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Harry cracked in his house, Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. He draped Draco's arm around his neck and walked into the living room. "You need to go on a diet," huffed Harry. He felt rapid warmth where Draco was leaning, unconsciously, on him. Draco was bleeding profusely. Harry gently set him on the couch.

"Kreacher!" yelled Harry. The rude house elf popped in front of him, muttering obscenities under his breath. "Go to Hogwarts and get Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, and Pomfrey. Hurry!" He told the house elf. Kreacher left with a pop and a rude gesture to Harry. "Hey! Ron! Hermione!" Harry yelled again. He heard footsteps running down the stairs.

"Draco!" cried Hermione. She was about to throw herself on him, but Harry stopped her.

"Ron, go get some ointment to stop the bleeding, reduce the swelling and bruises too. There should be some in the bathroom," ordered Harry. Ron nodded and left. "We have to stop the bleeding. Take off his shirt, will you?" he asked Hermione.

Hermione gently tapped Draco's clothes and held out her palm. The thread holding the shirt together rolled into a ball in her palm. She picked off the loose pieces and her eyes widen. Three deep slashes went down his chest. Bruises littered his body. It would surprise her if he had a broken rib.

"Here," Harry handed her a towel. "Help me soak up some of the blood. It would be easier if we were trained healers, but this is all we can do until Kreacher comes back with Dumbledore and the others." Ron came back and gently set all the bottles on the table. He walked away from them and leaned against the farthest wall. Harry nudged Hermione and glanced at Ron. "Talk to him."

Hermione sighed and left Draco to explain things to Ron. Harry poured a potion that slowed bleeding over the three slashes on Draco's chest and lifted him off the couch with magic. He wound bandages around his torso, with magic. Hermione and Ron came back and Hermione took over being the healer.

When she did all she could without the training of a healer, Hermione grabbed Draco's hand and rested her cheek on it. Her thumb stroked his hand under her cheek. "Oh, Draco, please, don't leave me. I know it's hard, but we have to fight it. Together." Hermione leaned over him and kissed him gently on the lips.

She was pushed out of the way when Madam Pomfrey arrived just as Hermione sat back down. "Okay, everyone out and keep quiet." She ordered. Everyone left.

They walked into the kitchen, followed by Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape. The six sat down around the table. "What happened tonight?" asked Snape, trying his best to hide his concern over the boy.

"It actually started this afternoon, at Hogsmeade," muttered Hermione. She looked down at her lap. Images of today's events played over in her mind like a movie. She told them about how strange Draco was acting. Then, she pulled out the glede from her pocket and handed it to Dumbledore. She told them what happened in the cellar and everything else that had happened that night.

Once Hermione finished the story, Dumbledore nodded, dismissing them. Harry, Ron, and Hermione went upstairs to one of the room. They sat on the ground, their knees touching.

"I can't believe you guys kept Hermione dating Malfoy for so long," commented Ron. He stared at his hands. They all did.

"You are dense," muttered Harry. Ron shoved him. "I figured something like this would happen." Hermione and Ron looked at him, confusion across their faces. "I mean, not this, but in December, I wandered what life and friend risking adventure we'd go on together with Voldemort gone; what terrifying stunt we'd do. Falling in love was the first thing that came to my mind." He looked at them, emerald green eyes calm. "But, I never thought of Hermione falling for Malfoy and vise versa."

"It's just one of those things that happen," said Hermione. "I can't help, but love him. I'm sorry if you can't except that Ron, but please. You're one of my best friends."

"I never said I wasn't going to except it!" Ron said defensively. "It's just weird, is all." He shrugged. "But, after tonight, I can tell he truly loves you. There's nothing I can do about it, except stand next to you."

"We have to lay low for a while," said Harry. He glanced from Ron to Hermione. "Lucius will be hunting us down now."

"And me and Draco were ready to stop hiding and see how the school would react, seeing us together," muttered Hermione. She sighed. "I'll wait though, I have too. We can't risk having anyone else seeing us now."

"Does Ginny know?"

Hermione shook her head. "The only people who know are currently in this house." Ron nodded. "Oh, and Lucius and the rest of the death-eaters." There was a knock on the door and it opened. The Trio looked up to see who it was.

"Mr. Malfoy wants to see you, Ms. Granger," said Madam Pomfrey. Hermione got up and raced downstairs. She quietly opened the door to the room Draco was in and silently walked in, not wanting to make much noise. She sat down on the floor next to the couch, in the same spot she was before Madam Pomfrey came.

Hearing her come in, Draco opened his eyes and looked over at her. He reached out and wiped a tear that was about to fall from her eye. She hadn't even realized she was about to cry. "Come here, get off the ground," Draco said, patting his stomach. "I want to hold you."

"I might be too much weight for your body to handle," Hermione said, worry covering her voice. Draco shrugged. "I could really hurt you."

"Please Hermione," he begged. "I really want you in my arms." He moved up some, so he was in more of a sitting position, but still lying down.

Hermione smiled warmly at him. "If it starts to hurt, tell me okay?" Draco nodded. He was thankful the couch was wide, so she would have no problem getting herself up and on him.

Hermione got off the ground and went to the end of the couch, where his feet were, and crawled back to him. She carefully straddled him and hoped no one walked in. she slowly and with care, lowered herself onto his chest. He moved his legs apart so hers could go between them and they wouldn't be uncomfortable. He winced a few times, but quickly got over it. Once she was settled, he wrapped his arms around her. They both closed their eyes, completely content.

"I'm sorry," muttered Draco after a few moments of silence.

"Why?" whispered Hermione. She felt that if she talked too loud, the atmosphere and the mood would become imperfect. She didn't move either. "It's not your fault."

"I wasn't strong enough to break his spell," muttered Draco. He slowly ran his hand up and down her back. "If I was strong enough, none of this would have happened. It is my fault." Tears brimmed at the edges of his eyes.

"No it's not Draco," whispered Hermione. "I'm not going to blame you, so please, don't ask me too. We both made it out okay. We're alive, so is Harry and Ron." She slid her hand into his and hung it off the couch. Her thumb stroked where it rested on his hand.

"You are so…perfect…for me…" muttered Draco. He squeezed her hand, unable to kiss her in the position they were in. A million thoughts went through his mind. He tried to sort them, but found that he couldn't. All he could do was anchor one, hold onto it for a while, then it floated away, replaced by another. "I love you, Hermione." He paused. "I think if I loved you and you didn't love me back, I would still be in love with you. Nothing…no one…can change that, no matter what happens. Deep in my heart, I will always love you." He squeezed her hand again.

"There's no way I couldn't love you back," whispered Hermione, giving his hand a squeeze.

"I'll never let you go. I'll never give you up. I don't care if that's totally selfish. I'm never letting go. Never. No one can make me. No one," muttered Draco, saying whatever came to mind. His eyes remained closed. He could feel her heart race and knew she could feel his. He brought their clasped hands to his face and kissed her hand softly.

Hermione didn't say anything. She let his love-filled words was over her. He seemed to be enjoying talking to her like that. She knew she was his first love, first real relationship. The words he spoke made her love him more and more.

"Marry me," muttered Draco.

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