HoroRen Honeymoon – Chapter 6 – Days 6 (Part 2) & 7

"Horo, please start breathing…it's freaking me out." Ren said to Horo.

They were currently in a limo, nearing the Ainu village, and Horo hadn't breathed in for about a minute. Horo sucked in a nervous breath and fidgeted. Ren made a sound of annoyance but didn't voice his opinion on Horo's antics. Horo made a weak smile and sat still, twiddling his thumbs. Ren grabbed Horo's hand and squeezed it reassuringly. Horo took hold tightly, but not too tightly, feeling really antsy.

The limo pulled up to the village, and Ren stepped out first, dragging Horo with him. They received a few awkward stares from some of the Ainu who were working, but for the most part were ignored. They pulled out their bags and Horo led the way towards his house. They passed all sorts of native activities to the area, Ren staring in wonderment at certain things and Horo just walking casually.

"Hapo! Ona! A cise! (Mother! Father! We're home!)" he called as they reached a fairly large home. He opened the door and went in, not waiting for his parents to come greet him. Ren blinked, thinking this very impolite by the standards he had been brought up on, but shrugged, guessing that it was different for Ainu. He was pleased when he entered and saw Horo showing 'proper' respect, bowing reverently to his parents before hugging them each in turn.

They were in a common room with a kitchen area in the corner. Two rooms with open doors came from here, showing off the parent's bedroom and a bathroom. Ren tilted his head in wonderment. Horo's mother was going on and on in excited Ainu and Horo's father was obviously also happy to have his son home. He put on a small smile. They seemed so at ease with each other…unlike his own family. Horo frowned as his mother said something he didn't like but she was happy about.

"Iie, hapo! Ren hokukor! Ren a hoku! (No, mother! I married Ren! Ren's my husband!)" he said in a displeased voice, and Ren could tell they were arguing about him. He bit his lip, feeling bad that he was the cause of disruption for the family. Horo moved over to him, grabbing his hand and pulling him into full view. Ren blushed deeply when his koi wrapped his arms around his waist, pointedly glaring at his parents.

"Hai, hai." His mother muttered disappointedly. Glancing at Horo, Ren saw a brief flash of pain cross his face before he once again put on a brave face.

"Ren a hoku… (Ren's my husband)" he repeated, softer this time. Ren put his hands over Horo's, twining their fingers together to give his moral support. He knew it couldn't be easy for him. Horo smiled a little and said a few more things to his parents in a warning tone in Ainu.

Finally, they all began to speak Japanese, relieving Ren, as he could finally understand what they were saying. When they did eventually get to their room up in the attic area of the house, both were exhausted. Horo flopped on the bed and didn't open his eyes. Ren just sighed and sat down with him.

"I see why you were so anxious, now." He muttered. Horo cracked his eyes open, seeing Ren's disappointment. He sat up, looking concerned.

"You okay?" he asked. Ren closed his eyes.

"I just thought that given some time to accept it and a little while talking with them they'd not be so terrible! Why don't they like me? I'm trying so hard to gain even an ounce of respect from them! How can they be so horrible to me?" he asked, voice cracking. Horo pulled him close.

"Hey, now. Since when have you cared about others' opinions of us? Where's my big, strong Ren?" he asked softly.

"I don't care about others, but I really wanted to get your parents to like me at least slightly. You don't understand because you don't have this problem. My mother loves you like her own, and my father hates everyone so you never wanted to gain his approval, but I've worked hard to get their respect. I thought at least your father would like me some, because he's not homophobic, but he's just as terrible as your mother. All I wanted was a little bit of acceptance as one of the family, but I feel so out of place." The Tao said quietly.

"Hey, give it a little time. They'll come around eventually. Think about it this way, it would be a tragedy for you to lose me to anyone, ne?" he asked. Ren nodded, not sure what Horo was getting at.

"Well, in their eyes, you stole me from them. Not only that, they can't have the grandchildren they always wanted, and they can't see me having the perfect marriage with a perfect Ainu girl like they always planned on. They built a lot of hopes and dreams on me, and to see that all wiped away by you, it was a real blow. And it's not only you, Ren. I don't think they'll ever look at me the same either. They slightly blame me for throwing it all away for you, but they mostly blame you because it's easier for them to believe that you seduced me into being with you and going against what had always been the plan for my life." The Ainu explained. Ren looked thoughtful, then sighed.

"I guess you have a point." He said in a depleted tone. Horo looked at Ren's stressed face.

"Aww…is wittle Renny a wittle stwessed?" he asked in baby talk. "Does wittle Renny need a wittle help to welax? Does he need a wittle encouwagement?" his grin began to widen as he crawled over Ren, pushing him into the mattress and leaning over him. Ren put his hands against Horo's chest.

"Horo, don't. Your parents would hear." He said crossly. Horo ignored him and grabbed his husband's wrists, moving his hands up and down his strong chest.

"Horo, I said no! I don't need any more reasons for your parents to hate me!" he barked. Horo shrugged indifferently and continued his advances, biting Ren's neck playfully.

"Augh! Stop tha-hmm…" Ren snapped, but broke into a moan when Horo sucked on his sensitive skin.

"You like that?" Horo grinned mischievously, attacking that spot before Ren could protest.

"Au-Horo! St-stop i-oh!" Ren tried to stop the older man in vain, as his neck was mercilessly assaulted. Finally, Ren gave up, giving in to his desires and pulling the t-shirt off his lover. Horo sat up, watching Ren's tiger eyes hungrily taking in every curve, muscle tone, and dip in his chest and abdomen. Ren's slender hands began to massage over his shoulders and down his sides, feeling the muscles twitch and ripple beneath his fingers. Horo breathed out a little shakily, claiming Ren's lips soon after. Ren kissed back readily, loving the affections. Horo slipped his tongue into his husband's mouth, enjoying Ren's loud moan as he stripped Ren of his shirt.

He put his hands on Ren's hips, flipping him around onto his hands and knees. He pressed up against Ren from behind, grinding their hips and making his excitement obvious. Ren moaned, moving in synch with the Ainu. Horo slowly slipped Ren's pants and boxers down and off, proceeding to do the same with his own. Ren's legs quivered slightly in anticipation. Horo pressed up against Ren again, feeling their whole bodies against each other. Ren rocked his hips back into Horo's, making him gasp in desire.

Horo flipped Ren again, spreading his legs and positioning himself. Ren moaned as Horo pushed into him, pulling him closer. Horo began to make a pace, moving gently at first, and then slowly just to annoy Ren. The Tao groaned at the torture, whimpering a little and thrusting himself up against his lover so he'd get the hint, but the Ainu simply continued his slow movement.

The Chinese growled in frustration and flipped them, picking up a pace himself, impaling himself on the older one. Horo made a loud surprised noise at this sudden change, but definitely wasn't complaining. Ren threw his head back onto his shoulders in pleasure, screaming out Horo's name in a way that Horo could only describe as erotic. Finally, unable to take it anymore, Horo came inside of Ren.

Ren, however, wasn't finished, and kept moving over his husband, pushing him in and out as he moaned and cried out at different sensations. Horo took hold of his lover's throbbing cock and massaged it teasingly, then pumped it hard, moving his thumb over the tip and sending Ren over the edge. Ren collapsed over Horo, kissing him lovingly.

"Well, you were certainly impatient for someone who didn't want to tonight." Horo teased. Ren smirked tiredly; sweat making his hair stick to his face.

"Don't you think this is over yet, Horokeu Usui. I've not yet begun to be satisfied. You wanted this, so you're sticking with it until I'm done with you, got it?" he demanded in a commanding tone.

"Yes, sir!" Horo grinned and saluted him. Ren moved a little over him, causing him to realize that he was still deep inside of his lover. He made a little noise of pleasure as Ren adjusted his position over him. Ren gasped a little as he felt Horo growing hard within him, feeling his own arousal becoming evident again as well…

Horo walked down into the kitchen, feeling very tired but satiated. He and Ren had made love all night and far into the morning. Now it was late afternoon, but no one seemed to mind. He looked around in the fridge, finding nothing of great interest, and instead grabbed an apple from the counter. He bit into the fruit, feeling the juice fill his mouth. He hummed in delight as he swallowed.

"Horokeu? Up already?" He turned to see his mother in her robe, just coming out of his parents' room.

"Hapo? What are you doing in bed at this hour?" he asked curiously. Usually Ainu were up at the crack of dawn.

"I would have been up, but I didn't sleep well last night. There was noise coming from your room." She explained. Horo grinned.

"Sorry about that. I sort of got Ren all fired up, and he's like an animal once he's started." He said, chuckling.

"Horokeu, is all you care about in him the sex?" she asked. Horo frowned.

"No! Do you really think I'm that shallow? I'm not 14 anymore. My days of going after people for sex are over! I learned my lesson with Kaede." He muttered.

"I hope you did. From now on, warn us if you plan to fuck all night." She snapped.

"What did you expect? It's our honeymoon! And besides that, I really wasn't amused at how you were treating Ren the other day! If you want to save yourselves from hearing that, don't stress Ren! He's trying really hard to please you and ona, but you two won't give him even the smallest bit of respect! He's my husband and you will treat him as such!" Horo snapped back angrily.

"Fine. I will try to be more civil, but I'm not promising anything. What are you going to do if Kaede shows up? Word travels fast here, and you know she'll find out soon enough that you're here. She's not likely to let that go so easily." She warned.

"I've got a plan for that. I'm going to try to keep Ren outdoors and in the outlying land as long as possible every day, and you and dad need to keep her away from us as best you can." He said. His mother sighed and nodded.

"I always knew she was trouble." She murmured. Horo nodded.

"I just wish I would have listened."

"Listened to what?" Ren walked in slowly and moved over into Horo's embrace.

"Nothing, koi. Hapo and I were just saying that I should take you out to see the Koro Pokkur fields today, and then tomorrow we can go snowboarding together, and the day after that we can hang out at the river, and then the last day here we get the privilege of going on the last hunt of summer." He replied. Ren nodded.

"Sounds like fun. We should get changed and head out if we're going to be out in the fields at all today, though." Ren stated. Horo nodded in agreement and they made their way back into the room. Ren stripped off his boxers and dug through his bag for a clean pair. Horo grinned and came up behind him, placing his hands on his hips.

"The way you shake it, I can't believe it. I ain't never seen an ass like that." He sang softly. Ren smiled and kissed him.

"You've had enough of this ass for now, I think." Horo shook his head.

"I'll never get enough of that ass." He kissed Ren's shoulder a few times. Ren ignored him and got dressed, Horo following soon after. They went downstairs in time to hear a woman speaking with Horo's mother in rushed Ainu at the door. Horo's eyes widened a little and he directed Ren towards the back door.

"Let's go this way, it's faster." He lied. Ren tried to head back to the front.

"Wait, Horo. What about the person at the door? Shouldn't we meet?" he asked as Horo rushed him.

"We'll meet her later. Hurry or we'll be too late to see much." The Ainu replied, pushing his lover gently out the door and dragging him along. Ren snatched his wrist away and put his hands on his hips.

"Alright, Horokeu. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but I will know who she is." He said commandingly.

"I'll tell you on the way."

"No, I think you'll tell me now before I decide to go see for myself who she is." The Chinese replied snappily. Horo sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"Well…" he began. Ren looked at him expectantly. "She sort of loves me. She was infatuated with me when we were younger. That's part of why my parents sent me to Tokyo. She got a little stalker-ish." Ren didn't look convinced, but sighed.

"When you're ready to tell me the truth, don't hesitate." Horo looked at the ground sadly.

"Hey, weren't we going to those fields?" the Chinese asked impatiently. Horo brightened slightly.

"Yeah!" he shot a fist in the air as he led his husband off happily.

"This was the most tiring day of my life…who knew the Koro Pokkur were so full of energy? They're worse than YOU!" Ren plopped into a seat at the Usui house. Horo laughed tiredly, going to the fridge and looking for a drink.

"That's them for you. Man, I'm ready to just sleep and die! We've got beer or coke, what do you want? ….Ren?" the Ainu looked up and smiled when he saw his husband already fast asleep in the chair, putting the drinks away and shutting the fridge, taking his lover upstairs to their room and cuddling up to him in bed, but sleep evaded him as his mind was caught up with the skeletons clawing their ways out of his closet.