Title: A Snowy Weekend

Author Name: Michaela aka Michi

Rating: K+ to T

Classification: Harm & Mac / Romance

Spoilers: Everything up to Season 10 Episode 9 'The Man On The Bridge' (Harm didn't get back his old office though)… the rest of Season 10 never happened in this story…

Disclaimer: JAG and its character are the property of Bellisario Productions, CBS, and Paramount

Summary: A snowy weekend full of joy, children's laughter, and love

Authors Notes:

- Like always, I've used the internet to get information about the distance between point A and point B respectively between point B and point C. I'm not sure if those distances are correct or not, that's why I could have used an AP (author's privilege) for this story.

- A big thanks to my beta and advising team Vered and JJ. Having two Jewish gals as my advising team for a x-mas story was truly a blast lololol. You gals are amazing and I love you! Any left mistakes are mine…

- Feedback is always welcome.

- This story is in memory of my friend Kim, who I met thanks to JAG... I miss you, Mom.

A Snowy Weekend - Part 1


December 11, 2004

JAG Headquarters

Falls Church, VA

9:43 AM

'Will this never end?' Harm thought as he signed and closed yet another file in front of him before taking a side-glance at the still large mound of papers right next to him. Working together with Mac on the missing Navy's top bio-weapons scientist case this week was a lot of fun, but doing all the old paperwork now wasn't fun at all. Moreover, doing it alone didn't help either.

He was in his office for nearly two hours now, and it didn't look like the paperwork would be done any time soon. Thankfully it was Saturday, because he was quite sure he could do the papers without any disturbance. Harm was the only one in the office today and one look out the window showed him that it possibly wouldn't change. It'd snowed since last night and the ground and trees were already covered with a thick blanket of snow.

Harm chuckled as he remembered Mattie's outburst this morning. She called around seven o'clock to tell him about the huge amount of snow they got in Blacksburg. Mattie revealed to Harm how much she loved the snow and that she hoped they would get a white Christmas this year. They would spend Christmas Day together and Harm had to promise Mattie that, if there would be snow, he would go sledding with her. Her happiness was his undoing and now he had a sledding date on Christmas Day. Just the thought about it made him smile a little bit. He missed her, but also knew it was the right decision they'd made about her situation with her father.

Harm took another file from the pile and opened it with a long sigh. He started to read the papers when suddenly the thought that he'd heard a sound from the bullpen made him stop. Harm stood up and walked slowly out of his office. The nearer he got to the bullpen, the clearer the sound became.

"'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer'?" Harm muttered bewildered to himself when he figured out that someone actually was singing the latest notes of the traditional Christmas song. Even more curious now he continued his way to the bullpen. The moment he walked through the doors of the bullpen he heard the giggles and laughter of children and "Mac?" Harm wondered aloud.

As soon as Harm walked around the corner and was able to overlook the entire bullpen, he saw that he'd been right. Right there in her office stood Mac. She was searching through the filing cabinet while holding a babbling and bouncing baby against her left shoulder. Right next to her stood a little child and even though he stood with his back to Harm, the blond hair, which stuck out under the pompom hat, gave the identity away. They were talking about something that made them laugh and giggle the entire time.

What he saw warmed his heart immensely and he couldn't stop looking at them. For him it looked perfect, like everything he'd always dreamed about. Sarah MacKenzie with a bunch of children around her; his children. Their children. 'God, I hope you didn't take it away from her. From me. From us.'

It was a thought that Harm had many times in the past few months, and it made his heart sorrow. There's a saying that time would heal all wounds, but could time heal this deep and hurtful wound as well? Harm wished he knew the answer, but for once he couldn't come up with one. He couldn't take away the pain she felt; a pain he felt as well.

Harm had no idea how long he stood there and watched them in awe, but suddenly he was brought out of his deep thoughts by a nearby cry.

"Uncle Harm!" Little AJ shouted as he recognized his godfather was watching them from a few feet away. "Auntie Mac, Uncle Harm is here," he continued to shout while he ran right into Harm's arms. "Hi, Uncle Harm," he greeted his godfather while taking off his pompom hat after it'd slid slightly over his eyes.

"Well hello, buddy. What are you doing here?" Harm asked him while he took Little AJ into his arms.

"I'm here with Auntie Mac," Little AJ responded happily and pointed at his godmother's office.

"I can see that," Harm said softly as he and his godson made their way to Mac's office, meeting her halfway in the bullpen. "Good morning, Mac."

"Good morning, Harm," Mac responded gently with a smile, quite surprised seeing him there. "I didn't know you would be here today. I don't remember seeing your car in the parking lot."

"No, I had to take a cab this morning. My car decided to call in sick." Harm chuckled. It surprised him that he actually could laugh and make jokes about it. About two hours ago the last thing he had on his mind was thinking that his SUV not starting was a funny thing. Since he didn't want to drive the corvette through this kind of weather, he had to call for a cab.

"Your car is sick, Uncle Harm?" Little AJ asked sympathetically. "Then you have to go to a doctor with it," he continued so seriously that Harm and Mac couldn't suppress a chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess I'll have to do that," Harm said softly before he sat Little AJ down on his feet again and made a step forward so he stood right in front of Mac. "And how is this little guy here doing?" He asked quietly, running his finger down Jimmy's rosy cheek. The little boy had buried his head in the crook of Mac's neck and was apparently asleep by now.

"He's doing just fine. I think he has a beautiful dream at the moment," Mac whispered and saw the question in Harm's eyes. "He's slobbering down my neck," she explained with a smile on her face. It was a smile, which Harm returned eagerly.

"So, what are you three doing here on a Saturday? And I sure hope you're not here with your 'vette in this weather!" Harm said concerned with a raised eyebrow. "And if so, I don't want to hear about how you got all three of you into that car," he continued with a stern voice.

"No, of course not. My 'vette is parked in the Roberts' garage. I brought Harriet and Bud with their mini van to the airport earlier and decided to get a few cases from my office so I can do some work while the boys are doing their shuteye."

"The airport?" Harm asked astonished before he remembered. " New York City. Bud, Harriet, the Ritz Carlton and a long weekend as a little romantic getaway. A second honeymoon so to speak. I remember now. So, I guess you are on babysitting duty this weekend?"

"Auntie Mac, Jimmy and I'll have a PJ party at her house this weekend," Little AJ explained happily and Harm could see how excited his godson was about their plans. "And Auntie Mac said we would buy her a Christmas tree and decorate it together. Are you coming, too, Uncle Harm? Pleeeaasseeee," AJ asked with big pleading eyes.

Harm got down on his knee so he could look straight into Little AJ's eyes. "I'm sorry, AJ, but I can't. I have to work this weekend. How about another time?"

"Okay," AJ answered quietly. He sounded more than disappointed and it was clearly readable on his face. "Auntie Mac, I'll get my truck from your office, okay?"

"You do that, honey." She ruffled his hair before he made his way slowly into her office. Mac's and Harm's eyes followed him.

"Now that went well," Harm said quietly, feeling just as disappointed as his godson.

"Don't worry too much, Harm. It will be okay." Mac squeezed his arm. "How is the work going?"

"I guess I'll have to take half of the files home with me, so I can work on them tomorrow as well."

"When is the deadline?"

"Tuesday at the latest."

"Here, Auntie Mac, I got your briefcase," Little AJ explained as he got back from Mac's office. He carried his truck in one hand while having Mac's briefcase in his other hand.

"Thank you, sweetie." Mac took her briefcase from Little AJ before she looked back at Harm. "I guess we better let you go back to your work now. But don't overdo it, okay?" Mac said softly.

"Promise. And you three have a lot of fun this weekend, okay?"

"We will. Goodbye, Harm."

"Bye, bye, Uncle Harm." Little AJ smiled and gave his godfather a bear hug before running away to get the elevator.

"Goodbye, AJ," Harm called after him, watching his godson as he put on his blue pompom hat again.

"See, I told you not to worry too much," Mac told Harm gently.

"He's a great kid." Harm then chuckled. "When he doesn't have his fits of raving madness that is."

Mac laughed. "He's five, Harm. He hasn't started to have the real fits yet," she started to say and suddenly lost her smile the moment she said these words, remembering the deal she and Harm had. Harm could clearly see the pain in her eyes and wanted to reach out, just so he could tell her that everything would be okay, that everything would work out for them. But then she started to smile again and continued with a soft voice. "I'll see you on Monday, okay?"

"Yeah, see you on Monday, Mac," Harm responded softly before he lifted up Jimmy's hood to kiss his head. "Goodbye, little fellow."

Harm watched Mac until she reached little AJ, who was already waiting at the elevator. With one last wink and a sweet smile from her and AJ the elevator door closed and Harm was once again alone in the office.

He quickly got a mug of coffee from the break room before he walked back to his office, hoping a miracle had happened and that, while he was talking with Mac and AJ, the pile of files on his desk was gone. "Would've been too good to be true anyway," Harm muttered when he stood in his office and saw the files still there. "Well, Commander, time to get back to your work," Harm commanded himself before he sat down in his chair and got back to his cases with a quiet "Aye, aye, Sir!"

Harm's Office

"How about a deal?" A voice suddenly asked a few minutes later from the doorway of Harm's office and made his head snap up in surprise.