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The Legend of Zelda: The Sister

Started on 11/13/05

Chapter 1 -- Ciara's Gift

The young woman waited impatiently as she sat in her armchair, staring out the rain splattered window.

Damn that dirty bag of shit... Where is he! He promised his return, what, like, two hours ago? Parents...they can never keep their promises... she thought bitterly.

This young lady you are reading about at this moment was about 16 years old, with dark tanned skin, and bright green eyes. Her red hair was pinned in two buns atop her head. She was garbed most unusually in a green, gypsy like outfit, one known to be the uniform of an ancient tribe known as the Gerudos.

The Gerudos -- the girl prided herself as one of their descendants that actually looked to be one... She could think of a number of people who didn't respect their blood-line.

People like Bambi.

The girl didn't generally take the time to wonder about a bitch like that. She and Bambi had sort of grown up together on Windfall Island (which is where the girl was at the present), yet they had completely different lifestyles. Bambi was a poor peasant girl, while she was a rich noble girl whose father owned the deed to Windfall. But Bambi had disappeared from Windfall months ago after some strange incident involving her boyfriend Vaati, who had gone missing even before her. The young lady had a number of theories about this, as Bambi had acted strange after his disappearance, but decided against really thinking about them. It didn't matter -- she had never liked Bambi.

She had heard from other Windfall residents that Bambi had returned to Windfall looking quite normal, only to leave again with some friends of her's to join a pirate crew.

The girl guessed that wherever she was, Bambi was still the overly-optimistic, naive little airhead that she had known nearly her whole life.

The young lady jumped to her feet with mingled impatience and excitement as the door of her house swung open, and in stepped a tall, muscular man who shared her eyes, skin tone, and hair color. He removed his soaking wet cloak and hung it on a peg near the door.

Stamping her foot, the girl snapped, "What took you so long, daddy? You're two hours late! I don't have that kind of patience, as you well know!"

Holding a package, the man strode over to his daughter and gave her a kiss on the forhead.

"I know, I apologize, my dear Ciara. But please understand -- this thing you wanted me to get for you... It's like, THE rarest artifact or something. Most of the servants died trying to get it, but finally, we did. Here." Ciara's father handed her the package.

With a happy squeal, Ciara opened up the gift. A soft "oh" of amazement escaped her lips as she gently picked up an elaborate mask.

It was a spooky mask. Evil seemed to seep from it, but to Ciara, it was simply wonderful. It was heart shaped, and had large yellow spikes on its edges. The mask ahad intricate patterns all over it, but the center focus was the eyes. They were huge and round, with orange whites, and small lime-green irises dotted with tiny black pupils. One could get lost in those eyes...

"The Majora's Mask..." Ciara uttered.


"This is awesome!"

"I'm glad you like it, love."

"Yes, daddy, I love it. I would also really love another pony, so go get me one."

Ciara's father sighed.

"Of course, my dear. But I have just returned. Let me rest and grab something to eat first, ok?"

Ciara frowned.

"Ok, daddy. You have five hours. Hurry up!" she barked before turning and scampering up the stairs.

Once in her bedroom, Ciara quietly shut the door and set Majora's Mask on her desk. Reaching to her bookshelf, she pulled out a black, unmarked book with a leather cover, and thumbed through its moldy pages.

"This is wonderful...the perfect experiment... Time to see if this'll actually work... Aha -- here's the page..."

Ciara began to mumble a chant while waving a slender-fingered hand over the mask. The artifact began to glow, much to her glee.

After a long period of concentrated spell-casting, blinding purple light filled the room, the source of it being the Majora's Mask. Ciara screamed, stepped back, and shut her eyes. After a moment, the light died down, and Ciara opened her eyes slowly. She gasped.

Standing before her stood a tall, incredibly handsome man with long, silky black hair, fair skin, and beautifully shaped purple eyes. He was dressed in black pants, black boots, and a long sleeved, tight black shirt with a bit of silver armor on the chest. He also had a cape and gloves. Tch...guess the color. The mask was gone -- apparently, this man was the mask...

"It worked! It worked! I got my very own servant (besides my father)!" Ciara cheered.

The mask man blinked his pretty purple eyes.

"'Servant'? Excuse me?" he said.

"Well, yeah! I created you to serve me so I can take over the world!"

The man frowned and crossed his arms. He raised a brow.

"You want to use me to take over the world, do you?"


He chuckled.

"I don't think so. I will be the one ruling the world, you see."


Suddenly, the door burst open, and in stepped Ciara's father.

"Ciara, what happened! What --" He suddenly caught sight of the man standing in his daughter's bedroom.


Those were her father's last words. The now human Majora's Mask had lazily raised his hand and struck the other man dead with a simple dark energy ball.

Ciara raised a hand to her mouth and gasped, her green eyes wide.

Her father's killer chuckled coldly.

"Call me Majora... And Majora is allowed to go into any girl's bedroom he pleases. I'll do whatever I want, thank you very much, and there is quite a lot I want to do..."

"You killed my father! He...he was supposed to get me a pony!" Ciara stuttered.

Majora did not seem to have heard that comment. Turning to the 16 year old, he said, "I have much to thank you for, my dearest Ciara."

Striding over to her, Majora wrapped an arm around her shoulders and smiled warmly (maybe even seductively) at her.

"And I'm going to repay you. Oh, I will repay you well, little jewel..."

Ciara blushed.

"Are you implying that we should have se --"

Majora cut her off. "So listen... I'm going to start an army. An army for people like us, and trust me, there are many I have in mind. How would you like to join? There's a most high position awaiting you..."

Ciara blinked. They weren't going to have sex after all.

"Well, I don't know..." she said thoughtfully.

"I'll be your best friiiieeeend..." Majora offered.


"I'll get you that pony."

Ciara grinned and shook his hand.

"You have a deal!"

"Excellent. Now pack your things -- we're out of here."

Ciara stepped into the dinky little sail boat, squinting her eyes against the fierce storm winds. She placed her luggage on the floor of the boat.

Majora, who was already in and getting ready to sail, said, "Gee, could you pack any heavier?"

"Why are we sailing to, er...wherever it is we're going? You have powers -- can't we teleport or something?" Ciara asked, sitting down.

"Patience, young lady... I've just been turned human, some of my powers are still developing. And besides -- I couldn't teleport anyway."

Ciara shook her head as the boat left the dock, wrapping her arms around herself for warmth. It was frigid and rainy.

"Majora? Where are we going anyway?"

"We're going to the secret kingdom of Oceana to start my quest for the Light Force."

"I've heard about the Light Force... But why not just go for the Triforce?"

"The Light Force can be just as powerful as the Triforce is if used skillfully. Besides, the Light Force hasn't gotten enough attention. Everyone's after the Triforce, and I like to be original."

There was silence for a moment.

"And this 'Oceana'...I've never heard of it before," Ciara finally said.

"Duh! It's a secret kingdom, remember?" Majora replied.

"Anyway," he said, "way back, hundreds of years ago, the land of Hyrule was sealed beneath the surface of the ocean. People tried to keep things the same and orderly once they started their new lives as island-dwellers, but it just didn't work out. Everyone was too far apart, and feuding arose, mainly about religion. Some people remained faithful to the legend of the Hero of Time, while others believed that since he did not save Hyrule from being drowned, that he was a foolish traitor. These people began to put their faith instead in the legends of the Four Sword and the Picori. I'm sure you've heard of these. At last, things grew so bad between the halves that they split. Those who worshipped the legend of the Hero of Time remained on the Great Sea. They are your ancestors. The people whose religion was of the Four Sword grouped together, and lead by a single man, hid themselves from the rest of the world and started their own kingdom called Oceana. They hid it cleverly, and nothing has been heard from them. Well, sort of...

A direct descendant of the Hyrule royal family, a pirate queen by the name of Sylvia, came across Oceana accompanied by her crew. This happened not so long ago -- about twelve years.

Anyway, the pirates' visit with the kingdom was brief. It was discovered by the Oceanans that Sylvia had slept with their prince. The people grew angry, and tried to murder the pirates, but they managed to escape. The Oceanans didn't dare leave their kingdom, so the crew was not followed.

As it turns out, Sylvia got pregnant off of her little fling with the prince. She gave birth to twin girls. Sylvia returned to Oceana completely alone, aside from the babies, who were merely infants at the time. I'm guessing she thought it best to let the prince know he was a father.

Naturally, the prince was shocked. Then he demanded to keep one of the girls as his heir. Heartbroken over it, Sylvia said good-bye to the girl she was giving to the prince, and left with the remaining child.

The prince kept good to his word, and the daughter he kept has been raised as princess of Oceana. The other girl was raised as a pirate by her mother. Then, when the twins were five, Sylvia was murdered."

"Wow... How do you know all this?" Ciara asked.

"After, I was sent to the depths of Hyrule, where I could do nothing but observe the happenings of the world above using my all-seeing eyes. I may have been a mask, but I was alive."

"Your defeat? What do you mean?"

Majora looked angry.

"That's none of your business," he snapped.

Ciara hastily backed off the subject and switched to a different one.

"Why are we going to Oceana to carry out your plan? What are you planning to do, anyway?"

"I've been planning this for years. You see, since Sylvia was part of Hyrule's royal family, so were her daughters. Each female in the royal family bloodline carries inside her the power of the Light Force. Since the two daughters were twins, the Light Force was split. Each girl has half of it, along with a whole list of other physcic powers.

We are going to Oceana to see one of the twins, the princess of that land. Her father, the prince in the story, is now king, and obviously, has power over all of Oceana. I will make certain that he lends me his daughter's hand in marriage. That way, I will get both a kingdom for my base and a clear shot at the first half of the Light Force."

"What about the other half?" Ciara asked.

"Well, you see, the princess of Oceana is no fool. She'll see right through me, I'm sure. She has the power of telepathy and prophetic dreams. Whether or not she is aware that she has a sister, I do not know, but in the end, she will find out. The pirate twin is something of a hero, and certainly her sister will call to her to request her aid. We'll seize the other girl, and all will be complete. All there is to do after that is to wait for the right day, the only day that the Light Force can be extracted," said Majora proudly.

"Well, that certainly is elaborate..." Ciara commented.

" is, isn't it?"

The trip continued in excited silence.