wrist where the rope once gripped.

Raven whispered

"I wish it did."