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Twined - Destiny Diverted

It's quiet.

It's almost never quiet anymore. He's so bright and full of power, vitality -- life -- that there is always some level of activity swirling around me. Most of the time I don't mind it, this chaos all around, for once I existed in a life full of solitude and the certainty of boring days of isolation. I don't want to go back to that time, when I had no friends, and more often than not I was seen as the perfect target for a mean-spirited joke, but...

Who would I have become, if not for him? Who would I be now if my destiny were solely my own? That "might-have-been" Yugi -- would people like him? Would the others have befriended him, and know he was trustworthy and rely on him as they rely on me now?

I share my heart and mind, my destiny and future with my "other self", and, I admit I've been blessed with all he has brought me, but still...

What did I sacrifice for these blessings? His destiny, so vast and far-reaching, has it eaten up my destiny along the way? Who I am now, is that really me, or just a pale echo of him? Am I just a vessel wherein he can dwell? Where does he end and I begin? Does the person I am, does "Yugi" matter to anyone, anymore? Or is it just for him that my future seems a prize to strive for rather than an inevitability to be endured?

Do I bless him? Do I resent him? Do I love him? Do I hate him? Can I even know my own mind anymore?

Do I...?

Do I -- even have my own mind anymore?

It's quiet here.

Too quiet.

I can hear my thoughts clearly.

They are driving me mad.


Author's notes -

Something a little different, two bits of prose that don't really stand alone, but together, perhaps, make a single piece of writing.

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