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High School Circumstances

Chapter 6

Passed in a daze

I guess you could call my morning stressful, but it wasn't too bad.

Of course nothing compares to the afternoon, but the way things are going I don't think I'll survive the year.

Sakura signed as she rose from her seat. The period had gone too slow and she had barley taken any notes on what ever the teacher had been lecturing them on. Carefully Sakura started to reach for her backpack, trying to avoid touching her foot which was still sore from that morning's little incident. Of course the walk to homeroom had to be the most difficult experience other than the shoe locker incident.


Sasuke carefully placed one arm around Sakura's back and the other arm under her legs. He rose slowly and grabbed both of their bags and books in the process. Sasuke took a quick glance at the lockers and turned away, heading out of the room.

The hallways had already started to fill up with students and had become very noisy. Some of the students glanced in Sasuke's direction while others kept their looks to themselves. Sasuke avoided their glances and kept walking straight ahead. Through out the halls silence seemed to follow the two which was soon taken up by whispering voices.

All were females' voices too. Most of them were just talking to themselves about how hot Sasuke looked today while others questioned why Sasuke would want to carry Sakura around. Those who felt it was beneath them to whisper merely just threw Sakura loathing glares.

Well excuse me for being injured. Don't know why they even care anyways…it's not like I like him or anything. If they want him so badly then they can put tacks in their feet.

Out of nowhere something forced Sasuke to stumble a little bit and he had to quickly regain his hold on Sakura.

"Sasuke where have you been cutey!" an annoying voice squealed. "I missed seeing you at Kendo practice this morning."

Sakura looked up to see who the voice belonged to, her emerald eyes met harsh fake blue ones. The girl had long blonde hair that was tied up in a ponytail and earrings in both her ear holes. As Sakura looked up she caught a glimpse of Sasuke's face, he seriously looked annoyed about the blonde girl's appearance.

"Sasuke why are you carrying the girl with the big forehead around?" the blonde girl asked in a really sickeningly fake sweet voice.

Sasuke muttered something under his breath just low enough for Sakura and not the blonde girl to hear. He then shot the blonde girl an annoyed glare and shook her off his shoulders. As he started to walk again the blonde girl reappeared at his side.

"You know Sasuke, I bet you would enjoy carrying me more than forehead girl," the blonde girl pressed. "I won't tell your fan club about it, I promise."

"Actually Ino I couldn't possibly carry you on account of that you're way too heavy," Sasuke replied. "Plus how could the president of my fan club possibly keep that a secret, especially if they have a big mouth."

Ino stopped in mid-step with her mouth hanging open in shock. She quickly regained a bit of her composure and as Sakura looked back at her she sent a chilling glare Sakura's way. Sakura felt the chills and turned back towards facing the front. Sakura kept looking straight ahead and didn't turn her eyes away from the position.

"So she seems nice," Sakura muttered sarcastically.

"Always has been," Sasuke replied back just as sarcastically as Sakura.

Sakura shifted her eyes and took a quick look at Sasuke's expression. His eyes were facing ahead but his lips had formed into a small smirk. Sasuke's eyes shifted and fell upon Sakura where they gave her a curious glance. Sakura gave him a small smirk of her own and turned back to facing the front. Both of them continued to look that way with the occasional involuntary peeks at each other until they reached their homeroom.


Sakura brushed the thoughts of that morning out of her mind and looked up at the clock. It was nearly noon which meant that she could head to the lunch room anytime now. Since it was a second day schedule some of Sasuke's and Sakura's classes were different from each others. Sakura picked up her books, pushed in her chair, and headed out the door.


A hand appeared and blocked Sakura's movement. The hand reached back and took Sakura's backpack before she could even look up to meet the person's eyes. Sakura sent the person a sharp glare which was returned with less intensity. Sakura lowered her glare and the other did the same, smirking at their victory.

"You know you don't have to block off my path and grab my books," Sakura spat. "What do you think I'm going to do, run away?"

Sasuke gave her an impassive look and tried to give her a straight answer without pissing her off. Sasuke quickly looked up and stepped to the side of the hall near the lockers. Sakura looked at him questioningly and felt a huge gust of wind pass right under her. Sakura looked down to see what the cause of the wind was and nearly collided with a mop of spiky blonde hair.

"SASUKE-THEME WHAT WERE YOU DOING!" a voice screeched through out the halls.

Sakura placed her hands to her ears and tried to block out the loud voice. She looked at the blonde figure and saw it was the same boy who had been in her gym group through out the previous days. The image of the two boys, Sasuke giving the blonde boy snide remarks and the little blonde boy shouting at Sasuke was so comical that Sakura quickly took out a piece of paper and did a quick sketch of the two boys. After a few minutes Sakura looked up, put her paper away, and faced the two who were still arguing with each other.

"Well you didn't have to trip me you bastard!" the blonde boy said. "I was just coming to tell you that we were heading to the cafeteria to eat something."

"Yeah but tripping you was an added bonus to the day," Sasuke remarked.

The blonde boy fumed and Sakura could almost see gas coming from his ears and his hair turn to angry flames. He then ran towards Sasuke and tried to punch him in the face. Sasuke dodged it and held his arm out which blocked the blonde boy from coming any closer. It was almost like one of those old cartoons where the big guy holds back the little one with one arm. Sakura walked over to the two boys and pulled the blonde boy back.

"Hey aren't you the boy from my gym class?" Sakura asked. "Um, it's Naruto right?"

"Yeah that's right," Naruto replied nodding his head vigorously. "And you're that girl that everyone is talking-OUCH!"


Naruto rubbed the top of his spiky head where Sasuke had hit him. As a large bump started to form, Naruto glared at Sasuke in a pissed off way. Sasuke started to head off in the direction of the lunch room with both his and Sakura's books in hand. Sakura took a quick glance at Naruto to see if he was alright and then turned after Sasuke.

Sakura caught up to Sasuke and held back her urge to bombard him with questions. Instead she walked beside him without saying a word to him and Sasuke followed suit. When Sasuke turned towards Sakura to say something Naruto came up beside the two and stayed on the opposite side of Sakura. The awkward silence between the three continued until they reached the cafeteria.

Never thought I'd so be happy to hear noise in my life.

Sakura let out a sigh of relief and all three of them headed into the cafeteria. Both Naruto and Sasuke began looking over the tons of people in the huge room, which was a hard feat for Naruto to accomplish with his small height. Naruto seemed to have found what he was looking for and started to wave frantically. He then grabbed Sakura's arm and dashed off towards where ever he had been waving.

After nearly ramming into at least twenty different people Naruto stopped running and grinned at where they had arrived. It was a large table that was nearly filled up with people who looked up at Naruto as he grinned. Sakura looked around at the people that were sitting at the table. She recognized most of them which included Hinata, Tenten, Shikamaru, Neji, and Temari.

"Hey Sakura," Tenten called from the edge of the table. "You're eating with us today huh?"

Sakura nodded and grinned at the others that she knew. The others looked behind Sakura and nodded towards another. Sasuke appeared at Sakura's side instantly, almost out of thin air if you didn't watch his fast movements closely.

Sasuke nodded to the others and looked towards Sakura. Tenten noticed this and pointed towards an empty seat next to Hinata and Sakura took the hint. She sat down next to Hinata who smiled and gave Sakura a shy hello.

"Hey Hinata, who are the other ones at our table?" Sakura asked curiously.

"Oh um that's Kiba, Shino, and Lee," Hinata replied and pointed to each of the other boys at the table.

The first boy Hinata pointed towards had sharp eyes that were the color of dark almonds. Upon the sides of his cheeks were red markings in the shape of pointed cones, most likely they were either painted on or he had them tattooed on his face permanently. From what Sakura could see he had scruffy brown hair which he kept hidden under the hood of a fleece coat he wore over his school uniform. His most distinguishing feature was sitting atop of his hood; a small scruffy white haired dog that Hinata had told her was named Akamaru.

The next boy barley showed any features of himself at all. His hair was pretty huge and reminded Sakura of a sort of afro because it was black and huge too. He wore a coat over his uniform also but unlike Kiba's coat Shino's had no hood. The coat only went up to the tips of his nose and kept the rest of himself hidden from view. He wore black glasses so his eye color was a complete mystery as was the rest of him.

The last boy was by far the weirdest of the three, even more than Shino. His eyes were really rounded and his pupils looked bigger than any normal persons. His eyebrows were what freaked Sakura out the most; they were the same kind that Gai-sensei sported. His hair cut was also similar to Gai-sensei's style, kind of like Moe Howard's style. Instead of a blue uniform coat that everyone wore he wore a green colored one and a green tie too. His mouth looked smaller than others and seemed to form into the shape of the letter M.

Creepy. This guy must have a huge obsession with Gai-sensei or something.

And the guy with the dog on his head…do they even allow animals in this school? And the other guy, with the huge hair…I don't even want to think about him.

Sakura looked up from her thoughts as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up curiously and met Temari's eyes. Sakura looked behind Temari and saw Hinata had stood up along with Tenten too.

"We're getting lunch come on," Temari urged grinning.

Sakura smiled and stood up. She followed the other girls as they moved past other tables and headed into a small thin room. Sakura had never bought lunch before since they only let you bring it at her old school and for the first couple of days Sasuke had made her feel to uncomfortable to make any sudden movements. The girls headed down the line, grabbing the few things that looked edible and placing them on their trays.

"Hey Temari," Sakura started. "What can you tell me about a girl named Ino?"

Temari spoke without glancing back, "Blonde hair, annoying squeal, and a pest that you just want to stomp on."

Sakura turned to Tenten and gave her a questioning look before she started to repeat the same question. Tenten took a strange looking container of pudding from the counter and turned towards Sakura.

"She's a real pain to everyone, especially Sasuke," Tenten replied. "She's the president of his fan club in school and stalks him constantly; she probably has his whole schedule memorized too."

Sakura kept the rest of her questions to herself until they had reached the cash-register and paid for their lunches, leaving the line.

So even this guy has his own personal stalkers huh? I can sort of see why he would be a bit of a loner and cold to everyone. That girl really gives me the creeps.

As they headed back to the table a couple of the girls who had been whispering and glaring at Sakura earlier in the hall turned and gave her the same feelings as before. Death glares were sent her way, which would make any normal girl drop dead on hit; Sakura ignored them and followed the others to the table. When they got back and sat down Sakura's doubts about the other three boys were diminished quickly.

Kiba's dog, Akamaru jumped from his hood and allowed Sakura to pet him and remained on her lap for most of the period. Kiba had explained that the school didn't really care if he brought Akamaru into school or not, just as long as he didn't disrupt the class. Kiba even showed Sakura some of the tricks that he had taught Akamaru over the years.

Shino had been scribbling something over the cover of his notebook while the girls had been getting lunch. Sakura asked to see what it was and Shino had produced a very detailed drawing of an insect which had measurements to make sure he had done it correctly. They had both gotten into a bet of a discussion on how the measurements could show the proportions of the creatures wing span.

Lee had shown Sakura some of his basic fighting moves; he was into martial arts and was on the Kendo team along with Sasuke, Naruto, Neji, and Kiba. Shikamaru was also on the Kendo team but only wrote out different strategies for the matches and was head score keeper too. Lee had also gone into a speech on how energy could be used to function the movements of youthful energy.

Ok still a little bit weird but not too bad. Kiba seems really into Akamaru's training and Shino's really talented at drawing different creatures. Lee's still a bit weird but he's not too bad.

Sakura nearly jumped out of her seat when she heard the bell. Sakura was really disappointed that the period had gone by way too fast. Normally each period went too slow especially lunch. Sakura quickly threw out her barley touched lunch and looked around for her bag. She felt a slight amount of weight on the top of her head and looked upwards to find the source.

"Hey we're going to be late if you don't move your ass," Sasuke muttered.

Sakura glared at him and tried to reach for her bag. She nearly grabbed it when Sasuke pulled it from her grasp. Sakura scowled and lunged for her bag again and Sasuke pulled it up again.

"Give it back Uchiha," Sakura yelled.

"What will you do if I don't give it back?" Sasuke taunted as he pulled the bag away again.

"I'll…kick…your…ass!" Sakura yelled lunging for the bag again.

Sasuke moved back trying to avoid Sakura's sudden reach and stumbled over a chair that was left out. Sakura grabbed the bag happily and realized that in her sudden victory that she had nothing to stabilize her. Sakura fell onto Sasuke with a crashing blow. Sakura opened her eyes and looked at where she had landed.

Oh damn!

Her face was only a couple of inches away from Sasuke's face. Sasuke starred straight into Sakura's eyes without making any move towards her. Sakura grasped her bag tightly and pressed it to her chest. They each held the other in their eyes and both made no movement to get up.


"Oh shit," Sasuke cursed. "You want to get off of me now, you're a little heavy."

Sakura stood up quickly and grasped her bag even tighter. Sasuke brushed the dirt off his pants and picked up both of their books. He quickly glanced at the clock and cursed again. Without much thought Sasuke reached out and grasped Sakura's wrist and started sprinting out the door.

They both fell into mid sprint and raced towards Asuma-sensei's class; if they didn't make it they were dead. They turned the last corner and made a mad dash to the door. They clamped their hands on the knob, turned it, and pushed the door open. Quickly they both went to their seat and sat down just as Asuma-sensei stepped inside the classroom; coming from hall monitor duty usually made him later than the students.

Asuma-sensei glanced briefly around the room and quickly counted the number of students to himself. When he seemed satisfied with everything he picked up the blue attendance folder and checked everything off. He then placed it down and turned to board, writing down the afternoon assignment.

After he was done Asuma-sensei pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, pulled out his lighter, lit one, and placed it between his lips. The students glanced up to see what he had written on the board and the room was then filled with pissed off groans of protest.

"That's right," Asuma-sensei declared. "Surprise quiz on your science and biology notes."

Yes! This should be really easy, at least for me anyway.

"Today is a half-day, so what better a time to have a little surprise," Asuma-sensei said. "When you finish it you can hand it in to me and then get your asses out of the room; faster you finish, faster you leave here."

Some of the students quickly opened their books and tried one last attempt at studying their notes, which only gave them a second to look over everything that they had done in the past week. Asuma-sensei handed out the papers and everyone placed their books on the ground.

Sakura quickly scanned her paper and smirked slightly; every answer was so simple. This was the same material that she had studied at least two years ago in her old school. Sakura circled the multiple choice answers with no problem and moved on to the short answer questions. Those were even easier to get through and the bonus was just writing down a few formulas and showing examples.

Sakura looked over her paper and seeing no mistakes handed it in to Asuma –sensei. Sakura quickly left the room and headed down the hall to get her stuff out of her locker (she had gone back later and placed a few useless reading novels in the locker). Sakura leaned down and did her combination with ease. The door to the room slowly opened and closed, meaning that someone had entered to get their stuff too. Sakura glanced inside her locker and slowly felt around for any other little surprises like this morning.

"There's nothing hidden in there," a voice called. "I didn't think you'd finish the quiz that early."

Sakura flinched at the person's voice and quickly turned around. "You did that?" Sakura questioned angrily. "That's pretty low, even for a pathetic fan girl like you, Ino."

Ino smirked triumphantly and a really creepy smile formed on her face. "Well I was just giving you a nice friendly welcome warning."

"Well now I really feel welcome."

"I just can't see why Sasuke would want to help you when he could be with me," Ino said sweetly. "I mean my forehead is ten times smaller than yours is and plus I would do anything for my Sasuke."

"What is he?" Sakura spat. "He's not a piece of property or something; he's a human being not something you can claim as your own."

"What the hell would you know anyway?" Ino shouted. "I've worked hard to get him to notice me and I'm not going to let a little bitch like you take it all away from me!"

Angrily Ino threw her books at Sakura with such force that if Sakura hadn't covered her head with her arms she would seriously need a bandage. Sakura stood up and avoided Ino's next attack of books without a scratch on her. Sakura continued dodging Ino's endless attacks of bombarding her with books, while at the same time trying to get Ino to settle down. Sakura took a quick anxious glance at the door.

Where the hell is every one? Someone has to have left a class by now.

"Don't look away!" Ino yelled.

Sakura moved her head away just as a huge textbook missed her face by an inch. Sakura tried to jump back but tripped over a few discarded books thrown earlier. Sakura stumbled a bit and landed back first against a row of metal lockers. Ino stood in front of her, blocking any direction that Sakura could escape from, but luckily she had run out of books.

"What the hell do you know anyway," Ino muttered. "You've never had anything taken away from you without any warning."

You're wrong.

"You don't know what it's like to have everything around you suddenly vanish just when it was in your grasp."

Shut up.

"You and your perfect, happy, no problems life."


Sakura stepped forward and without even thinking slapped Ino right across the face. Ino took a shocked and surprised step back. She held her hand up and placed it upon her slowly reddening cheek. Sakura and Ino just stared at each other for a long time until Ino dropped her gaze down to the floor.

The door to the locker room opened up and a couple of students walked inside. Some glanced questioningly at the two girls while other's grabbed their books and whispered as they left the room. Sakura slowly leaned down and picked up her bag and the remaining books that were hers from the floor. In a daze Sakura stood up and headed towards the door.

As she did Sasuke appeared like a shadow from the doorway. If Sakura were herself she would have probably hit him over the head and asked him questions about how he could possibly do that. But Sakura barley noticed him until she was standing right next to him. Sakura looked up and when their eyes met Sakura quickly looked away.

Sakura just walked right pass Sasuke barley brushing against his shoulder. Sakura kept walking without looking back. A couple of times she could have sworn that she had heard Sasuke call out to her but she wasn't really sure. Instead of looking back Sakura started to walk faster and faster until she found herself running.

She kept running ignoring the people that she bumped into and those that she didn't curious glances. Sakura just kept running and running. She just had to get away; she just wanted to get away. Just as she had done before. Sakura finally turned back not knowing where she was going and walked home, if you could even call it home. Her message machine was overflowing with missed calls...

all Sasuke's.


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