A Snowy Weekend – Part 23

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December 13, 2004

Mac's bedroom

5:43 AM

The heavenly scent of fresh-brewed coffee awoke Harm from his deep slumber. Slowly he opened one of his eyes and was greeted by the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen, coming from the woman of his dreams. Harm opened his other eye as well, slowly letting them roam all over her. He could see that she'd already showered and was no longer wearing her cowboy PJ's but rather his flannel shirt from yesterday.

"Good morning, Sunshine," he said with a sleepy voice and rubbed his tired eyes.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty," Mac responded before giving him a loving kiss. "I thought you would never wake up."

"What time is it?" Harm stretched his tired body before placing his pillow against the headboard of the bed so that he could sit against it.

Mac took one cup of coffee from the tray, which she had placed on the bed right in front of her and handed it over to Harm, who immediately took a long gulp from the hot drink. "It's still early. To be exact, it's five-forty-four."

Harm groaned as soon as he heard her answer. "That, for sure, I call early."

Mac smiled, already knowing that Harm wasn't really a morning person. "I know, but I thought we two could enjoy a little breakfast in bed before the kids demand theirs," she told him softly and rearranged her position on the bed, finding the perfect place for her on Harm's lap.

Harm placed his cup of coffee on the nightstand and took Mac's head in his palms to give her a proper good-morning-kiss. He slowly let his tongue run over her lips and with a moan she immediately opened her mouth to welcome him. His tongue slipped into her warm mouth, tangling with hers to seek more. "Hmmm, I like the way you think, Marine," he said against her lips and let his hands roam over her back before pulling her even closer to him. "And I like how my shirt looks on you. It suits you much better than me."

"Thank you," she sweetly said and took her own cup of coffee from the tray to take a long gulp.

"I do have to ask though. How come you already showered and I never even heard you? And may I add that it happens quite a lot these days."

"Simple," Mac immediately replied and winked. "I wore you out last night, Sailor, and you were sleeping like a baby." Quickly she placed a little kiss on his nose before she finished her sentence. "And you really look cute when you're asleep."

"I do, huh?" He simply responded with a boyish grin and then looked at the items on the tray. "So, what are we having for breakfast?"

"Well, how does croissants with scrambled eggs, some fresh juice and seasonal fruits sound?"

"Hmmm, like I've gone to heaven," Harm dreamily raved and licked his lips. He opened his mouth and welcomed the still warm piece of croissant Mac was holding in front of him. Then he took the fork from the tray and picked up some of the scrambled eggs to feed Mac this time.

Their breakfast quickly turned into a romantic feeding-game while they fed all of the food Mac had prepared for them to each other, only broken by the many kisses they shared in between.

However, about an hour later they could hear through the baby monitor that the boys started to awake and knew their time had run out and that their romantic breakfast was over.

"Why don't you take a quick shower while I get the boys ready? We should be done by the time you are out of the shower and maybe then you could make their breakfast while I'm getting dressed," Mac proposed and gently kissed him on his lips.

"Sounds like a plan," he responded and with one last kiss they separated to get done with each of their tasks.

The rest of the morning in Mac's apartment went without any nameable incidents, and as soon as AJ and Jimmy were done with their breakfast, they were all getting ready for the day.

"AJ, do you have your and Jimmy's bags?" Mac asked while she helped Jimmy into his boots and jacket.

"Yup, Auntie Mac," Little AJ answered and showed her the two little bags he was holding in his hands.

Mac looked at AJ and gave him a grateful smile. "Great," she told him and quickly kissed Jimmy's nose just to get a little giggle from him in response. Then she got up from her knees and took her coat from the coat rack.

"Okay, I'm all done," Harm announced the moment he came out of the bedroom, already wearing his coat, cover and gloves.

"So are we," Little AJ quickly answered him with a wide grin.

"Then I guess it's time to hit the road," Harm told the group and made his way to the apartment door.

Mac grabbed his arm, stopping him midway. "Umm, Harm. Didn't you forget something?"

He looked down at himself, trying to figure out what she meant but couldn't find a clue. "Not that I'm aware of."

Mac simply pointed with her forefinger at a certain box on her dining table.

"Damn," Harm quietly murmured and groaned, walking to the table. "Oh great, I totally forgot about them," he explained and took the box from the table.

Mac opened her apartment door and waited for Harm while Little AJ and Jimmy already walked out to the hallway. "What's your plan? The general wants to have them by tomorrow."

Harm just shrugged his shoulders and followed his godsons out of the apartment. "I'm not sure yet. But I'll find a way, even if it means working throughout the entire night."

"Want some help?" Mac asked with a little seductive look and unintentionally licked her lips.

Harm moved his head forward, so that his mouth was nearly touching her ear. "You bet I want you to help me, but somehow I doubt we'll get done with the files then," Harm huskily whispered into her ear and then kissed it.

"Oh no, that's where you're wrong. No dessert before all the homework is done, Harmon," Mac told him with a faked motherly voice and immediately got a groan from him in response.

"You are very cruel, Ms. MacKenzie," Harm said, just to let a quick kiss on her lips follow.

"Really? Hmmm, last night you thought very differently, Mr. Rabb," Mac countered with a smirk and then looked at the box he was holding. "Why don't you leave the box here? If you want, we can come back to my apartment tonight and work on them. Or do you need the files at work today?"

"No, I have court all day so that shouldn't be a problem."

"So, would you like to come home with me tonight?"

Harm quickly walked back into her apartment and placed the box on her coffee table before he came back to her. "You don't have to ask me twice," he let her know and kissed her cheek before he walked away and joined the boys.

'Didn't think so,' Mac thought to herself, closed the door behind her and locked it while Harm, AJ and Jimmy were already running down the hallway to the stairs, each of them trying to be the first at the heavy door that would lead them to the parking lot.

She smiled to herself, enjoying the sounds that were coming from her boys while Harm chased behind his godchildren. All three were laughing and giggling the entire time and Mac chuckled when Jimmy suddenly yelped out loud, knowing that Harm had caught him. Mac took a last look at her apartment door and then slowly turned around to follow Harm and the boys.

With closing the door she also had closed the chapter of their snowy and most of all magical weekend. A weekend that would lead them to a future filled with many challenges, quite a few adventures, and some good experiences just like some bad ones. A future they would face and survive together with the power of their undying love.

This weekend was only the first chapter of Harm and Mac's book called 'Us' and many more chapters of their tale would follow. And in only a few weeks Harm and Mac would find out just how magical this weekend had really been…

… The End…


"Mac, come on. You have to see this," Harm called the moment she walked out of the building and she noticed that he and the boys were standing in front of Mr. and Mrs. Snowman. A wide grin had taken place on his face, and Mac wasn't sure if his, AJ's or maybe Jimmy's smile was the brightest one.

"What's all the hoopla about?" Mac asked as she joined him and the boys. Harm immediately pointed at the snowmen but didn't answer her since someone else took care of it.

"Look, Auntie Mac. Mr. and Mrs. Snowman became mommy and daddy overnight," Little AJ excitingly told her and just like his godfather, pointed with the forefinger at the snowmen.

Mac took in the picture in front of her and at once noticed the little snowman between the two bigger ones. Then she looked with a raised eyebrow at Harm and smirked, knowing exactly who built the little snowman after they went back to her apartment last night.

"Mrs. Ebenezer," they both said at the same time and laughed before walking hand-in-hand with a big smile on their faces and the two little Roberts' in tow to Harm's car, ready to face the first weekday of their new journey together...

… The End … and this time for real (unless the brilliant idea hits me :-))

I can't believe it is over already. I thank you all for reading my story and most of all for the comments you sent me throughout this little holiday tale about our favourite couple. This story is very special for me and therefore all your support and kind words meant and means more to me than you'll ever know. So, thanks again.

And last but not least to quote Clement C Moore out of his masterwork 'The Night Before Christmas'… Happy Christmas to all. And to all a good-night! - Love, Michaela