Chapter 1: Events in the City

It had been three months after the Metal Overlord events.

Team Chaotix had in fact gotten their money from Eggman. A simple matter, of punch and ask. Or in Charmy's case, sting and ask.

Team Rose had unofficially disbanded, Amy running off after Sonic once again, and Big Losing Froggy.


Cream went on to graduate elementary school, and was planning middle school.

Team Sonic had gone their seperate ways, occasionally meeting up to stop robot attacks on the city, and times when people, or in this case, Shadow had some how lost control.

You see, recently, people had suddenlly started attacking people for no reason, and this time, Shadow had lost control.

" Argh! Shadow! What the--" S onic tried to make sense of what Shadow was doing, when he let off a Chaos Spear, coming deadly close to him.

" Ahh!" Sonic jumped, and rolled out of the way, and got out a communicator.

" Umm... Tails, Knuckles, you may wanna hurry up..."

Shadow chuckled evily.

" Well, well, well, hedgehog..." He muttered.

His voice sent chills down Sonic's spine.

" You seem too weak for me to handle... I'll give you a chance..."

Shadow held up three fingers.

" Three days... that's all you have..."

Suddenlly Shadow grunted, as if in pain, and fell to the ground.

" Shadow!" Sonic ran over, to find Shadow Unconsious.


" Hmm... I wonder... can he do it in three days..." A person in the shadows asked himself.

" Not enven Sonic the Hedgehog can learn the true Chaos Control in that time sir, perhaps you should--"

" No, I know what I plan to do..."

-----Back to Shadow and Sonic


Shadow strired in his sleep. He was having another vision of Maria. They had randomly started again after he helped defeat Metal Sonic.

" Shadow... I beg of you..."

" Ma--Maria!"

" Shadow!"

" Huh... Wha?" The black hedgehog stirred again, this time waking up.

" You went crazy back there, you feelin alright?" Sonic asked. " Not that I'm worried!" He added quickly. " I just can't have my rival getting so weak he can be controlled!"

Shadow gave him a glare, saying, " Back off. Now." ANd got up.

" Ugh... my head... Where are we?"

" We're at my house, Tails and Knuckles showed up, so they're staying over."

" Hmm."

" Whadya mean, ' hmm.' What are you, Mr. Cool?"

" Nothing.. I just... Nothing..."

Shadow headed for the door.

" Wait, Shadow!" Sonic called.

" No, Sonic." He said, struggling to say Sonic. " I can't except your hospitality..."

He grabbed his Chaos Emerald, and with a flash and a cry of, " Chaos Control!" He was gone.

Sonic sighed, and headed back to the dining room.

-----Station Square

Shadow reappeared in a flash of green light, andheaded toward Rouge's House, or more so, Mansion. She had sold some of those gems after all.

' How was I able to be taken control of so easilly...' He asked himself. He remembered what had happened.


Shadow was doing a rutine run through the reconstructed Space Colony, ARK.

'Everything seems fine...' he thought, stopping in the main room.

Suddenlly, the alarm sounded.


Shadow turned, and ran toward the door. " Damn it..."

He reached the control room to find a figure, stealing the Chaos Emeralds from the control board.

The figure turned to see Shadow, and stopped, dead in it's tracks.

" Sh--Shadow..."

Shadows eyes froze. There standing, stealing the Chaos Emeralds, his one true happiness.

Maria Robotnik.


OMG! I STARTED A SONIC FIC! Gasps Repeatedly

It's going to be a Shadow/Amy/Sonic, inspired by Kosumdochi Mandu's story, Squared. Sure, it might seem dark now, but trust me, it gets better! PLEASE BELEIVE ME!