Honey, I Shrunk the Slifers

Rated T

Millennium Dragon 2000

A/N: As of popular request, I have decided to change this story to make it more "bizarre" if you know what I mean!

Chapter 2: A Day in the Girls' Locker Room

While Alexis started to walk towards her dorm, Jaden still tried to hold on for his life.

"I hope Syrus and Chumley are doing okay." Jaden thought.

Back in the room, the mysterious creature revealed itself to be…Pharaoh, Professor Banner's cat.

"Hey, it's only Pharaoh!" Syrus exclaimed as he ran towards the giant cat.

"MEOWWWWW!" Pharaoh yelled which made Syrus tumble onto the ground and Chumley plugged his ears with his hands.

"Jeez, keep it down, why don't ya?" Chumley shouted.

Syrus was able to get on Pharaoh's back and waited for Chumley.

"Come on, Chumley! Pharaoh can take us to Professor Banner!" Syrus explained.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Chumley hollered as he started running towards Syrus and Pharaoh. "Isn't there ever a day that doesn't involve running?"

"Grab my hand!" Syrus yelled as he pulled Chumley onto the back of Pharaoh. Then, he leaned closer to Pharaoh's ear. "Now, listen to me, Pharaoh. Take us to Professor Banner."

At the sound of Professor Banner's name, Pharaoh rapidly took off while Syrus and Chumley were seizing the big cat's collar.

"At least he runs faster than me!" Chumley shouted with his eyes shut.

"Once we get to Professor Banner, he can fix us!" Syrus rejoiced.

"But, what about Jaden?" Chumley asked worryingly.

Alexis POV

"It was kind of weird that those three weren't in the room after I saw Crowler take them into the same room." Alexis thought. "I wonder where they could be."

Jaden POV

"At least Alexis slowed down." Jaden said with relief. As he looked up, he saw Alexis's legs run up in her skirt to a pink and white flossy cloth.

"And I thought I had to be sixteen to see that stuff." Jaden thought. "I wonder…" He then got an idea. Jaden started to climb up Alexis's skirt.

Alexis POV

"Finally, I'm here." Alexis said as she entered her dorm room to see Jasmine and Mindy waiting for her.

"Lexi, where were you?" Mindy asked.

"I was out…somewhere." She answered quickly.

"Well, come on." Jasmine began as she stood up from her bed. "We have to get to the locker room and change."

Jaden POV

"CHANGE?" Jaden exclaimed only loud enough for him to hear. "I didn't know I was old enough to see this." Our young Slifer continued to climb up Alexis's shirt until he hit his head on something big, round, and squishy.

"What was that?" Jaden asked as he looked up to see…well, you get the idea.

"Those are some big breasts." Jaden says as he dives into an open slot in Alexis's shirt.

"Alexis has a pink bra?" Jaden asked as he climbed out of Alexis's shirt to see that Alexis, Jasmine, and Mindy have entered the Obelisk Blue Girls Locker Room.

Normal POV

Well, we'd better get changing." Alexis said as the three reached for their buttons.

Jaden POV

"I'd better jump down!" Jaden shouted as he jumped off of Alexis's shirt and landed face-first onto the ground. A blue skirt landed three inches away from him.

"I'd better be more careful, next time." Jaden said as two more blue skirts almost landed on him. Jaden looked up to see Alexis, Jasmine, and Mindy only wearing bras and underwear.

"How am I supposed to get back to normal if I can't even survive in the Girls Locker Room?" Jaden shouted as a skirt fell on him. "That's not funny." His muffed voice came through the skirt.


Pharaoh was racing towards Professor Banner's room while it was getting harder and harder for Syrus and Chumley to hold on.

"My hands are slipping!" Chumley shouted.

"We're…not…gonna…make it!" Syrus yelled as the unthinkable happened. Pharaoh leaped up into the air as Syrus and Chumley collapsed towards the ground.

"THIS IS THE END!" Syrus wailed as he held onto Chumley.

"WE'RE GONNA DIE!" Chumley howled as the two fell into a crack in the floor and they were rolling down a tunnel.

"Where do you think we're going?" Syrus asked fearfully.

"Wherever it is, I hope there's some grilled cheese!" Chumley answered as the two landed in a big web.

"Oh, great." Chumley complained as Syrus looked to the right in horror.

"Ch…ch…chuml…le…ley?" Syrus terrifyingly asked as a big shadow was crawling towards them.

"First, we shrink. Then, we hitch a ride on a bloody cat. Now, we're stuck onto a spider web! That is totally not luscious." The Koala duelist grumbled as the shadow moved faster and faster.

"I don't think that's all we have to worry about!" Syrus screamed as Chumley looked towards the shadow in shock as he was immediately petrified in fear.



Jaden was running across the floor, while trying to dodge falling skirts and shirts.

"I don't know where I'm going, but anywhere's safer than in that locker room, right?" the Slifer asked himself as he slipped under the door and ran up to the beginning of the pool.

"No…" Jaden corrected himself, "that's the worse."

Suddenly, the door opened and our hero was smacked into the pool like a rag doll. Because of Jaden's microscopic body, the pool was like a very deep ocean to him.

"No," Jaden approved himself again, "this is the worst."


"Okay, first up…Jasmine Winston!" the teacher called out as Jasmine climbed up to the top of the diving board.


"No…that's the worst!" the young Slifer bellowed as the gigantic Jasmine dived off the board and towards him.

"Oh, crap!" Jaden yelled as he awaited his demise.


Will Jaden survive this experience? Will Chumley and Syrus get eaten? Why am I asking you all these questions?