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Perpetual Darkness chapter 4

Naruto ignored Sasuke all morning. By the time lunch rolled around, the Uchiha was ready to pull his hair out in frustration. Sasuke hadn't wanted to talk about what was going on in his head earlier that morning when he had thrown a colossal fit of jealousy that would've made any queen proud, yet now all he wanted was to hear the blonde's voice, even if it was bitching him out. He'd resolved himself to dragging the bigger boy off at lunch and making things right with him.

For his part, Naruto was frustrated with the Uchiha but the thought of their music class following lunch was taking precedence in his mind. He had passed over nervous to downright terrified from the time he had rolled out of bed that morning. Logically he knew that it was stupid. His peers wouldn't even know what his scars signified and truth be told they didn't take away from his good looks if he did say so himself. But he would know they were there, displayed to the world, and he knew what they meant.

That man. He thought, shuddering in disgust. He did NOT want to think about that now, not ever again. He was pulled from his brooding when the slim form of the gorgeously pale Uchiha stepped into his personal bubble and took firm hold of his wrist.

"Let's talk." Sasuke said with finality, giving Naruto a penetrating look. The blonde nodded once and, lacing his fingers with the raven, took off for the courtyard. Sasuke looked at their clasped hands with widened eyes as he stumbled along after the blonde. They walked together in silence, both lost in thought, though for different reasons. Sasuke trying to think of something to tell Naruto without confessing any tender feelings, and Naruto panicking about taking off his mask today. When they reached their tree, neither had made much progress in their respective tangled webs of emotion. Naruto came to a halt and looked at Sasuke questioningly.

"Well?" He said quietly. "What did you want to talk about Sasuke?" He had yet to let go of the Uchiha's hand.

"I'm sorry!" The raven blurted out quite loudly, immediately flushing a brilliant shade of red. Sasuke was screaming at himself in his head.

Just fucking great Sasuke! You are such an idiot! Baka Baka Baka…

Naruto watched on amused as Sasuke started chanting baka under his breath, obviously self-directed. The smaller boy was red as a tomato and Naruto was worried he would have a fit at ay moment if he didn't intervene. So he did the only thing he could think of. Grabbing the Uchiha by the shoulders, he pushed him gently against the tree. Sasuke's snapped his gaze to the blondes face, finding himself nose to nose with the bigger boy.

He took it off…

"Naruto, what…" The blonde interrupted Sasuke, breath ghosting over the raven's lips.

"I'd say you're more a Teme then a Baka." And then he was kissing him. Sasuke's heart stilled in his chest, his body ceased to breathe, his world ceased to exist. Kissing Naruto was so much more than he had ever dreamed it would be. His lips were soft and gentle, almost timid in their sweet exploration of the Uchiha's own trembling cavern. Something broke within Sasuke in that moment. He couldn't get control of his emotions, nor of his body. But then Naruto was pulling back, stopping the sweet oblivion that was holding Sasuke captive. The raven grabbed blonde locks in a bruising grip, jerking the boy back down to him and slamming their lips together roughly. Naruto made a surprised squeak but allowed the Uchiha to have his way. Sasuke was shaking badly, the rush of emotions taking over his entire being. He ran his tongue desperately against he seam of the blondes lips, begging to taste him, to get as close as he could. Naruto happily opened up to him and Sasuke slipped into his mouth with a quiet groan of satisfaction.

"Mmmm." Sasuke hummed into their kiss. He was quite pleased to find that the blonde tasted like a heavily spiced tea, Chai to be exact. He stored that information away for later use.

Naruto was surprised at Sasuke's eagerness, but he was far from disappointed. He would've liked nothing better than to stay there, immersed in Sasuke all day, alas it was not to be. His stomach voiced it's complaints, and quite loudly at that. Embarrassed, he broke the kiss and gave the brunette a sheepish look.

"Err…sorry Sasuke but I'm starving. Can we eat now?" Said Naruto as he gave the Uchiha his best sad puppy look.

"Dobe, we didn't even talk…" Sasuke sighed with exasperation. Naruto shrugged and said

"Is that really necessary at this point? Besides I want to get something in my stomach before dealing with music class." He hastily pulled his mask back up, remembering that he had pulled it down. Sasuke sighed, disappointed. He didn't understand why Naruto was covering that gorgeous face, but luckily after their next class, everyone will have seen him and Sasuke was hoping he would just stop wearing it entirely.

"Fine Naruto, we'll talk later. Now come on, can't have you wasting away on me." Sasuke said as he laced their fingers and tugged the blonde toward the cafeteria.


Lunch ended far too quickly for Naruto. He had managed to wolf down three helpings of the slop the school called lunch much to Sasuke's disgust and now they were walking silently toward the music room, Sasuke keeping a firm hold on the blonde so that he wouldn't make a run for it. With every step he took, Naruto's heart pounded a little harder, his breathing grew a little quicker and hands should a little faster. By the time the door was in view he was nearly in a full blown panic attack. His grip on Sasuke's hand became painfully tight. Sasuke took one look at his flushed, sweaty blonde and knew that Naruto wouldn't be able to do it in this state. Making a quick detour to the boy's bathroom across the hall from the music room, he dragged the blonde in and, after checking for other occupants and finding none, locked the main door. He turned to Naruto and wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck, gently kneading the tense muscles at the nape.

"Naruto." He said gently, looking into sad blue eyes. "Why is this so hard for you?" Naruto looked back into the gentle obsidian depths in front of him and let out a slow breath.

"It's my scars Sasuke…" He whispered sadly.

"Scars?" questioned Sasuke. "What scars Naruto?" He didn't recall seeing any on Naruto's face when he had seen it earlier, though he was a bit distracted. Naruto's brows drew down into a frown. He reached his large tan hands up and grasped the edge of his mask before tearing it off violently.

"My scars!" He yelled. Sasuke startled at the loud noise and stared at the blonde as it echoed in the nearly empty bathroom. Naruto's eyes glassed over as his breathing sped up. He was nearly panting. Sasuke knew his blonde was on the verge of tears but wasn't sure what to do about it. So he quietly observed the blonde, black eyes running all over Naruto's face. He noticed the thin lines almost immediately now that he was looking for them. There were six in all, three across each cheek. They looked almost as if they were made with a razor blade, each was a flesh colored indent, barely noticeable because they were so narrow.

Sasuke reached up and gently pulled Naruto's hands down from where they were digging into his face. He placed them gently on his own hips and reached up again, lightly running his own pale fingers across the whisker-like scars, trying to calm down his blonde. Naruto closed his eyes. No one had ever touched his scars before. It was an intense moment for him.

Sasuke froze when tears began slowly leaking from beneath Naruto's closed eyelids. They slipped past his fingers, continuing down to drip off of Naruto's chin. The blonde dug his trembling fingers into the other boy's hips, trying to get a hold on his emotions. Sasuke wiped the tears before gently kissing Naruto's still closed eyes, first the left, then the right.

"Naruto tell me, why do these scars upset you so much?" Sasuke whispered. The blonde took a shaky breath.

"T-that m-m-man…h-he…" Naruto stuttered out before choking on a sob. He growled, frustrated with himself. "I c-can't S-Sasuke…I just c-can't."

"It's okay Naruto, you don't have to tell me." Sasuke said, wrapping the blonde in a tight hug. Naruto breathed in Sasuke's scent. It was warm and comforting, spicy like the Chai he loved to drink in the mornings. Resting his headon Sasukes muscled shoulder, his breathing began to calm and his eyelids drooped as he listened to Sasuke's slow breathing. He felt better somehow. Just knowing that someone was there for him, that he could talk if he wanted to, was a big relief.

Naruto lifted his head from Sasuke's shoulder and leaned in, kissing him softly. They pulled apart just as the late bell rang. They both looked disappointed that their time was up for now. Naruto bent to pick his mask up from the floor, but Sasuke got to it first.

"I don't know why you wear this thing, and I know that not wearing it hurts you Naruto," said Sasuke, "but you need to face your fears. Let's just get rid of it here and move on." Naruto's hand was outstretched, as if he were waiting for Sasuke to return his possession. He looked at the Uchiha blankly after his suggestion. He knew the boy was right. He needed to let go, to move on, but he wasn't sure if he could. Sasuke moved toward the wastebasket. He turned and faced Naruto and held the mask over the bin.

"Say the word Naruto and we can move on, together." Sasuke said. He knew the blonde was afraid but he also knew that he needed a push to get going in the right direction. Naruto stood frozen. He wanted so badly to move on.

"J-just do it S-Sasuke, before I change my mind." Naruto closed his eyes as he spoke, unable to watch the loss of what had been like a security blanket for him over the last several months. He heard Sasuke's footsteps as he walked back to him. The Uchiha wrapped his hand around Naruto's and pulled him toward the door.

"C'mon Dobe, we need to get to class." Said Sasuke. Naruto paused at the door.

"Sasuke," the raven looked at the blonde, questioning, "thank you." Naruto said before kissing the boy softly. Sasuke gave Naruto's hand a gentle squeeze and led him out of the door, across the hall and into the music room.


All eyes were on the boys when they came in. The reaction to a maskless Naruto was instantaneous. The girls swooned and batted their eyelashes at him, the boys stared wide-eyed, and Mrs. Jacobs gave him a genuine smile.

"Well Naruto, I take it you're ready to show us what you've got?" the teacher asked. Sasuke gave his hand a final squeeze and went to his seat.

"Yes ma'am." Naruto said.

"Then by all means…" she said, gesturing to the front of the room. Naruto walked to the piano, running his fingers across the keys lovingly.

"I didn't write this song." He stated quietly, beginning the song slowly. "It's one of my favorite songs to play though." He took a deep breath and began to sing.

Atemonaku hitori samayoi arukitsuzuketa

Kasuka na toiki o tada shiroku somete

Utsuri kawari yuku kisetsu no sono hakanasa ni

Wake mo naku namida ga koboreta

"Ima mo aishite iru..."

Furitsuzuku kanashimi wa masshiro na yuki ni kawaru

Zutto sora o miageteta

Kono karada ga kieru mae ni ima negai ga todoku no nara

Mou ichido tsuyoku dakishimete

Wakari aenakute nandomo kizutsuketeita

Sonna toki demo itsumo yasashikute

Fui ni watasareta yubiwa ni kizamareteita

Futari no yakusoku wa kanawanai mama ni

"Ima mo oboeteiru..."

Toozakaru omoide wa itsumademo mabushi sugite

Motto soba ni itakatta

Mou nido to aenai kedo itsumo soba de sasaete kureta

Anata dake wa kawaranai de ite

Saigo ni miseta namida ga kisenakute

Kono shiroi yukitachi to issho ni kiete shimattemo

Anata no kokoro no naka ni zutto saite itai kara

The blonde paused here to compose himself, after several deep breaths he continued, pounding the keys and singing his heart out.

Yorisotte dakiatta nukumori wa wasurenaide ne

Chigau dareka o aishitemo

Saigo ni kiita anata no koe o kono mama zutto hanasanai mama

Fukaku nemuri ni ochitai

Furitsuzuku kanashimi wa masshiro na yuki ni kawaru

Zutto sora o miageteta

Kono karada ga kieru mae ni ima negai ga todoku no nara

Mou ichido tsuyoku dakishimete

"Mou ichido tsuyoku dakishimete.."

Everyone sat in stunned silence. The boy truly had a gift. His rich voice had flowed over them, giving them all chills. No one doubted that this boy was truly a musical genius. Sasuke started clapping and soon the rest of the class followed, rising to their feet and showing Naruto just how amazing they thought he was.

"Well done my boy, well done!" Mrs. Jacobs chirped happily. "I doubt you'll have any trouble in my class this year. Go ahead and take your seat."

The rest of the day passed quickly for both boys. Naruto hardly noticed the looks he was getting and soon enough he didn't even notice that his beloved mask was gone. Sasuke looked at Naruto as they walked toward the parking lot. He was proud of his blonde. He thought that Naruto had done far better that he expected him to. They walked through the gates and toward Sasuke's car. Now that they had made it through the day, it was time to talk.

A/N: Here is the english translation for 'Last Song'. I did not translate myself. I found it via google, the translation was done my Mina-P.

temonaku hitori samayoi arukitsuzuketa kasuka na toiki o tada shiroku somete utsurikawariyuku kisetsu no sono hakanasa ni wake mo naku namida ga koboreta "ima mo aishiteiru..."

I continued wandering aimlessly, all alone

A faint sigh painting a stroke of white

In the ephemeral nature of the changing seasons

Tears overflowed without any reason

"Even now I love you..."

furitsuzuku kanashimi wa masshiro na yuki ni kawaru zutto sora o miageteta kono karada ga kieru mae ni ima, negai ga todoku no nara mou ichido tsuyoku dakishimete

The continually falling sadness changes into pure white snow

Through it all, I raised my head to the sky

Before this body disappears now, if my wish reaches you

Please hold me tight just once more

wakariaenakute nando mo kizutsuketeita sonna toki demo itsumo yasashikute fui ni watasareta yubiwa ni kizamareteita futari no yakusoku wa kanawanai mama ni "ima mo oboeteiru..."

We didn't understand each other and hurt each other over and over again

Even at those times you were always kind

I cut myself on the suddenly surrendered ring

As our promises to each other were not granted

"Even now I remember..."

toozakaru omoide wa itsumademo mabushisugite motto soba ni itakatta mou nido to aenai kedo itsumo soba de sasaetekureta anata dake wa kawaranai de ite

The fading memories are too brilliant as always

I wanted to be closer by

We can't meet again but you were always close to hold me up

Just you, don't change yourself

saigo ni miseta namida ga kesenakute

I can't erase those last tears you showed me

kono shiroi yukitachi to issho ni kieteshimattemo anata no kokoro no naka ni zutto saiteitai kara

Even if I disappear along with this white snow

I want to always bloom in your heart

yorisotte dakiatta nukumori wa wasurenai de ne chigau dareka o aishitemo saigo ni kiita anata no koe o kono mama zutto hanasanai mama fukaku nemuri ni ochitai furitsuzuku kanashimi wa masshiro na yuki ni kawaru zutto sora o miageteta kono karada ga kieru mae ni ima, negai ga todoku no nara mou ichido tsuyoku dakishimete

We held each other close don't forget that warmth

Even if you love someone else

I'll never let go of the sound the last I heard of your voice

I want to fall into a deep sleep

The continually falling sadness changes into pure white snow

Through it all, I raised my head to the sky

Before this body disappears now, if my wish reaches you

Please hold me tight just once more

"mou ichido tsuyoku dakishimete..."

"Please hold me tight just once more..."