The Ballad of Love

By fashionista malfoy

Chapter 1 : Desires

Disclaimer : Harry Potter and all its characters belongs to the brilliant J.K. Rowling.

"Why didn't you kill him?"

A soft, sinister voice sent chills down his spine. Tired and weakened, the sixteen year old boy breathed heavilly and tried to pull himself up from the cold floor using little strenght he had left. After he managed to get into a sitting position, Draco stared up at the Dark Lord and hastily wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Answer me!"

Draco didn't respond. His whole body shook with fury and his eyes were blazed with pure hatred. How could his father ever looked up to such filth?


He fell to the ground once again as he felt a thousand hot knives pierced through his body. But Draco just bit his lips to prevent himself from screaming in pain. He didn't want to show any sign of weakness. This was nothing as opposed to the countless Cruciatus curse his father had used on him before. When it ended, Draco laid motionless, his breathing harsh and ragged.

"I'm deeply disappointed," said Voldermort softly, his red eyes glinting through the darkness. "I expected more from Lucius Malfoy's son. I'd told you that I'll kill your whole family didn't I?"

"My Lord," Snape dropped to his knees and he looked up at Voldermort pleadingly. "Have mercy on him. He's just a boy. Dumbledore is dead now. Narcissa have placed Draco under my care. I assure you that he will be severely punished. I beg you to have mercy on him."

Voldermort approached Snape's kneeling figure, "You are right Snape... Dumbledore is very well dead. I've dreamt of this day for so long and it finally came. Very well, young Malfoy have had enough punishment. May you never hesitate when carrying out my orders. As for you Snape, I am very honored and you will be handsomely rewarded soon."

"Thank you Master... thank you..."

"Hermione dear, thank you for coming and helping out with the wedding preparations."

"It's my pleasure Mrs Weasley," The brunette chirped. "Need any help?"

"Oh, that's quite alright dear. Why don't you go to the garden and help yourself to some food."

Hermione nodded and headed out the back door into the yard. The night chilly air splattered on her face as she made her way to the garden where Fred, George, Harry, Ron and Ginny were having a hearty conversation.

"Hello there Hermione!" George greeted her brightly. "We were just discussing... who do you reckon will get married next?"

"Charlie naturally," said Fred with a hint of bitterness in his voice.

She stifled a laugh as she took a seat beside Ginny, "Why are you upset about that? Do you want to get married?"

"Yeah, he and Angelina are getting serious... and that's definitely saying something," George piped in.

"Too bad there won't be any wedding soon," said Ginny in a small voice.

Harry turned to look at her with a puzzled look, "Why is that?"

"Bill's wedding cost a fortune."

"Yeah," said Ron gloomily. "Used up all our savings."

Harry and Hermione exchanged uncomfortable glances as silence hung in the air. Bill's and Fluer's wedding was the most talked about event in the wizarding community since Bill was the first son to get married. The son who got savaged by a werewolf as people referred to him these days. And yet, he was getting married. To someone with Veela blood no less. Everyone wanted to witness a Weasley, with a disfigured face, get married to someone from a Veela heritage.

As planned, the wedding had taken place at the Delacours in France but Arthur Weasley had invited almost everyone in Wizarding Britain. So, he decided to set up a Portkey for those families who are unable to Apparate. The wedding had attracted a lot of unwanted attention, from nosey Daily Prophet reporters to Deatheaters. Word traveled fast. A huge gathering such as this would be a perfect opportunity for Deatheaters to start their attack. The Weasleys and Delacours had worked hard to place protection charms around the wedding venue. Most fortunately, no such attack occurred during the wedding and it went rather smoothly, considering the fact that uninvited reporters kept snapping pictures at the bride and groom.

"Ah well," Fred rubbed his hands together. "Anyone up for a game of Exploding Snap?"

Before anyone could respond, a faint hooting sound was heard and Pigwidgeon appeared in the night sky. He zoomed down fairly quickly as though he was about to fall, but he then began flying around Ron's head, a letter tied to his tiny feet.

"It's for us!" George exclaimed as he stood up and grabbed Pig, giving the parchment a hard tug.

"Pig, come here!" said Ginny shooting her brother a nasty look as the hyperactive owl perched on her shoulder, nibbling at her finger affectionately. "Those two! No concern for Pig at all! Treating him like some kind of bludger! Why just yesterday..."

However, the twins took no notice. Their eyes zoomed from side to side as they read the letter, a grin slowly forming on their face.

"Well, are you going to tell us what's written in the letter or are the two of you just going to stand there like idiots?" asked Ron impatiently.

"We did it!" shouted Fred with triumph.

"Did what?" Hermione questioned, unsure whether to be excited or afraid.

"We got it!" said George, unable to control his excitement.

"Got what?" Harry mused.

"This is unbelievable isn't it George?"

"Spot on Fred!"

"You two better tell us what's going on before I hex you!" Ginny threatened them getting quite irritated.

The twins grinned, "We're going to open a new joke shop at Hogsmeade!"

"I don't want you causing anymore trouble Draco. This isn't school where you can serve detention as your punishment. This is the real world... one false move will cause you your life."

Draco stared up silently at the candle-filled lamp hanging from the ceiling while his body rested limply on the threadbare sofa. Snape had brought him back to his house so that he would be able to heal properly. He shut his eyes. His whole life had been turned upside-down.

What would happened if those Deatheaters hadn't barged in on him and Dumbledore? He would have agreed to join the Headmaster and fight alongside with him. But what if he did and the Deatheaters were to appear a few seconds later. It would be pointless as Snape would have killed Dumbledore too.

He opened up his eyes again and turned his head to his side, where Snape was seen seated on an armchair. "Why? Why did you help me?" His voice was strained from exhaustion. Nevertheless, he slowly sat up and planted his leg on the floor. He leaned back on the sofa as the room started spinning.

"I told you before Draco," said Snape smoothly. "I made the Unbreakable Vow with your mother. I will protect you from harm."

"Where is she? Where's my mother?"

"She will be here soon."

Just as soon as he said that, a loud crack was heard from outside. Seconds later, a woman dashed in looking awfully worried. Without giving Snape a glance, she ran straight to the sofa and threw her arms around her son. "Oh Draco! I was so worried!" Narcissa planted herself on the sofa and pulled him closer, cradling him like a small child. "I-I dare not imagine what could have happened to you!" She gave a long, hard kiss on Draco's forehead and rested her chin on his head as tears trickled down her cheeks. "You-You could have been killed! I'm sorry Draco... I'm so sorry!"

Draco gritted his teeth and shut his eyes tightly to prevent tears from falling. He couldn't bear to look at his mother crying for him. He raised his arms hesitantly but when he heard her gave a loud sob, he quickly hugged her back. "Mother... It's not your fault..."

Narcissa pulled away and held her son at arms length, "We need to leave Draco!"

"And where do you intend to take him?" Snape interrupted.

"Somewhere that is safe."

"My home is the safest place for Draco at the moment. The Dark Lord ordered for me to keep an eye on him."

"Severus! I am his mother! Are you saying that I can't look after my own son?"

"Draco will only leave this place after the Dark Mark have been placed on him."

Narcissa drew in a sharp breath and looked at Snape disbelievingly as her hands shook uncontrollably, "S-S-Severus! He-He can't! He's too young!"

"Lucius would be proud," he said quietly. "And you should too."

She leaned forward and seized the front of his robes. Her tear-filled eyes bore into his black ones, "Lucius promised that Draco would not be involve until he leaves Hogwarts! Draco is too young! What can he do? He nearly died Severus! He's my only son!" Narcissa stared a little longer and let go of him. She buried her face in her hands and began to cry in earnest, "Why? Why must it be Draco? If he wanted vengeance for Lucius's mistake, he should have just killed me off-"


"Mother!" Both heads quickly turned to look at Draco, as if they had forgotten he was there. "Don't say that! I'll bear the responsibility. You need not worry."

Narcissa looked longingly at her son as more tears formed in her eyes, "You don't understand... you just... don't!"

Draco was about to say something but Snape cut him off, "Narcissa, you need to rest-"

"Please let me stay here with Draco!"

"Narcissa, I don't have a spare room-"

"The floor would do Severus! Please just let me stay with him!"

Snape stared at her and gave in, "As you wish."

"Thank you!"

"I'm afraid I have to turn in for the night," Snape stood and conjured up a couple of pillows and two thick blankets for his guests before heading to his room. "Good night Narcissa, Draco." Without waiting for a response he turned his back on them as the book-covered door closed behind him.

As Snape's footsteps died away, the sitting room fell silent. Draco turned to his mother and sighed, "Mother you can lie on the sofa... I'll take the couch."

But she didn't move. Narcissa hands clasped meekly in her lap, her eyes were on the floor not looking at anything in particular. She seems to be deep in thoughts. Draco thought his mother looked paler and thinner than usual. She had dark circles under her eyes and her beautiful blonde hair, which usually streamed down her back, now looked dry and dirty.


Draco listen.

His mother's lips didn't move and he knew at once that she was communicating in his mind.

Draco, you need to escape.


It's not safe! Just do as I say! Take this!

Narcissa handed her son a small pouch, undoubtedly filled with gold, and a quill.

Keep the money. You will need it. The quill is a Portkey. It will take you to Hogsmeade.

Me? What about you? I can't leave you here!

Draco! If I leave with you, the Dark Lord would know that we are running away from him. He knows where to find me Draco. He knows. Narcissa then took out a minuscule glass bottle with a cork in it from her pocket. It was filled with shimmering purple liquid.

Sleeping potion?

Yes Draco. After I've drink this, I want you to use a memory charm on me. Erase the memory of this conversation. I can't risk it. The Dark Lord can read minds Draco. Tomorrow morning, all I am aware of is that you alone have ran away.

Aren't you... Aren't you going to get more worried?

Yes, but I'll be a little at ease knowing that you are hiding.

W-Will I ever get to see you again?

If fate allows us to. Draco, after you've arrive at Hogsmeade, I want you to buy a broom and fly back home... but don't stay there. Take her with you-

She's at home alone?

She's with the house-elves. I had no choice! It's too risky. Take her with you. Please protect her Draco.

I-I will.

Hurry Draco... We have no time left! The Portkey will go off any minute! Narcissa pulled her son into a tight embrace and kissed him all over his face. She sniffed and pulled the cork out of the bottle. Giving the faintest, humorless smile, she downed the potion and was soon swaying ever so lightly. Draco quickly stood up and lay her down on the sofa. He reached for the blanket and covered her body with it.

Taking a deep breath, he took out his wand and waved it over his mother. Obliviate. She stirred slightly but did not awake.

Before he could do anything else, Draco felt a jerk behind his naval and was soon speeding away in a whirlwind of colors.

"Oh this place is huge!"

"Lovely isn't it?"

The place was a lot bigger compared to the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes located at Diagon Alley. Hermione looked around. The place was a bit dusty but that could be taken care of with a flick of a wand.

"Brilliant aren't they?" said Ron as he and Harry approached her. "Their business has been going fairly well... considering the fact... well, you know..."

Hermione lowered her head as she shifted uncomfortably. The wizarding world have been going out of control ever since Dumbledore's death. Dumbledore have always been their hope for Voldermort's defeat but with him gone, people are frightened. They used Bill's and Fluer's wedding as a form of distraction. To push away their worries and act as if everything was normal. Now that the wedding was over, they're restless again.

She sighed and stared out longingly out the window where the Hogwarts towers came into view. After the summer ends, no students would want to return there. Last she heard, many have gone into hiding with their families. Neville and his grandmother are safely hidden under the watchful eyes of the Order. There are also some who have fled to live in the muggle world, like the Finnigans. They only returned for a short time during the wedding before disappearing again. Seamus wasn't happy though. He couldn't do any form of magic there. Dean Thomas, a fellow Gryffindor, was nowhere to be found. Since he was a muggle-born, he's probably gone back living with his parents in the muggle world.

Many have requested protection from the Order, some begged even. The Order have been growing steadily but not strong enough to go head on with the Dark Lord, Deatheaters and other groups of creatures he had recruited. The Ministry haven't been much help either, many fled for their lives. The Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, was arresting wizards and witches whom he thought were Deatheaters. It's a sad case really because a few of them would have given a great help for the Order. It's madness everywhere.

"It'll be great to return there huh?" said Ron, bringing her back to reality. "I mean you're definitely going to be Head Girl... It's our N.E.W.T.s year too... Just imagine... if we're able to pull it through... We can get to be Aurors!"

"Well... yeah..." Hermione sniffed and shifted her gaze to the wooden floorboards.

Fred, George and Ginny emerged from the back and stood with them.

"So when are you going to open this place?" asked Harry.


"You should do a big opening!" said Ginny excitedly.

Fred, whose grin have fallen slightly, sighed loudly, "What's the point? It's not like anyone would be coming."

"What do you mean?" Ron queried.

"It's obvious isn't it?" said George, raising his voice slightly. "We only got this place because the previous owner left. Along with everyone else. It's useless... no good for our business. We're considering closing the shop for a while..."


"Ginny, we have much more important things at hand than running a joke shop," said Fred sounding a bit like Mrs Weasley.

"When things are sorted out, we'll definitely return to our business. The old git will be sorry he ever sold off a good spot at Hogsmeade!"

Hermione smiled slightly at George's comment and looked out the window again. Harry noticed this and suggested that they should give the school a little visit.

"That's brilliant Harry!" shouted Ron and Ginny, with the twins agreeing whole-heartedly.

"Isn't it dangerous? Your dad said-"

"Oh come on Hermione! I know you want to go!" said Harry.

"Well..." she bit her lips and looked at the eager faces of her friends. "It wouldn't hurt now would it?"

The six of them excited the shop in a tight group and made their way down the deserted street, their hands firmly gripping their wands. They moved fast and without saying a word. Hermione's head turned in all direction, fully on alert.

Turning her head to the right, she looked down an ally and almost let out a scream. She could see a hooded figure staggering, trying to walk. The others seems to have noticed too as all of them were pointing their wand at the person.

"You there!" Harry shouted. "State your name!"

The person's head lifted, resulting the hood to drop. Ginny let out a muffled shriek. The blonde hair, those grey eyes and the unmistakable pale face. The person was none other than Draco Malfoy. Hermione took a deep breath as he took one step closer. However, just as his foot touched the ground, he stumbled and fell on the cold, hard earth.

That's the end of chapter 1! I didn't really give you a summary for this story because I wanted people to read it first. Well, this story takes place shortly after the end of Book Six. It's all D/Hr I assure you. After getting captured, Draco is placed under the watchful eyes of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Especially Hermione. She will soon learn more about him and his deep dark secrets. Slowly, the two will fall in love...A love so deep and pure that they are willing to risk their lives for each other...

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