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Amity Park was buzzing with strange news. Presses were working overtime at the Amity Park Angle, and the reporters were running ragged trying to dig up information on the new hot topic of the town. There were only a handful of things that could rile up a town this much. Escaped prisoners, mysterious murders, child abductors, elections, chemical spills, and protests were just about it, but Amity Park had one other problem, one other thing that residents worried, argued, fussed, cared, and bothered about: ghosts.

To most, ghosts didn't exist. The main idea behind ghosts was that they were the spirits of deceased individuals, stuck between this life and the next, unable to move on because of some sort of unfinished business. Ghost stories are told around campfires, and nearly every town has some sort of old run-down, abandoned building deemed as haunted and avoided by adults and children alike. But the fact remained, with science to back it up: ghosts didn't exist.

Amity Park was just your average town, and they treated ghosts just about the same way as any other: a thrilling but undeniable myth. And then, about seventeen years previously, a new couple moved to the town. The Fentons moved into a well-sized house for an average family, in a respectable neighborhood. Jack Fenton was considered eccentric, but well meaning, and Maddie was the warm, friendly wife, six months pregnant and with an undeniable talent in baking.

But that soon changed. The comfortable basement of the Fenton household was converted into a laboratory for the Fenton's unusual mutual occupation: ghosts and all science involved. They made all sorts of trinkets in their laboratory, from mutilated toasters todilapidated coffee makers, all with the name Fenton in front of them and all designed for use against ghosts.

Now, this didn't happen overnight, of course. By the time their ghost-business was well set up, seven-year-old Jasmine and five-year-old Daniel were living in the house. The Fenton children were often looked down upon by neighbors, being of such strange descent, as if the infatuation with ghosts were hereditary. Jasmine remained friendless and isolated throughout most of her school years because of this, and turned from social interaction to a less biased company: books. Yes, Jasmine spent her weekends with her nose in any book she could lay hands on. Resulting from this was a deep disdain of ghosts and an exemplary grade-point average.

Therefore, when Daniel Fenton began school, he was more accepted by peers and teachers alike. But this was short-lived. Despite the fact that his sister was nothing short of brilliant, and his parents were absolute geniuses in their own way, it could not be denied that Danny was nothing short of average. The teachers, who had expected more, were less tolerant of him, and Danny was destined to be forever overshadowed by his sister academic-wise. Furthermore,he was also quiet and shy, repelling classmates like the identical poles of a magnet. But by the same token, opposites attract, and Danny found an ally in the world of kindergarten: Tucker Foley.

Although Tucker was only slightly brighter than Danny, glasses and an inborn aptitude for all technology gave him a much better first impression with teachers. And although this didn't last, he still passed all of his classes, although 'flying colors' could probably be substituted by 'walking colors'. But he was humorous, outgoing, and open, and to this day no one could really figure out why he wasn't an instant social magnet—although it was speculated that it had something to do with the techno-geek reputation. But as an outcast from playgroups in the grade before first, Tucker found Danny, and an instant friendship ensued.

YetDanny was destined to find one other friend in the cold world of kindergarten, one who just about matched him in shyness, but was forward and polite all the same. Samantha Manson, who much preferred the name Sammy in those days but now went by Sam, found the friendship of this inseparable duo when they walked up to her one day, she swinging on a solitary swing with a kinked chain.

And so, this was the Fenton family as seen by those outside of the family. Which was the entire community of Amity Park without the last name of Fenton, not including Tucker and Samantha. And this family would be responsible for bringing ghosts to Amity Park.

The Fenton Ghost Portal it was called, and the name said it all. Made by the Fentons, it was a portal, and a portal that involved ghosts. The portal, in theory, would provide a sort of passage from the ghost dimension, known as the Ghost Zone, to the human world. But in practice, it did not work. At least, not yet.

The entire town remembered the brownout that July. It had quite a few people alarmed, for Amity Park had mild summers, and often did not submit to power outages due to overuse of air conditioners. But the power came back five seconds of panic later, and not a thought was put to it until an article buried deep within the confines of the newspaper the next day: Brownout caused by local ghostologists. It caused little concern; the Fentons had done worse, including coving City Hall in ectoplasm. That incident had been cleared up, both figuratively and literally, but this would have a much more lasting effect on the entire town.

Only three people knew the whole story behind the brownout: Danny, Tucker, and Sam. But the town did not know that they knew, and the only reference to any of the three was: Their son, Daniel (14), declined comment.

And it was only a few months afterward that the situation arose: ghosts had infested Amity Park. The incident was well-remembered; ghosts swarming the streets, half the population, including the mayor, were overshadowed, and the ghost responsible was dubbed Inviso-bill, and named Public Ghost Enemy Number One. But again, only Danny, Tucker, and Sam knew the whole story behind this, but it was Danny who had suffered the most, although he hid it well.

The next major ghost-crisis involved a ghost, or more precisely, a Ghost King. Pariah Dark he was called, and the town was in worse shape than the Inviso-bill crisis. But the situation became ironic in the end. The ghost Inviso-bill used the high-tech ectoskeleton the ghost-hunting Fenton's had developed to defeat Pariah Dark. As it turned out, his true name was Danny Phantom and he was in actuality trying to help the town all along. Many of the town sympathized and supported their savior, but a fair amount still mistrusted the ghost-boy. No one knew much about him, and no actual proof had been given that he was indeed a good ghost.

In fact, as it came down to it, the town only knew three things about the ghost boy. One was that his name was Danny Phantom. Two was that, despite his intentions, he warded other ghosts away from the town. And the third one was what had the whole town abuzz, what had made headline news, and what a certain Danny Fenton was now constantly worrying about.

For the third thing to be added to the list had been revealed by a ghost named Skulker, and proven by no less than the Fentons themselves. Danny Phantom was not even a full ghost. He had been revealed to be half ghost, and the other half had been revealed to be human.

Logical reasoning had deduced that the elusive Danny Phantom was a resident of Amity Park himself. It had also deduced that the ghost-boy was male, eliminating half of the town in the process. So now everyone was trading rumors, bandying gossip, and asking questions.

Why hide his identity?

How did he become half ghost in the first place?

What did he have against other ghosts?

Why protect the town?

Was anyone else half ghost?

And last, but most pressing: What was Danny Phantom's true identity?

Each of these questions could be answered by no less than four people, had anyone bothered to ask: Daniel Fenton, Tucker Foley, Samantha Manson, and most recently, Jasmine Fenton.

Jazz had discovered this herself, enhanced with the explanation of Danny Phantom himself.

Sam and Tucker had been there, had seen it with their own eyes, and had even taken a hand in the events that led up to the existence of Danny Phantom.

And so that left Danny. Danny Fenton. So change the 'F' to a 'PH', which makes the same sound. Next, change the 'E' to an 'A'. And then, change the final 'N' to an 'M'. Add a random accident causing the infusion of ectoplasmic energy with a human's molecules, a long and involved episode concerning a wishing ghost and an insignia, and an incredibly useful thermos. Then compare two photographs, the sound of two voices, the fact that two people are never in the same place at the same time, and if anyone in the town paid attention, they would have Danny Phantom figured out.

Danny's fears were few and far between, mainly due to his 'hobby' of fighting ghosts, but it remained that he would be worried—indeed, beyond worried—should his secret ever be leaked out.

Which brings us to the Monday leading up to the disaster, the day that would send Danny's secret into the inevitable tailspin of discovery.

"Mr. Fenton, you're late, again. Do you have an excused tardy?" Mr. Lancer asked sternly.

Danny bit back the retort of 'What would you do if you'd just been attacked by a ghost who haunts boxes?' to mumble something along the lines of, "No, I don't, sorry."

Mr. Lancer clucked his tongue irritably and wrote out a detention slip for Danny, who took it and sat down.

"Now, class, today we will be studying... What is it, Mr. Fenton?"

"C-can I... go to the bathroom?" Danny asked, hand in the air, as the last traces of blue vapor escaped his mouth, thankfully unnoticed by anyone.

"No," came the weary reply.

"Um... Nurse's office?" Danny asked timidly.

"Why do you want to leave so badly?" Lancer asked exasperatedly.

"I don't feel well." The answer was partly true; Danny felt the presence of ghosts not only as the visibleblue breath of his 'ghost sense', but also by an accompanying sudden drop in temperature that seemed isolated to him and only him. Danny gave in to the shivers that he was by now used to suppressing, as a visible sign that not all was well.

"Fine, then! Just... just go!" Mr. Lancer said. He was at his wit's end with Danny; not only was the boy failing his class, he was constantly late, absent, or running off in the middle of the period for some sort of excuse.

Danny hurried out of the room, trying his best to look unwell, but the second the door closed he straightened up and dashed to an abandoned janitor's closet.

No cry of 'Going ghost!' seemed necessary, so a flash of light and Danny was off, stealthily invisible, to look for the ghostly culprit.

"Skulker," Danny said, regarding his opponent coolly.

"Ghost boy," Skulker replied, matching Danny's icy tone.

They stared at one another for a few moments. Danny fingered the Fenton Thermos slung over his shoulder, glaring at Skulker and wondering what surprises the self-proclaimed Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter had in store for him this time. Skulker glared back, hoping that his latest trick would work on Danny, and that the ghost boy wouldn't find some way to evade his new trap.

Then the action started. Danny had a fierce onslaught of ecto-blasts, forceful punches and kicks, and impeccable aim and flying skills. But Skulker had various missiles, darts, lasers, energy beams; the best technology that could be designed and the best that money could buy. So thus it went; each giving as good as they got, the battle leaning towards neither side.

But Danny was, all things considered, only half ghost, and the only-too-human exhaustion was beginning to set it. Whereas Skulker was full ghost—moreover, a ghost stationed inside of robotic armor—and had the upper hand in this matter. Danny still had another trick up his sleeve, but one he was reluctant to use. And the time was drawing near where Skulker would put into play his new device, one that would prove more dangerous to Danny than fancy missiles with a pinpoint targeting mechanism.

By then a sizable crowd had gathered to watch. The majority of the crowd was cheering for Danny, a few were just watching to watch, some were operating cameras for local news stations or snapping photographs for the paper, and the rest were cheering on the third person to enter the fight.

Valerie Gray was once the popular rich girl at Casper High, part of the 'in' crowd all the way. Until a mishap with a relatively untrained ghost dog left her father unemployed. Although Danny had tried to stop the matter, and had in the end, Valerie had emerged from the incident with suspiciously acquired high-tech weapons and an utter disdain of ghosts, particularly one called Danny Phantom. It was not a good combination, particularly since somewhere along the line Valerie had befriended Danny Fenton.

But either way, seeing Skulker get knocked head over heals by a bazooka akin to the weapons he had aimed at Danny was satisfying, one way or another. At least, until it was turned upon Danny himself.

"I- listen, I'm sorry I showed your dad who you were, but I had to! You would've taken the Ecto-skeleton, and it probably would have killed you, which wouldn't have exactly been a good thing-" Danny appealed. But Valerie would not be swayed, and Danny dodged the blast easily, although it was a near miss.

In his moment of confusion, Skulker seized him from behind, pinning Danny's arms to his side. Danny kicked and writhed in his grasp, but Skulker's grip was as firm and unbreakable as steel.

The hunter then pulled out a device, crackling with red electricity, and smiled evilly.

"Say goodbye to your secret, ghost boy!"

Half the town was watching, and those who weren't would see it on television anyway. The device made contact with Danny as he was painfully electrocuted with a sizable amount of volts in ectoplasmic form. The shock left Danny feeling drained and weak, but the real shock came as the two blue-white rings appeared around his midriff and proceeded across his body. Danny tried with all his energy to force them to go back, to disappear... and they did, but Danny was exhausted, and the damage was done.

"Wh-what was that?" Valerie asked, lowering the weapon in surprise. Skulker smiled at her and replied, in a voice loud enough for the whole town to hear.

"Why, didn't you know? The ghost boy, Danny Phantom, is half ghost!"

A murmur of surprise arose from the crowd below, and reporters began scribbling so madly upon notepads that the friction was liable to ignite the paper. Valerie gaped, and nearly dropped her bazooka altogether.

"How can anyone be half ghost?" she gasped.

"Ask him," Skulker replied, throwing Danny towards her, and flew off. Danny was too weak to follow, but shouted out threateningly after him.

"Tell Plasmius he's going to pay for this!"

"Oh, don't worry, I will," Skulker called back, before he vanished altogether. Danny still watched him; he could see other ghosts, even if they were invisible.

Valerie was now staring at him, the bazooka aimed at his head.

"Explain or I'll shoot!" she spat.

"Now, do you really want to do that? If I really am...half-unh-half ghost, then that could be considered-unh- murder," Danny replied weakly. He copied Skulker's trick of making himself invisible, and flew off. He may as well go to the nurse's office now; Danny was not feeling well at all.

"Mrs. Fenton, is it possible for someone to be half ghost?" one reporter asked, pencil cocked, ready to write the answer.

"Well, formerly it was thought to be impossible. But our recent research shows that if a human managed to survive an infusion of ectoplasm, then they would, in theory, be able to access a ghost's unique abilities at will. They would become something along the lines of a living ghost, or a half ghost. It is not impossible, but it is improbable," Maddie answered. "Besides, if he was half ghost, it would explain why he apparently wants to protect the town."

"Mom? Dad? What are all these people doing here?" Danny asked, as he forced his way in through the door.

"They're reporters, Danny. They want to ask us about that ghost boy, Danny Phantom," his mother replied, "and how it is possible for someone to be half ghost."

Danny went very white, and gulped. "I-I thought you said it wasn't possible, Mom," he gasped.

"Well, actually, it is."

"Ah, so, Danny, is it?" the reporter said, turning on Danny to bombard him with questions. "So, what's your reaction to this whole fiasco? About finding out that Danny Phantom is half ghost? Do you think it's possible? And please, just answer as truthfully as you can," he added, when he saw the reluctant look on Danny's face. He looked to his parents, who nodded encouragingly, and Danny sighed.

"Okay...in that order; I'm not happy about it, I couldn't care less, and I'm fourteen and have no idea how possible anything is! Now, can I please go up to my room? I have a lot of homework I need to finish!" Danny appealed to his parents. Everyone in the room seemed taken aback by his outburst, and Danny stomped up to his room and threw his backpack down, eyes following him as he did so.

"I'll go talk to him," Maddie sighed, and followed Danny up the stairs.

"Danny?" she asked, cracking the door open. When no one answered, she opened the door further. "Danny?"

The room was empty. It was as if Danny Fenton had just suddenly disappeared.

Outside, Danny Phantom flew to City Hall. He had to make an announcement, and that seemed like the best place to do so. Danny perched on the roof and waited.

A crowd gathered, cameras winked at him, and his parents pulled up in the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle. Danny deemed the moment ready, and got up, clearing his throat.

"Um, excuse me. I have something I kinda need to say." Danny took a deep breath before continuing.

"There's been a lot of confusion here. And, well, I might as well come right out and say it." Danny had never before been so grateful for the slight echo his voice had when he was in ghost mode. His real voice would have been far too easily recognizable otherwise.

"I won't deny it; I'm half ghost, and half human. I don't really understand how it happened myself. But, really, I had a reason to keep it secret from you all. I mean, I don't want other people to think of me as a freak; enough ghosts already do. I just wanted to keep at least half of my life as normal as possible.

"So, ever since the ac- erm, the bizarre and completely random incident, which could have really happened to anyone, that led to me becoming what I guess you can call a halfa-"

"What's a halfa?" someone called from below.

"Um, well... It's sort of a term other ghosts use for someone like me... Half a ghost, half a human... halfa," Danny shrugged. "I don't really like it that much. But, anyway, so, the incident happened, and somewhere along the line I ended up fighting ghosts and getting rid of them. And it hasn't been easy, let me tell you..." Danny stopped himself before he began telling the entire tale of six months' worth of fighting ghosts, and sighed.

"Anyway, I get ghost powers, and I decide to protect the town. Do you really need to know any more than that?"

But the murmurings from the assembled town proved that they really did need to know more. Danny crossed his arms and tapped his foot in annoyance, but the town didn't seem like stopping any time soon. In fact, the original whispers were heightening to a crescendo of voices. Danny put two fingers to his lips and whistled sharply. He was surprised how well it worked; everyone jumped and quit talking immediately.

"Okay, so I want to actually keep my secret—as much as possible, at least—so can you please just accept that I'm half ghost, and... I just don't want everyone to find out what my human identity is! Like I said, I want at least half of my life to be normal." Danny almost laughed aloud at this; since when was his life ever normal? Compared to some of the things his family did, being half ghost seem almost average.

"Is your human name Danny?" a journalist asked.

"What the-? No," Danny said, with a surprisingly believable finality. "I mean, if I was going to change my name, don't you think I'd do a good job of it and change my first and last name? What kind of idiot wouldn't do that?" Danny mentally kicked himself for that; it sounded lame. The journalist seemed to buy it though, and scribbled furiously upon his notepad.

"Anyway..." Danny said, then stopped as a wisp of blue vapor escaped his lips. "Well, duty calls! Um... Goodbye, I guess."

And with that, he disappeared, to go confront the Box Ghost for what was the second time that day.

The town babbled for days, even weeks, afterwards. But try as they might, no one could seem to discover the elusive Danny Phantom's true identity. Danny himself shrugged off requests for his insight into the matter, with lame replies that people actually bought.

One thing was for certain: Danny Phantom's popularity increased significantly from that day onward. Valerie would remain as stubborn as ever, but then again, that was Valerie. Still, sometimes Danny Fenton wished his social status would do the same.

And so, life proceeded as normal in Amity Park. Or at least as normal as life could ever be in a town which housed the most renowned ghost hunters in the world, and their own town hero.

So, what do you all think? This was just something random that came to me. It started with wondering what the town would do if they ever found out about Danny. Then somehow that got warped into the town's view of the Fenton family and Danny Phantom overall. And instead I made them only find out that Danny was half ghost, not the whole truth and all that other stuff...

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what I originally intended this to be. But it worked out in the end. For now, this is a oneshot, but I may add to this later if I get any further inspiration to expand upon the plot.But, for right now, this is all I have for ya.

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