Title: Adventures in Muggle America

Pairings: Draco/Harry

Disclaimer: I would love to own the boys, but unfortunately, I do not. I have kidnapped them and made them suffer a bit, but they will be returned good as new and possibly obliviated.

Summary: Draco is being introduced to an American Store...

Lots of love to my wonderful beta burningchaos. She is totally awesome and got this back to me sooo quickly so I could torture everyone else with my frustrations!

Adventures in Muggle America

aka Draco gets an education

"Harry, why are we here again?"

"Draco, we have to pick up this prescription. It needs to be refilled," Harry said for the 100th time in the past ten minutes.

Draco looked around at the brightly lit store packed with people and carts. Everyone seemed to be jostling another person. No one ever said excuse me. Draco should have fit right in, but even he couldn't believe how rude some people could be.

"How can someone name a department store 'Walmart?' What kind of name is Walmart, anyway? Why do people come here? Is it only the poor people, the ones that haven't been taught how to be polite?" You could see the obvious sneer on Draco's face as he watched the people go by.

"Be nice, Draco," Harry said patiently. "We have to get this medicine. I don't want to get thrown out of a store because you are being rude."

"Humph, me rude? Look around, Harry. That lady over there nearly ran us over to get to that place over there with the gaudy looking light over."

"The cash register, Draco."

"Oh, right, the register."

Draco and Harry continued walking through the throngs of people. They made their way to a little window that said "Drop Off." Harry walked up to the window, and waited for someone to notice him.

"So, you have to stand outside of this door, for what reason?"

"Honestly, Draco, have you never gotten medicine from a store before? No, let me just forget I asked that question. Of course, you have never been here. You would never go to a Muggle establishment unless I forced you to come." Harry was starting to get really irritated at the blond man.

"So, is some person going to come and talk to you or do you have to stand here looking foolish?" Draco inquired.

Harry sighed audibly as the lady came to the window. She got the name of the patient and the birthday. Thankfully, Linda had given him her birthdate. The lady told Harry it would be about 15-20 minutes and the prescription would be ready. Harry thanked the lady and grabbed Draco's arm.

"Where is this medicine we just I had /I to come get?"

"Come, on Draco. We are going exploring for a bit. The medicine will take at least 15 minutes." Harry walked Draco out of the pharmacy area and the first place that Draco noticed was the toy section.

"We have to wait? Why don't they have it ready when we give them the information?" Draco asked as he picked up an action figure from some Muggle movie Star Wars .

"We have to wait because they do not keep everything made up. They have to check the prescription, fill the medicine, and then double check to make sure they did it right." Harry said watching Draco playing with the toy in his hand.

Harry and Draco walked around the corner and found the matchbox cars. "What do these do, Harry?"

"Those are Muggle cars. You push them around on the floor. Little boys love them," Harry explained.

"Oh! Look at this aisle! It is all pink. What is all this stuff?" Draco asked excitedly.

"This would be a little girl's aisle. Apparently Muggles think that little girls only like dolls and little boys only like cars."

"Oh, Harry, look! A little dragon. Can I have it? Please," he begged.

"Do you really need a stuffed animal, Draco?"

"Yes, I do. I shall name him Harry, because you got him for me," Draco said while he hugged the toy.

Harry managed to drag Draco away from the toys and over toward the electronics section. Draco was just as bad with his questions. How did they get the movies to play off of that little silver disk? Why couldn't they get a DVD/VHS player? Well, why couldn't they buy a TV as well?

Harry was starting to decide that it was a bad idea to introduce Draco to the most favored store of the Americas. "Draco, it has been about 25 minutes. Let's go get the medicine so we can leave."

"Ok, Harry. I'm getting bored here anyway." Draco walked beside Harry, while he still hugged his new dragon.

Harry took them to another little window. There were about seven people in front of them. Harry just waited for the next series of questions to begin. He didn't have to wait long.

"Harry, why are we just standing here?"

"Because we have to wait in line for our turn."

"Harry, we already waited twenty-five minutes. Why do we have to wait more?"

"We have to wait now, for the people that are in line ahead of us to pick up their medicine." Harry was feeling his frustration returning. A few people looked back at Draco.

"Harry, I'm bored."

"Draco, we will be done in just a few minutes."

The line moved forward slowly. Eventually, the boys were up at the register. Harry put the dragon on the register, after he convinced Draco to let go of it for just a few minutes. Harry gave the name and the lady looked up the information in her computer.

"I'm sorry. I don't have anyone by that name in the computer. Let me check for you."

"Harry, what does she mean?"

"I don't know just yet, Draco, but I will find out." Harry said.

"Yes, sir, just have a seat it is going to be just a few more minutes."

"A few more minutes," Draco whined.

Harry pulled him down into the seat next to him and began glaring at the lady behind the register. Did she realize that she just opened herself up for hell? Apparently not. She continued to help other people and did not seem to be getting their prescription ready.

Draco, up until this point had managed to keep him mouth shut. He seemed to understand that Harry wasn't happy about what was going on. Although, he felt it was his job to continue to glare at the lady that upset his Harry.

Finally after another fifteen minutes she called Harry back to the register. "What was the name again?" Harry told her. "I'm sorry, but apparently her prescription doesn't have any refills on it."

"Excuse me?" Harry started politely, only to be interrupted by Draco.

"Excuse me, lady? What exactly do you mean?" Draco demanded.

"As I was just saying, the prescription ran out. We are trying to call the doctor now to get a new one."

"You mean, you couldn't tell us this information an hour ago when we asked for the refill? We have had to wait an entire hour for nothing?"

"But sir, I cannot help that the prescription ran out."

"You, bloody well could have told me this and hour ago."

"But sir, it doesn't show up in the computer until we go to fill it."

"You have no way of letting me know before I waste an hour in this god-forsaken place?"

"Sir, we have a large amount of prescriptions that need to be filled here. You can always take your prescription to another drugstore."

"I do believe we will be, come along, Harry. I am through wasting my time with this woman." Draco stormed off holding his dragon.

"Draco, we still need to pay for the dragon." Harry said, catching up with the blond man.

"Fine, shall we go over to one of those little booths there."

"The cash register, Draco," Harry sighed again.

"Why does it seem this place is nothing but lines? I swear, I have to wait 30 bloody minutes waiting for nothing in the pharmacy, and now I have to wait again?" Draco complained. His temper was really beginning to show now.

"Calm down, Draco. This line shouldn't take too long. It is the express lane."

"Why is that light blinking over the register, Harry?"

"Apparently the cashier needs a manager or something."

"How long does it take for this person to get here?"

"I don't know, Draco."

The line inched forward. "Harry, that sign says twenty items or less, right?"


"That person has about thirty. I counted as they put it up! Should we call the manager or something?" Draco demanded.

"No, Draco, no one regulates the express line."

"It just isn't right."

"I know, Draco."

Draco finally was able to place his beloved dragon on the conveyer belt. He became nervous as it moved a bit away from him. Then he noticed a magazine. He picked it up and began to read. "Oh Merlin! Harry did you see this? Brad Pitt has left Jennifer Anniston! Why would someone put that kind of information on their magazines?"

"That is known as a tabloid."

"Harry, I must have it. I need to know what happened."

Harry put the magazine on the counter with the dragon. Then Draco noticed the candy and put some down as well. Harry just rolled his eyes.

Finally it was their turn. "There is no price on this toy."

"WHAT! Oh for Pete's sake. It was in a bin marked $4.97."

"Let me just call my manager to find out," the lady said. She turned the light on and waited for a gentleman in a red vest to show up. Draco was beginning to lose his temper again. Thankfully the gentleman knew exactly how much the dragon was. The lady finished the transaction. "Your total is $20.31."

"Fine, here." Harry handed her the money and grabbed the bag. He and Draco stormed out of the store, swearing they would never be back, as Draco clutched his stuffed dragon.