Chapter 2: Hospitallity, Why So Nice?

Shadow stared onward at Maria.

" Ma--Maria?"

She smirked evilly. " Almost.."

SHe held up the Chaos Emeralds, and shouted, "Chaos Control!"

And then, Shadow remembered nothing.


Shadow Sighed, ' Who was that?' He stopped. ' And what did they mean almost?'

He grabbed his Chaos Emerald, and used his signature move.


--Space Colony ARK

Shadow appeared in the central area.

He headed over to the Super Computer, recently added.

He booted it up, and accessed members of the ARK, before it's reconstruction, and their relatives. The people involved in Project Shadow, in his creation.

He looked through the files. He scanned by Gerald and Maria Robotnik. Not what he was looking for.

He searched the program for anything ending in Robotnik.

And found it.

There was not only Gerald and Maria on board. There was another.

Tina Robotnik.

Shadow backed away from the screen as he saw the picture on the profile.

' Sh--she looks like Maria did, when she was a child!'

He scanned down through her profile.

" Tina Robotnik was the Sister of the other female on board the ARK during this time, Maria Robotnik.

Tina was not the favorite to say the least. When Gerald took his current reseach and put it in the form of a hedgehog as a friend for Maria, Tina was told to stay away from the hedgehog.

Her repeated rejection caused her to become cold, her current whereabouts are unknown."

Shadow shudered.

Now he knew who it was, and why she had controlled him, but how? She had called upon the Chaos Control... but..

Shadow moaned, and decided he'd think about it later.

He held up his CHaos Emerald.


His cry was interupted by a sound coming from a communicator.

He reached for it, and put it to his ear.

" Yes?"

" Shadooooooooow!" A feminine voice on the other end said. " How long has it been?"

" Who is this?" ' Her voice sounds familiar...'

" It's me, Amy Rose!" She paused. " Rouge told me to call you, she's too swamped with ' work ' to let you stay at her home."

Shadow moaned. " She could've waited... Okay, thanks..."

" Wait!" Amy hurridly said,

" What is it?"

" Well... I guesse you have no place to stay, huh?"

" Well, I could stay here at the ARK..."

" No, it's too cold out there in space!"

Shadow chuckled.

" Actually--"

" So maybe... I was thinking, since you won't stay with Sonic... maybe you'd stay with me and Cream tonight?"

Shadow paused. Was this what he thaught it was.

" Well... I guese I coul---"

" Great!" Amy nearlly shouted. I'll go tell Cream and Cheese!"

There was a clic, and Shadow was left in silence.

He sighed, and held up his emerald,


' This is going to be a looooooooong night...'