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Albedo wondered whether this was really what he wanted. After all, hadn't he wanted his existence to be erased from this world? Wasn't it what he wanted ever since he realized that he was the only one who wouldn't die and that once Rubedo and Nigredo were gone, he would be left alone? Why was it then that he actually felt a sense of relief that Rubedo hadn't managed to remove him totally from the world? With these burning questions in his mind, Albedo finally came to a startling conclusion and he felt like he did all that many years ago when he was told that he was the only one who could not be destroyed. He realized that perhaps, just perhaps, he did not understand himself as well as he thought he did.

Sitting in his E.S. machine, Albedo awaited orders from Wilhelm. He wanted to resist him, but Wilhelm had a strange sort of persuasive power that only he seemed to possess. It was this power that had lured Albedo out of the bliss of eternal oblivion. Albedo chuckled at the memory. There he was, sitting with his Kirschwassers, having this feast that he could only dream of, playing a game of Russian roulette, waiting for the bullet, so that he could feel it go right through him and know that he was indeed dead. Being dead had its advantages, he could do whatever he like, not that he didn't already do so in the living world, but it was just not the same in the afterlife. As painful as it was doing whatever he liked in the living world, knowing that Rubedo hated his very action, resignedly building up his hatred so that Rubedo may find it in his heart to kill him; it was equally tranquil behaving as he pleased in the afterlife, knowing that finally, he was the person lost and not the person who remained.

Albedo remembered that it was around the third attempt at the trigger when Wilhelm suddenly appeared in front of him. He knew who he was at first sight; after all, who didn't know Wilhelm,CEO of Vector industries? Albedo had even tried to model himself after him once, after knowing from someone that Wilhelm was highly sought after by many ladies and was probably the most powerful and influential person in the whole of the galaxy. He was about 16 in human years then, and he stopped after a while. It was not because of Wilhelm's declining popularity that Albedo stopped mimicking him, heck, there wasn't even any point in his life where Wilhelm's popularity had even suffered the smallest amount of decline; there was even a point when they made a board game after him! ('The trials of Wilhelm', that was what it was called…if Albedo remembered correctly.) It was just that, after his encounter with the first real woman, Albedo realized that he much rather preferred the realians to real women. Real women were pesky and bothersome, but the Kirschwassers just did whatever they were told. Destroying them was one of his greatest pastime when he was alive, the look on their faces as their system was corrupted gave Albedo immeasurable joy. As a young boy, Albedo was already very fascinated with death and after he learnt that he was the only one who could not be destroyed, he found destroying others just to satisfy his needs for physical damage very appealing indeed.

At the moment when Wilhelm appeared before Albedo in the afterlife, he looked exactly the same as he did so many years ago when Albedo was mimicking every detail of his appearance from the magazine, The Man behind Vector Industries. Albedo wondered if Wilhelm wasn't really human after all, perhaps that was why the Testaments did his bidding? When Wilhelm spoke, Albedo shuddered; it was not that he feared the man, it was the fact that the person he had placed as his idol in his more adventurous youth was standing before him in the afterlife which spooked him. The surreal quality of the experience. Albedo wondered if he was not hallucinating as he stared at Wilhelm with a transfixed gaze, though still managing to hold his composure.Albedo was usually the first to speak,but at that moment he was so in awe of the presence of the man before himthat his mouth seemed temporarily unable to form comprehensible words.

"Albedo, my young friend, it's time for you to take the stage again. If you are willing to do so, of course." Wilhelm uttered those words with such conviction that it seemed almost as though he was sure Albedo couldn't deny him, and Albedo thought the same way. Yet he wasn't going to give up his afterlife without a fight. Especially since he had worked so hard to attain it. Furthermore, he was the last person on the earth who want others to think that he was one who took up offers from others readily without resisting. Ultimately, he just did not want to look like a blabbering fool in front of Wilhem.

"Wilhelm." Albedo said, nodding his head. "What makes you think I would give up my eternal oblivian for a mere person such as yourself?"

"The pieces are moving, Albedo. Why warn Rubedo if you're not going to protect him? Furthermore, the task I require of you is for you to delve into the realian's database again, and you must admit it was quite a…pleasurable experience." Wilhelm replied, looking at Albedo with such a penetrating gaze that it seemed to be searching his very soul.

"What do you wish to look for? It's not going to work…I've tried it already. There is nothing more left in the 100-series. As for Rubedo, he can handle himself around Nigredo and if he wishes to be foolish, then so be it."

"Now surely, you don't believe that Albedo? I am having a meeting with the Testaments 3 days from now. I do hope you will enter the stage, it would be such a shame otherwise." Wilhem concluded, and as suddenly as he had appeared, he disappeared.

So it was, that Albedo finallydeciding to give in tothe request of Wilhelm, found himself seated in his E.S. awaiting orders. He did not know the full details of what he had to do yet, but Wilhelm told him to wait and he would be given instructions. Albedo felt sure he was being manipulated, yet somehow, he didn't really mind. He was eagerly anticipating the day when he could rummage through the 100-series again. She had felt so good then; perhaps this was the same reason why Rubedo had fallen for Sakura.

"Ma peche" Albedo whispered to the wind, as he waited in the shadows. It was not long before he heard voices and he could distinctly make them out as the testaments, the same people who were subordinates to Wilhelm and the ones who had given him the power to create the eternal chain. Being destroyed and being dead very different, being destroyed and fragmented into a million pieces felt like you were floating in eternal limbo with nowhere to go, whereas death felt as though you were in paradise; Albedo was thankful to the testaments for bringing him back so that Rubedo could properly dispose of him, but he still felt that they were mindless idiots who only did Wilhelm's bidding without thinking of their self-interests first. He wondered if he was going to be like one of them.

"Y data…lower level of the unconscious…Unus Mundus"

Albedo managed to grasp a few words of what they were saying and the conversation intrigued him. Clearly, they were talking about the 100-series and they were discussing how to extract a more complete set of Y data out of her and they planned to do it using the Unus Mundus? Albedo wondered if he was the one who would be allowed to help, he did so love setting traps.

He was straining to listen in to the conversation better when the spotlight suddenly fell on him and he was immersed in brilliant white light, a dazzling white hood surrounded him.

"Oh gosh" Albedo thought, "I am going to be one of those idiots after all."

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