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Chapter 1: Eyes wide open

A little bee was flying peacefully around some flowers, working for the welfare of the whole hive. Going from a flower to another in a matter of seconds. Filling its tanks of pollen full before it was enough and could return to the hive to release it just to come back for more. Of course, this little bee was doomed the instant it went out of the safeness of the hive. Once it ended with one flower and was going to another, a big long thing split the bee in two, no matter the reflexes it had, the speed, its life ended.

The two parts of the bee fell to the floor before a shadow covered them. This shadow was unique, the shadow of a girl. But not any girl, she had lavender-colored hair. Obviously not many girls could split a bee in two with a sword, but her being an Amazon made it quite possible. She had Chinese dress on, it was almost indecent for the length of it, it showed too much leg. The name of this young Amazon was Shampoo.

A sour face was the one anyone could see if they wanted to. She wasn't in a good mood.

Why? She asked to self why haven't I married Airen by now? Does he even love me? I know he cares about me, after all, he almost said he loved after the Reversal jewel incident… But for what reason? Her mind was in deep thoughts while her shadow covered the bee's split corpse.

Why? What have I done wrong? Three hundred and twenty four images passed through her mind that instant. Images of what she had tried to do to gain Ranma's heart, images of the way he deceived him, how she hadn't trusted him that he could love her without a love potion or a tampered ramen. Images of the way he reacted when he understood what was happening, how she had tricked him using his instincts and ways. Images of pain, of sorrow to only one person, her.

She dropped to her knees in heart-pain, big tears came to her eyes at that moment of revelation. A moment that would change her from that moment.

How could…how could I do this to Airen? How I never felt any remorse? Any guilt? Anything that would make me feel bad? She broke that instant in sobs. In loud sobs of pain. Pain that she had caused to Ranma but most of all, in the long run, to her.

She was a while outside in her 'training'. Long enough for the sun to set and she was there, sobbing. Cologne wasn't there, she had to go to Joketsuzoku for a quick meeting and Mousse wasn't there too. He was in a training trip and he was supposed to come back in two months. In any way, the Nekohanten was closed while Cologne was out, so no work to Shampoo.

When she could move on from the sobs, she got up. I'm going to talk to Airen and see if I can fix this before it is way too late. But first I need some of that potion to prove Airen that I'm serious. She entered the Neko and fetched a vial, with a purple liquid inside. She ran out and started to rooftop-hop towards the Tendo dojo.

"RANMA, YOU BAKA!" Akane's shout thundered in the whole Tendo household. It was a special night today. This night, Akane offered to cook dinner. And of course, Ranma was obliged to comply and eat her food. Before anyone could even make him, he was gone in a small ninja-like smokescreen. He left for the only place no one could catch him, well, no one from the house at least.

He sat near one border of the roof with his legs hanging down from it. From that position, he lied down on the roof and stared at the stars. A small smile reached his lips. Even if Akane had gone ballistic a minute ago, he could get some peace where he was and almost no one could take that from him.

Of course, he should have thought it better, he wasn't going to have a 'nice evening' today. He figured that when he heard feet on the rooftop. So much for a good view… He thought and waited until the one that landed on the roof moved into his range of sight. No one came into it. Instead, He felt something hard on the top of his head, something that felt like a head too Who's this? No one took this long to either say something or attack me He thought again and moved his head a bit so he could see the top of the other one's head. Only lavender hair saluted.

"Shampoo…" He whispered and raised a brow. She never had done this before, never when she had the opportunity to jump and hug him tightly. He knew and understood it was a way of affection and love, but it was too far, at least when there was another one near them when she did that.

She heard the whisper and knew he had seen her. But instead of acting, she remained like that, united to him from their heads. It was a change for both, to Ranma because that he understood that Shampoo could react differently when she saw him. And to Shampoo because that way she managed to get a neat moment with her Airen without her hugging him or something like flashing too much skin.

Almost twenty five minutes of silence and doubt from Ranma's part, she spoke, but not normally, painfully.

"Airen, Shampoo sorry." She whispered. A tear came out of her eye accompanying that phrase Sorry? Sorry about what? He thought and wrinkled his brows in thought.

"Shampoo sorry for deceiving you. Shampoo sorry for not treating Airen well enough as Airen deserves, sorry for not trusting Airen that Airen could love Shampoo with all heart and had to use evil stuff. Shampoo sorry for making you feel angry about what Shampoo did and sorry about all the wrong stuff Shampoo did." She continued like reading his mind

Oh, my! He thought very Kasumi-like. He thought of all, not the last tries but the whole thing. Not the leg of the table but the table as a whole. He understood what she had said, but couldn't deny that it could be another plot.

"Shampoo know Airen can't believe Shampoo. Shampoo did too much bad to make Airen believe Shampoo this quickly, so brought something that could help." She added and Ranma sat up in the doubt. He turned to watch her as she sat up and turned to face him. The moment she did, he wished she hadn't. She was crying uncontrollably and obviously in pain. But that didn't stop her from doing what she came to do.

She pulled out the vial and showed it to him. Before he could barely open his mouth to ask what it was, she explained

"It truth serum. When person drink this, can't lie or say 'don't know'. Have to answer and answer is always true." He looked to her right hand, where the serum was on her palm "Shampoo want to prove Airen she can change for the good. And try again if Airen give to chance to try to make Airen love Shampoo without any weird stuff." She said and a tear fell near the vial

"You sure about this? How can I be sure that this works? How can I be sure that if I ask you something it will be the truth and nothing else?" He asked dubitative.

"Don't know. Maybe Ranma try a drop? It last less than a minute." She explained and he raised a brow. Something made him agree to the terms, a second later he learned what. It was the way her face was, so much in pain but it also showed a lot of initiative to show something else.

"What will happen if I drink this?" He asked

"Except what Shampoo explained before, don't know, never tried." She said truthfully with no serum and in a tone that made Ranma believe her.

"Ok. I will try a drop. You ask me a question, just one. And if this works, I can ask you stuff?" She nodded "All right." He finished. She uncorked the vial and spilled a drop on Ranma's finger. He looked at it for a second before he entered the finger in his mouth and let the drop do its magic.

Immediately he felt weird. He wasn't in pain or suffering in any way, just, he was there. Nothing to disturb that. It was like being in a cloud or between harmless smoke. Just peace.

"What would Ranma do if Shampoo proves she can change for good?" A voice asked, he placed it immediately, it was Shampoo. He thought the answer for less than a second. He tried to answer a lie but he couldn't. Instead he croaked

"Give her a chance." She smiled and waited until the serum finished its effect. She wanted to keep her word to Ranma in a first proof that she was really changing. Soon, Ranma was back after some head-shaking.

"That was strange." He commented

"How like?" She asked with her head bent to a side a bit.

"Too much peace, it wasn't painful either. Just…quiet." He explained with his brows wrinkled in impression.

"My turn. Now Ranma ask whatever he feels like asking." Shampoo announced and wolfed the potion down. She entered the peace-like trance and waited.

"What would be your first action if I accept to give you a chance?" He asked

"Feel relief."

"And after that?"

"Go talk to Great-grandmother and make Shampoo's point clear." She croaked

"What would you do if you get kicked out of the Neko?" he asked this quite weirdly. He hadn't changed the tone, it was just the tension of the question and the answer beneath it.

"Talk to Airen to let Shampoo stay in back-yard of Violent Girl's house." She answered right away. And his eyes opened wide but couldn't fight the smile when he thought of what could be with Shampoo living just ten feet away from him.

"Would you treat the others right if that happens?"

"As right as they deserve." She replied seriously

"Why didn't you ask the old ghoul before coming here?"

"Because Great-grandmother not home and come back tonight a bit later and I wanted to have Airen by my side." He looked at her. His brows wrinkled

"And why would you want me by your side?"

"Because that way Shampoo can prove that she doesn't need magic stuff to ask for Ranma's help and because I need Airen to face Great-grandmother's wrath and actions when I tell her."

"So this is all a sentimental thing…"

"Yes." It wasn't a question but she answered anyway. Proving the whole point, the point that she really cared about his opinion and feelings.

"And when did you say that the old ghoul was coming back? I mean in exact time." He really wanted to take this out of the way and make Shampoo feel better as soon as possible.

"In…What time is it?" He looked at the clock tower three blocks away and narrowed his eyes to have a better view

"It says…ten past eight."

"In twenty minutes." She replied and started squirming. A second later she shook her head enthusiastically

"You ok?" He asked placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Yes. Airen want to come with me to face Great-grandmother?" she said lowering her head a bit.

"Yes, Shampoo. I see you really need my aid in this stuff." He replied assuring her. He almost predicted a hug in that moment and Akane or Ukyo looking and breaking the moment. Of course, he didn't know the new Shampoo, the one that didn't hug him. His face fell a bit but remained still. Instead of a hug, she gave him a big lovingly smile that he liked in a way much more than the hug. It was a proof that she still loved him but didn't have to clomp to him in a way to show it.

Cologne entered the Nekohanten after an exhaustingly boring trip. She just wanted to have a tea and rest for a while. Instead of having light on already, she found the whole place in the dark.

Mmhh, wonder where Shampoo is now… She thought turning on the lights and placing the few luggage she had by a side of the table. After she prepared a tea, she sat on a chair and started to enjoy it.

The pair descended in front of the Neko minutes later. He looked at her doubting if she was doing the right thing but she didn't look at him back. Instead she made a step front clearing Ranma's doubts.

Shampoo opened the door and got in with Ranma hot on her tail. Cologne was still perched on the chair, she looked at Shampoo from behind the cup on her face.

"Great-grandmother." She said seriously enough to make Cologne leave the cup immediately and look at her with her brows wrinkled. "Shampoo made decision about Airen." She announced

"And what is that decision?" Cologne replied with a slight tone of fear of what it would be.

"Shampoo reached that Shampoo would not follow the law that makes Shampoo marry Ranma. If Shampoo wants to marry Ranma, it will be because we share love, not because stupid law makes me marry Ranma." Her answer was painful to both. It was the significance of the revelation.

Because Shampoo rejected to follow the law, she was now considered out of the tribe. That was a crushing feeling. But most of all, it caused sorrow. It meant that Shampoo wasn't going to be able to see her most deared friends. All those years in the village, training, feeling and of course, learning. Learning to breathe in the suffocation of life, learning to face the trials that living placed in front of her.

" You know what the implications of this are, don't you?>" She asked in Chinese.

"Yes, Great-grandmother." She replied intending to not leave Ranma out of the conversation, even if he didn't understand what they were talking about. She felt that she owed at least to that. To understand what she was facing for him.

"In that instance…Shampoo" Cologne's tone got hard and tough "You are therefore forbidden to go to Joketsuzoku and you are also disposed of the title of "Amazon" and "Champion of the Amazons" She finished roughly.

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