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Where are you Christmas? Why can't I find you? Why have you gone away?

Where is the laughter you used to bring me? Why can't I hear music play?

My world is changing. I'm rearanging. Does that mean Christmas changes too?

It's December 22. I feel a bit different about Christmas. 8th grade Christmas was the last Christmas that ever felt like..well, Christmas. It's a bit weird, though. Normally, Christmas, to me, was a time for presents, big dinners, and parties where Uncle Jason would sing as everyone hid in the bathroom. Haha. I really miss those days.

I'm caught up in all this drama. With my parents, Paulina, Danny. UGH! Just hearing their name in the same sentence makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe that's why I feel different about Christmas. So much drama is pushing my Christmas spirit away.

What if it's just me? What if I never feel the same way about Christmas again! That would be the worst feeling ever. I HATE IT! If Danny was here, what would he say?

Where are you Christmas? Do you remember the one you used to know?

I'm not the same one. See what the time's done. Is that why you have let me go?

Uh? Why did I think of Danny all of a sudden? I must be going crazy..or maybe it's just me again. I wish I felt the same way about Christmas, just like I used too.



Sam knew who it was, indicating the 'tap the glass three times so I know it's you' sign.

"Danny? Do you have a clock? Cause if you do, have you noticed the time?" Sam said opening the window and pointing towards the clock. It read, '2:08 A.M.'

"Heh. I noticed. I just couldn't sleep." Danny looked into Sam's room."You obviously couldn't either." Danny said reffering to all of the yearbooks and old pictures of middle school.

"Umm.." Sam tried to grab everything and stuff it in her walk-in closet. "So..Need anything?"

"Well, I just thought I'd stop by."

"Oh, okay.."

"Umm..Wait! That's not what I wanted to say.." Danny looked very worried.

"..." There was a long period of silence until Danny finally spoke up.

"This probably a bad time. I'm sorry." Danny looked away and went ghost and was about to leave.

"NO WAiT!" Sam somehow grabbed Danny's hand even though it was fazzed.

"How are you doing that?" Danny said going human again.

"I don't know.." Sam replied sitting down. "I had this weird feeling, but what did you have to say?"

"It was nothing!" Danny was playing with his hands.

"Danny, you know you can trust me."

"I know..I was just going to ask what you wanted for Christmas. I'm pretty sure anything I get you, you can get ten times better from your parents." Danny pointed out.

Christmas is here, everywhere.

"Anything you get me is unique, Danny. I know I'll love it!" Sam smiled making Danny blush.


"Then, this present can't wait." Danny smiled as he brought Sam up to her feet and kissed her tenderly. It was a light kiss, but also very passionate.

If there is love, in your heart and your mind. You will feel like Christmas all the time!

Sam, who was caught off guard, kissed back. Although many questions ran though her mind, she seemed so happy. She never felt like this before until she realized she has felt like this before.

I feel you Christmas! I know I found you! You never fade away!

They finally broke the kiss. "I love you, Sam."


"I love you,too." I replied to Danny. I gave him another kiss.

The joy of Christmas, stays here inside us! Fills each and every heart with love...

I knew I loved him, now he knows, but I think he always has. My wish is granted.

Where are you Christmas? Fill your heart with love..

I finally have my Christmas back. This time, I'm not going to lose it.



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