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"Its okay, Draco..truly.."

Draco flinched at the feeling of the ghost hand sweep through him, his shoulder suddenly being doused in a burning ice- causing no pain but severe discomfort as the face of the ghost appeared before him, her dark hair and wide-rimmed glasses magnifying wide worry-filled eyes. As Draco watched her he couldn't help but feel..wait..was that compassion towards this ghost girl? The one who allowed him into her bathroom to hide away, the one who listened to him and cared for him more than any other.

His shoulder shook as she swiftly removed her hand, realizing the discomfort and instead settled herself on the floor next to him. She watched the tears running down his face, doing nothing for his complexion.

Yet still, he is so handsome. He has that...that face that makes girl's sigh, if only it wasn't always covered with that sneer or smirk, or tears. Myrtle watched him sadly, tears appearing at the corners of her eyes which she held back. Ever since people had first come to visit her she didn't feel quite as sad and somehow comforting Draco seemed more important then mourning her own death. Myrtle probably shouldn't cry in front of him because that could upset him more.

"I don't know what to do anymore..." he moaned. "What am I going to do?"

There was the slightest sound, one soft click of a heel upon the floor and Myrtle glance over Draco's shoulder, coming into direct eye contact with the only other person who came to visit her frequently upon more enjoyable notes.

Long waves of black hair fell to her mid-back, smooth and silky resembling waves of shadow, each strand or lock holding a different gleam of light within it and making her hair seem alive, more than any other's. The skin touching her face was slightly golden, not tanned but golden, the exotic color of skin so different yet didn't stand out so much as other complexions of pale or dark skin. Cheekbones were delicate, lips slightly curved and just the perfect shade of red. A pair of wide eyes gazed from underneath a set of arched eyebrows, the glittering violet depths entrancing to all, including Myrtle as she found herself drawn into the hypnotic state those eyes put her in, instantly relaxing any worries she had felt, melting away all fears and even bringing the hint of a smile to the ghost's lips. The eyes shifted and though Myrtle remained within the spell she was no longer forced to stare upon those startling orbs.

Draco glanced over his shoulder and upon seeing another stood swiftly and rubbed his face, a sneer across his lips before he could even truly take the girl's appearance in. Opening his eyes his mouth opened for a nasty comeback to fling out but then he too fell under her gaze.

Her eyes...How beautiful. Draco was not a monster, despite what so many seemed to think. He knew beauty- for that was what kept him from smart-mouthing Granger at the Yule Ball, for he recognized how beautiful she was in that instant. But never, never had he seen such beauty as that held within these eyes. He began to describe them in his mind, his words resembling poetry without him realizing it.

Swirls of violet, circling endlessly in patterns far to large for those eyes, an endless sea of blue and purple and red, mixing to design a shade of which had never been seen in eyes, not in that of a human nor that of any creature, unique, the glittering within them like small stars, constantly shifting and changing, spinning and dancing in the viewer's gaze and fading from the brightest of silver, shining like moonlight to a deep gold of the sun's rays, dancing, glittering, twisting, changing.

Why was it that those words were not his own? They didn't seem to register in him. It was as if there was another voice speaking to him, whispering those thoughts into his mind. For surely he could never describe such beauty so...for even the poetic words could not describe her eyes. They were like melting, melting and suddenly you felt nothing, no anger, no sorrow, no fear, no grief, nothing, and then in that instant you feel a calm and peaceful hand touch you and guide the peace from your heart and bring it to the surface, instantly creating trust between those eyes and he who looked within them.

The Dark Mark..it was burning. Draco grabbed his forearm and clutched at it. It was not the burning of a summoning but felt different, like how it felt when a ghost touched him, but only with pain matching the sensation. His eyes were ripped from her gaze to the mark, which he attempted to keep covered in front of her, for one reason or another. Who knew who that girl was.

The girl's eyes went to his arm and the hint of a smile touched her lips, causing he to relax her gaze and making it quite easier for both Draco and Myrtle to look upon it without falling into that trance again.

"Hullo Dania." Myrtle welcomed the girl, gliding forward and taking in her appearance. Like the other students of Hogwarts she wore robes, but unlike them she wore Muggle clothes when not in class and when there were no teachers around- at least at this moment. Myrtle was always fascinated by this, as most witches and wizards didn't know a thing about Muggle clothing. She wore a slim black shirt, a V-neck line cutting not too low but low enough, long sleeves tight around her wrists- with a pair of jeans, embroidered with black designs around the leg, shapes into hourglasses, snakes, eyes and even a few other animals like a raven or designs like stars and moons, all twirled intricately into a complex pattern giving the old jeans an exotic touch. Boots were visible, along with a long silver necklace. A choker necklace also brushed her neck, matched with a strange silver bracelet and other odd assortments.

After recovering from the shock of her eyes Draco was even more shocked at her clothing style, recognizing them as idiotic Muggle clothes. Yet even as he detested them, he couldn't help but notice how they made her look. Different, elegant...unique...

"Hello Myrtle." Her voice was soft and smooth, not that of one who was shy, fo their voices were often unheard. No, there was a tone to her voice that couldn't be misunderstood or unheard. It echoed through one's mind like the soft touch of another's flesh lingering upon your skin.

Myrtle recovered long before Draco and motioned to Dania. "Draco this is Dania Brighteyes. She's a friend of mine." Wow, how wonderful it felt to say that. "And Dania, this is Draco Malfoy."

"Malfoy? I met your father once then, Draco. Lucius, was it? Yes, of course..."

Draco blinked and nodded, drawing his gaze to any random part of her face, just not her eyes. "Yes. I've never heard of you though. How do you know him?"

"My father was a friend of his long ago...and anyways he was the one who suggested for Dumbledore to send me here."

"What? He never told me about this..."

"I'm sure he wouldn't. Your father isn't a very charitable person, is he? Besides, he knew we would meet here."

Myrtle cut in to the conversation, slightly put out at being left behind in the discussion. "Dania is from Beauxbatons. She was expelled. And you know what's even better? She went to a Muggle school once." My, how wonderful it was to have friends! Especially someone like Dania. Myrtle could almost feel how powerful she was...and yet she was so nice. Just like Draco was so nice. They would get along well.

Draco scratched absentmindedly at his cheek, somewhat embarrassed at this whole conversation. Why couldn't he take command like he usually did? This..girl left him so sheepish. Like she put a spell on him...Was she a veela? No...it couldn't be. She didn't look like one and she didn't move like one...While the veelas moved as if they were air she moved even more smoothly, like she was a snake.

"Why are you in here?"

"This is a girl's bathroom. Besides...I've been speaking with Myrtle for awhile now..."

"Why didn't you tell me about her? I though I was the only person to visit you." Draco turned to Myrtle, his sharp tone making Myrtle to flinch visibly and tears to touch the corners of her eyes. Instantly Draco regretted seeing her like that. "Sorry Myrtle. I'm just uptight."

"I never told you because you never asked. Besides. I just met you a few days ago. Dania and I met on the first day."

There was a clanging of a bell and Dania sighed softly, reaching into the bag over her shoulder and pulling out her change of uniforms. "Excuse me..." she murmured softly, slipping into a stall. Draco turned to Myrtle and stared at the girl, furious at himself and attempting to keep sharp words in.

"I thought you two would get along well...I thought maybe you could use another friend.."

"I have more than enough friends."

"You can never have enough friends."

"Almost all of Slytherin is a friend of mine!"

"I'm not." Dania slid out of the stall, wearing the uniform of a Slytherin, the robes framing her body neatly. Nimbly she pulled out a small band and began to braid her hair into a single long plait before looping the band around it.

"I don't remember seeing you at Slytherin."

"I sit a fair distance away. Anyways you're too busy snogging Pansy Parkinson to notice anything."

Draco flushed at her words and his eyes narrowed. "For a new student you seem to know a lot."

"I've been here for a year. I'm not a fool."

Draco glared at her before turning and heading towards the door. Myrtle waved at his turned back. "Bye Draco! Please come back to visit me again..."

Dania turned to Myrtle and smiled. The ghost smiled hesitantly back, for never had she seen such a smile on Dania's face, eerie and calming and with more joy in it than she had ever seen. "I think that went well, how about you?"

- - - - - - - - - - -

Draco shifted in his sleep, flipping onto one side and letting out the softest of moans as a face appeared in his mind. A snakelike face, with red slits for pupils..

"Draco...bring Dania to me..."

Draco bowed to him in his sleep, fear striking through his heart. "How, master?"

"I have called to her as well. Go out into the Common Room, Draco."

Draco rose from his sleep and slipped on his robes before leaving his dormitory in a dreamlike state, the sense of one watching him upon his mind and a feeling of most discomfort surrounding him. Fear blinded him. He moved clumsily, a voice hissing in his mind telling him to concentrate.

There she was.

Dania stood in the Common Room, gazing up at him with those dark and mysterious eyes, wearing the exact same clothes Draco had seen before, with her hair flying loose around her exotic face. She held a hand out to the trembling boy, who took it without realizing he did so. Fear, confusion, weariness and anxiety all ripped at him with claws of death it seemed, for all he could see was that haunting face before him...

"How shall we get there?"

"The Dark Lord will guide us..."

Draco closed his eyes and felt her grip on his hand tighten and his own do the same as he felt sudden pain. Claws tore at his body, shredding him, ripping him then burning him. He tried to speak but no sounds could escape his throat. He screamed, silent tears running down his cheeks and he was just vaguely aware of the girl standing beside him bent over in pain, silent with o tears or screams but anguish written upon her features. The Dark Mark burned, it burned...

Suddenly it was over.

The room was dark and shadowed, a new room, a different place. One large armchair sat in front of a roaring fire. Fearing what was in it, Draco refuesed to look into its depths. Dania's hand released his and she gazed openly upon he who sat in the chair. After a long moment she bowed low to the ground and rose.

"My master."

The voice responded, a hisslike tone that made Draco shiver and tremble, desperately longing to run away but knowing if he did he would die. "Draco..thank you from bringing he to me."

"Yes my lord."

"Dania Brighteyes..." The girl looked at him, her eyes glittering with honor and respect..but no fear. "Daughter of Marouse Reheku. And now living Shana, alone, a worthless half-blood mother."

Dania's eyes gleamed, as if she took the insult to her mother in delight. "My father was a fool for marrying her."

'Of course. He was a worthy Death Eater, one of the most loyal. Had he not become a traitor to us- were he still alive, you would be in an honored position...But he has shamed us, and your birth even more so."

"My lord, may I speak freely?"


"Shana is not my mother. I am not the daughter of a worthless half-breed. I am a pureblood child."

"Pureblood of what? Not wizard, surely."

"No..I am what my father called pureblooded power."

The Dark Lord smiled softly. "Of course..."

Suddenly the Dark Mark on Draco's arm seared in agony, blinding him from all else as he seemed trapped in that pain. He could only hear a few words slip from their mouths before sinking into a black haze. "Alas, now we may speak in private my dear."

"Of course my master..."

A hiss was the last thing Draco heard until all around him faded.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Draco...Dania is to be filled in on all of your doings. You are not to disturb her in anything she does. If your time together becomes suspicious, then you must pretend to be best friends. Do not reveal anything about her and she will not of you.

Remember Draco, I hold your family in my hand and I will do with them what I please. Do not fail me.

"Yes Master."

Dania's mouth was curled into a soft smile as she laid in her sheets. Around her wrist curled a bangle bracelet in pure gold, a bracelet of a snake winding around her wrist, moving and slithering in a perfect circle silently with ruby red eyes glittering out from the golden scales.

Dania spoke softly into the night in a language not of humans or of any other creatures but one, but the one around her wrist.

Hasssss nehhhhh morssss shhhhohhhnahhhmessssss sssssssehhhh luhhhhhhnahhhht.

I will not disappoint you, my lord...

The Death Eater's Call-

Slytherins arise, follow the call
As our green and silver banner shall wave
Open your eyes to you-know-who- he calls
And tell me you'll follow the same.
For our Lord- oh he is, He beckons,
He commands, He calls our names each at a time
For those of your unworthy he'll kill, he'll threaten

And the rest of you will follow this rhyme.
For your serpent so shifts and slithers
And surely you're not all just fools
For you have been called amid shivers
For you are the greatest of the school.
Your minds, oh they're not quite as witty
As the blue and bronze Ravenclaw
But yet they are cunning and sly
More so than the golden clawed.
Nor are you so bold and daring
Though in truth I can't blame you for

We prefer to save our own skins beloved
Then knock on our own deaths door
And your not like the simple Hufflepuff
As they try their hardest to earn their respect
For you are the purest of all of these bloods
And so for that you are the best.
So follow the call, all my brothers,
My sisters- come follow the call-
For we are the witty, the cunning, the sly
And we are the best of them all.

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