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CHAPTER THREE – Ren's Date Part One

Tao Ren stood in the lobby of a very fancy restaurant, looking around to be sure no one saw him. Attached to his arm was a hyperactive girl who simply rambled on and on about what was to him utter nonsense.

"Oh, Renny-chan, you're so cute when you're embarrassed!" she crooned in his ear. He yet again pushed her away, flushing pink and glancing around again, feeling out of place with the loud girl.

"Sir, may I direct you to a table?" a waiter asked politely, glaring at her out of the corner of his eye.

"Yes, please get us a seat somewhere unnoticeable." Ren sighed, looking apologetic. He nodded knowingly and showed them to the table in the far back corner.

"Ooh! We get a private seat! I knew you liked me!" she squealed, causing several people to look up from their meals.

"Sorry." he said quickly to them and shoved her into a seat, glaring harshly at her. As soon as he sat, she jumped up and plopped herself onto his lap.

"Get off of me!" he hissed, glancing warily to be sure he hadn't disturbed the other customers.

"Oh, Renny, I paid good money for you and I expect the best you have to offer. After we eat, let's go to a theme park! And you can start calling me Natasha." she said loudly, and people began asking for seats further away from them.

"Sir, may I take your order?" a waitress asked with a heavy British accent.

"Ren, don't look! Her breasts are huge! Stop with the phony British accent, we all know you're just here to steal my Ren!" Natasha yelled at the top of her lungs, standing on the table and covering his eyes. Slowly, he peeled her hands away while apologizing.

"I'm so sorry! She's normally better behaved, but I forgot her collar and leash. We'll have the special, and make it snappy; we have got to go soon."

"Better luck next time, Knockers!" Natasha screeched after the insulted woman.

'I wonder how the others are doing...'