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Shion lay awake in bed thinking. It had been only a few days since she had parted with her brother and the rest, but already she missed them. Especially her brother. She felt like she had grown much closer to him ever since the fiasco with the Patriarch, and she missed him sorely. Shion knew that if this had been before the forced alliance with him, she probably would have detested thinking about him. After all, what he did to her, and to their parents was most abominable. It was his fault that they were in their current state, not living, yet not dead; and it was his fault that she had to suffer the trauma of it all. That, and she was a little scared of him. That he would leave once again, without a word, leaving her to fend for herself when she most trusted him; leaving her feeling betrayed. Of course, he had tried to remedy his mistake after the incident, but the way he went about it...Shion felt as though he did not understand. All she wanted was for him to be near, yet all he did was to stay as far away as possible, afraid that he would commit the same mistake of leaving his younger sister helpless and vulnerable.

Turning onto her other side, Shion thought she heard a noise outside her room. Rising up, she went outside to check, but saw nothing. She was about to close the door when she felt a hand close around her ankle. Startled, she leapt back in surprise and almost stepped on the person lying just outside her door.

"Allen!" She exclaimed, as she finally made out the appearance of the person lying on the floor, from the moonlight flooding out of her room. "What are you doing here?"

"I hic think that you hic" Allen muttered as he tried to lift himself from the floor, staggering from the effort. Even when he was finally in a upright position, his body swayed from left to right, and it seemed as though he was having difficulty standing, let alone in one spot.

"Allen...are you..." Shion asked, voicing out what she thought was the situation which seemed most likely for Allen's strange behaviour, and the unusual redness of his cheeks and forehead. "...drunk?"

"Drunk? hic I don't hic know what you are hic talking about...why would I hic be drunk?" Allen replied, before he suddenly placed his arms on Shion's shoulders to steady his balance. "but my head hic does hurt..."

Shion stared in bewilderment at Allen. She had never known him to be a drinker, but of course she had never noticed him much as a person anyway. Still, she had never seen him in this state before. It was a bit appalling and he stunk badly of beer. Shion furrowed her eyebrows at Allen, in deep consideration. Suppose he was pretending to be drunk for some weird reason? No...Allen was not that sort of person. But who gave him so much beer? It was not like Allen at all to take beer for himself, where would he get it anyway? A ton of questions spiraled through Shion's mind, and finally admitting that most of them probably could not be solved until she managed to get Allen sober again, she decided to allow him to rest in her room for a while.

Shion decided to contact Miyuki to bring Allen back to his room, in case she was unable to handle Allen all by herself, though she seriously doubted it. It took a while before Miyuki connected and when she did, Shion was surprised at her disheveled appearance and flushed cheeks. She wondered if Miyuki herself, was not drunk as well.

"Shion!" Miyuki exclaimed, when she realised who it was who was trying to connect with her. Shion wondered if it was her hallucination, or if Miyuki sounded a little distressed. Her suspicion was confirmed when Miyuki suddenly burst into a plethora of how she had gotten Allen drunk just to confirm her suspicions of him having a fondness for the chief and how he had managed to slip by her when she wasn't looking, and how he was now wandering the corridors in a drunken state.

"Miyuki!" Shion chided after listening to her story, "How could you do that? Allen's currently with me in my room and I'd appreciate it if you brought him back with you, thanks. I still can't believe you did that! There's no way Allen would like me. You better come right away!"

Disconnecting herself, Shion focused her attention back on the drunk Allen in front of her. Rolling her eyes, she sighed. Why did she always have to get herself stuck in this type of mess? Guiding Allen into the room, she closed the door behind him and brought him to clean himself up. It was difficult trying to get Allen to wash his face as he seemed more interested in splashing the water all over the place, and he enjoyed shouting "rubber ducky!" at random intervals for no apparent reason. Shion sighed again, a nice evening gone to waste just like that...it really wasn't worth it.

It was some time before she finally managed to get Allen to take a rest and not spout anymore nonsense. Dragging him across the floor, Shion managed to get him partially into bed and she sat at a chair not too far away. Looking across at Allen's still body bathed in the moonlight, Shion wondered if she had been mistreating him. Though she knew she couldn't be held culpable for him endangering his life since he chose to, and she had not forced him to it; she felt somewhat guilty for him not being able to lead the normal, peaceful life that he wanted to. Yet, remembering his personality, Shion's guilt somehow ebbed away. A person of such cowardice deserved to be put through trials, only then could he learn to be stronger. It would be better for him when he pursued girls in the future as well. No one would like a coward as their boyfriend after all. Still, it was her fault...wasn't it?

Shion looked away, she did not like having to bear guilt for anything. Already, she was feeling remorseful enough about KOS-MOS' plight, that she was being treated like nothing more than a mere tool to be used; Kevin, if he were still alive, would surely be upset with her. Yet, was Kevin still alive? Shion let her thoughts wander. Her memory brought up the Red Testament, that voice that she heard...it was unmistakably Kevin's. As much as she had wanted him to be alive and guiding her again, she did not want him to be alive as a Testament. As far as she knew, the Testaments wouldn't be what she considered good people. After all, the fight at the Omega system wasn't the first time the Testaments had endangered their lives. It was painful to think of Kevin as someone who wanted to hurt her.

"Miyuki," Allen muttered suddenly in his sleep, interfering with Shion's thoughts. "Stop pushing me, I don't wanna tell Shion that I lo-"

Shion never did manage to hear the full version of what Allen wanted to say, because just at that moment, there was a knock on the door, followed by Miyuki's voice informing Shion that she had arrived to fetch Allen and apologise for the trouble she had caused.

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