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Danny and Sam walk into school holding hands. It's the last day till Christmas vacation starts.They went down the hall and as they passed, more eyes looked at them.

"Danny, people are looking at us." Sam said nervously.

Danny chuckled. "And since when did you start caring about what other people think?" All Sam could do was smile at his response.

Tucker met up with Danny ans Sam at their lockers. "Hey Tucker." Danny and Sam said together.

"Hey." Tucker said looking down at his PDA, not even looking their way. Danny and Sam looked at each other. They were holding hands and all that stuff every couple would do. Why couldn't Tucker notice it?

"Maybe we should let him figure it out." Sam whispered to Danny. Danny nodded.

"So..what are you guys gonna do for Christmas this year?" Tucker asked, finally putting his PDA down and taking books out of his locker.

Danny looked at Sam, who was smiling. "Heh..You know. Same we do every year. Hang out at the house, drink hot chocolate, dance to Christmas music, and watch those really old Christmas movies." Danny replied.

"Cool. Who's house we going to this year?" Tucker asked looking down to his PDA. "According my PDA, it's..Sam's house." Tucker and Danny looked at Sam.

"Okay, whatever. Just try not to trash the house this year."

"HEY! We were in 6th grade! If Tucker didn't push me into the pool, I wouldn't have knoced over the WHOLE side of the never ending chain of vending machines." Danny said.

"Shh! I don't anyone to know I'm rich! Remember?" Sam said covering Danny's mouth with her hand.

"Why not? And I thought you weren't in the 'Christmas Spirit'. " Tucker asked.

"I don't need to be popular. And-" Sam replied. With that, the bell rang.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker walk over to Mr. Lancer's class.

"I still can't believe he didn't figure it out yet!" Danny told Sam.

"Eh. You know Tucker. He might be smart in class, but when it comes to common sense, he's as slow as a turtle." Danny laughed.


"Class! Pay attention!" Mr. Lancer cried, trying to get some kids' focus. "Today is the last day till Christmas vacation!" With that, some part of the class got quiet. "You will get to chose a partner for this activitiy." Everyone looked at him.

"YES! Finally a class Mr. Lancer teaches that get us with the babes." Tucker whispered to Danny, but winking at Valerie. She rolled her eyes.

"You will chose a partner. This project maybe be more fun for the girls." Mr. Lancer continued. Every girl smiled. Including Sam.


"Uughh! That was the worst class in the history of all classes. Just cause every girl is passing and almost every boy is failing, doesn't mean that he had to do that!" Tucker walk out of the classroom as soon as the bell rang.

"Tell me about it." Danny said.

'Nope..Pure LiE! i LOVE TELLiNG SAM EVERYTHiNG i LOVE ABOUT HER!' Danny thought

"I donno. I thought it was pretty interesting.." Sam smiled to Danny.

"How could I write Valerie all of me thoughts of her on paper!" Tucker yelled into the air. All of a sudden..

"FENTON!" Dash screamed running down the hall. Danny was in a iM-PUMPED-FOR-ANYTHING mood. So, he really didn't care. He just held on happily to Sam's hand.

"Danny.." Sam held his hand a bit tighter. "Dash is coming.." Danny just smiled.


'Dash..Well, he got one part right..' Danny thought. Sam didn't want Danny to get hurt, so she let go of his hand.

"Haha! Very funny, Dash! C'mon, let's go Danny." Sam took Danny by his shoulders and made their way to the locker.


The rest of the school day went on normally. Except for the lunch, which was meat. So, that means Danny had to fight the Lunch Lady and all you could hear was Paulina saying, "GHOST BOY! ALL i WANT FOR CHRiSTMAS iS YOU!"

When Danny, Sam, and Tucker got out of school, they were walking to Sam's house.

"So, what movie do you wanna watch?" Sam asked her friend and boyfriend.

"You have like a million movies! We can't just watch ONE!" Danny pointed out.

"Uumm.. Santa Claus, Santa Claus 2, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas.." Tucker would go on forever, but they already reached Sam's house.


"Okay!" Sam said when the movie was showing the credits. "Danny and I'll be back." Sam said bringing Danny upstairs. "Just..Go on your PDA or something.." Tucker did as he was told.

Sam went up to Danny. "I haven't kissed you all day." Sam said.

"Yeah, well..Here." Danny kissed Sam right there.


Tucker went online on his PDA. He checked his email and played a few games. He even checked out a few people's buddy info. Then..He got up to Sam's.




Tucker looked in shock for a while, until Danny and Sam came down. He turned around over the sofa.

Tucker looked at them and smiled. "Always knew you two would get together."

Danny and Sam walk over to him and went to dance to another Christmas song. Just like they do every year.


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