Why is it that when you're happily married with two adorable kids someone always comes along and ruins it? If you're completely happy with the way things are going, the next thing you know you're living a total lie.

I suppose it was my fault. I mean, after all, I did go to the damn business dinner without Pansy and I did have one too many glasses of Firewhisky. But still, I could've had the decency to tell her that I wasn't interested.

Perhaps I should explain what happened. Yes, that would be the most logical course of action. But then again, you probably don't want to hear about the miserable crap I went through, do you?

Well tough, I'm telling you what happened whether you like it or not.

Chapter 1

Draco Malfoy

I arrived, fashionably late, as always; without my darling Pansy holding onto my arm and smiling at all the society's distinguished guests. She was at home with our children, Draco Jr and Rhiannon; she told me to go and enjoy myself plotting Potter's demise. That's the kind of marriage we had you see, open and honest.

I moved from room to room and in every, there were people planning to kill the Boy Who Lived.

I can hardly deny that I agreed with them. For the sixteen years we'd been out of Hogwarts, all my plans and my schemes had been trashed and rejected because of him. If someone actually did manage to kill him; I'd be the first one to get up and celebrate. Really, because that is how much I hate him. I can't even think of him without rage coursing through my veins…

Anyway, back to the business party.

Someone handed me a glass when I walked through the door and I took a sip. It was half full of Firewhisky. I grimaced; I hate Firewhisky, but as that seemed to be the only available drink, I gulped it down and held it out to a waiter to have it refilled.

I saw my good friend Vincent Crabbe; there had turned out to be a brain under that thick skull of his and now he was the head of the Espionage Division of the Dark Lord's organisation.

He waved me over and I saw his beautiful trophy wife, Felicity, on his arm. It made me doubly unhappy that Pansy wasn't here.

"Draco!" Crabbe said jovially, patting me on the back. Felicity gave me a false smile as I kissed her powdered cheek,

"How are you?" Vincent went on.

"Good, good," I said heartily. "I didn't think there'd be this much of a turn-out tonight," I added gesturing towards the crowds of the Dark Lord's supporters around us.

"Nor did I," Vincent agreed. "Too many people are on the lookout for us, I suppose. Say," he said, suddenly, "where's the lovely Pansy tonight?"

I cringed internally. Blast Pansy, I thought, "Oh," I said vaguely, "she's at home. Looking after the kids. She wasn't feeling well when I came out. Said she had a headache."

Felicity was saying something, but I couldn't hear her over a group of raucous wizards who had just burst out laughing.

"Sorry?" I said and bent my head towards her.

"I said, give my regards to Pansy when you go home will you?" She muttered in my ear.

I nodded. "Will do," I said.

She pulled on Vincent's arm. "Vince, sweetie," she murmured to him. "Can we go now? It's awfully boring."

Crabbe looked down at his spoiled wife. "Felicity," he said, "the conference is about to start. I have to hear what's going on."

Felicity sighed impatiently but said nothing more. I almost smiled; Crabbe loved his wife more than his job, but he would never defy the Dark Lord, not even for her.

I told them I had to go and mingle with the rest of the guests and they nodded, saying; "We'll see you later."

I wandered from room to room chatting occasionally with old school friends and new business partners.

And then, about ten minutes before the conference, I turned around and saw someone who I hadn't seen in ages.

Blaise Zabini.

She was talking with someone I didn't know and every so often she would laugh. It lit up her whole face and suddenly it was like I was back at Hogwarts and I was breaking up with her. Back then she was a skinny little rake with lank black hair and dull blue eyes.

Now she had a wonderful figure, her hair was short and stylish, still black but it was thick and glossy. Her eyes from what I could see were no longer dull; they were a deep sapphire blue, crystalline and depthless. She was wearing a short, black dress, which came to just above her knees; showing off her slim legs and at the top it showed off more cleavage than was necessary. Even her face was different from what I remember; her high cheekbones accentuated her thin heart shaped face and her lips were a deep luscious red.

My jaw must have dropped to the floor when I saw the new and improved Blaise, and for a moment I forgot that I was married and the father of two kids. All I could think was that I wanted to kiss her; tear of that little black dress and mess up that perfectly styled hair.

Then I came back to reality and realised I must look like a prat standing there staring.

Blaise suddenly spotted me; she didn't seem surprised to see me and she gave me a sexy grin, very different from the one I remember. She waved me over and I willingly obliged.

"Draco!" She exclaimed and kissed the air beside my cheek.

I shivered as her lips grazed my skin and I realised I suddenly had the urge to grab her and kiss her passionately. But I controlled myself and merely smiled coolly, saying

"Blaise! It's good to see you!"

"You too," she smiled. "I've missed you Draco," she added sadly. Her eyes lost their sparkle and I couldn't help but feel miserable myself.

I didn't know what to say so I knocked back my glass of Firewhisky. A mistake as it turned out; it burned my throat and made my eyes water.

Blaise noticed I had begun to splutter and she handed me a glass of water, which I thirstily grabbed and drank greedily.

"You don't like Firewhisky, do you Draco?" she said, amused.

I shook my head, trying to dry my streaming eyes. She tutted and grabbed my hand, pulling me through a door to the right. My skin was on fire from her touch, and all she'd done was take my hand.

I found myself in a small dark room, which immediately brightened up as Blaise switched on the light.

As she handed me a tissue, I had to ask, "Why did we come in here?"

"I would've thought you'd be embarrassed, crying in front of everyone."

"I wasn't crying!" I protested. It took me a minute to figure out she was joking. Her lips twitched at the corners as she fought back a smile. Her eyes twinkled mischievously and I felt my knees turn to water.

God, she was gorgeous, I thought, although it may have been the Firewhisky talking.

Embarrassed under her gaze, I looked around and saw we were in a bedroom. There was an unmade bed over by the window. Perfect, I thought acerbically, just the kind of room I want to be in when I'm drunk and with a beautiful woman.

"That stuff is potent," Blaise said, breaking the awkward silence and pointing to the tiny drop of whisky in my glass.

"Yeah…" I trailed off. I didn't know what else to say, plus the whisky made it hard to get the words out.

"Draco…" she murmured, looking down at her hands, "…I need to know…it's been killing me since it happened … why … why did you break up with me?"

She said the last part in a rush, but I understood it alright. I thought about it and suddenly, the truth which I'd been embarrassed of so many years ago didn't seem so terrible anymore, although that was definitely the Firewhisky's fault.

"'Cause you were ugly," I said, slurring my words. "And you were whiny and ugly…hehe." I laughed suddenly; everything was so hysterically funny. "… yeah … and Pansy was … better kisser…"

Then I looked down at Blaise and saw something which made me sober up sharply: Blaise was crying. Not so unusual after what I'd just said, I know, but the thing you've got to understand about her is that she never cries. Not even when I finished her. She just took it in her stride and walked away from me, dry-eyed. And now here she was; the tears silently coursing down her cheeks.

But she didn't slap me or anything; she just held out the glass of water she was still holding tightly in her hand out to me, saying quietly; "This'll sober you up."

So I took the glass and drank it quickly. I hated that I could hurt her so easily; but I felt powerful and I like to be in control.

"Feel better?" she asked softly as I drained the glass. I nodded and looked away from her injured expression, because it made me feel terribly guilty.

"Now," she said gently, "did you really mean what you just said?"

I thought about it; Blaise was ugly when she was younger, but that wasn't it. And it wasn't because she was whiny because she wasn't. And Pansy was definitely not a better kisser. So what was it? I couldn't come up with a better answer, so…

"No, "I said softly.

She breathed a sigh of relief and her smile came back; that beautiful, captivating smile.

"You don't know how nice that sounded," she half laughed. "It's been killing me since we broke up."

"I'm not proud of it," I said regretfully. It was true; I've hated myself since it happened.

"The great Draco Malfoy is ashamed?" A sarcastic note crept into Blaise's voice.

"Yes," I muttered defiantly. "Even the best of us feel remorse you know," I added heatedly.

"And you are the best, Draco," she murmured, taking my hand in hers. Her skin was like silk; soft and supple to my touch. "I mean it. The very best."

I knew what was coming before it happened, but that isn't to say I didn't enjoy it.

She kissed me; lightly on the lips. My throat went dry and I could feel my heart break into a gallop. She held back; tormenting me because I wanted her so much. It was like torture, not being able to hold her and feel those velvet lips on mine.

She pulled away from me; I could tell she was trying to exert some self-control. "What about Pansy?" she whispered.

In the heat of the moment I'd forgotten about Pansy; but the minute she said it, it came rushing back to me. Damn, I thought, I'm a married man and all I can think about is that kiss.

"Fuck Pansy," I whispered and I pulled Blaise to me and kissed her fervently. My hands moved from her waist up to the straps of her dress where I slid them from her shoulders, kissing her neck all the while. Blaise thrust her hips against me, loosening my tie then hastily unbuttoning my shirt.

Somehow, in that short space of time, we ended up on the bed that was so conveniently located near us. Blaise lay back on the unmade sheets and pulled me to her. I could feel her trembling under me as I ran my hands over her naked body. Then I pressed my lips to hers again.

I was completely lost.