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Having A Bad Day?

Today was not a great day for Sara. This was just to say the least.

Sara woke up feeling refreshed for once. Of course that didn't last for long once she realized she woke up an hour and a half late. With one last glance to her alarm clock she also realized she forgot to set the alarm.

She hurriedly got in the shower, and got dressed.

Sara ran out to her car, and got in. She put her key in the ignition and soon found out that her car wouldn't start! She punched the steering wheel.

"Could this day get any worse?" Sara mumbled to herself.

She got out of her car, and got her cell phone out of her pocket. She quickly dialed the number to a cab service, and was told one would be there in a couple of minutes.

Sara just decided to sit on the curb until her cab got there.

A couple of minutes later her cab pulled up and she got in. She gave the driver the address to the lab, and he pulled away.

About ten minutes later the driver pulled up to the lab. He told her it would be $20.00.Of course she then realized since she was in such a hurry she forgot she wallet on her dresser!

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! I don't have my wallet!" Sara replied rather quickly.

The driver replied, "Well, you are going to have to pay somehow".

"I can give you my watch!" Sara told him. He nodded. She took off her watch and handed it to him.

"Have a good day ma'am," was all the driver said, and then took off.

Sara ran into the building, and straight to the break room. She found everyone there, and Grissom handing out assignments.

"Grissom, I am so sorry! My alarm didn't go off, my car broke down, and I forgot my wallet inside my house so I couldn't pay for my cab, so I had to give him my watch!" Sara ranted until Grissom cut her off.

"Sara, its ok your only a half and hour late," responded Grissom.

After that Sara relaxed some. After everyone got assignments Sara ended up working a B&E with Greg.

Once the two were in the car and driving towards their scene, Greg said, "You know you could of called me and had me pick you up".

Sara laughed. "You wouldn't believe how much I was out of it today, but I'm sorry. I'll let you drive me home tonight though," Sara suggested.

"I couldn't be more honored," replied Greg. That of course got Greg a kiss on the cheek.

They finally got to the scene, and Sara said, "What a great boyfriend," and gave him a quick kiss before they got to work.

The End

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