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All's Fair In Love and War

Chapter 1

"Kagome, Kagome wake up!" Sota cried, jumping on his eighteen year old sister's bed. Kagome groaned and opened her eyes.

"Sota? What's wrong?"

"The head of the town has called an emergency meeting, something about demons!" Sota said excitedly.

"Emergency meeting!" Kagome jumped out of bed and ran to get some clothes. Sota nodded.

"Yeah, it's starting in a little bit, so better hurry. Mom's already down there helping prepare it."

Sota and Kagome Higurashi were the children of Yumiko Higurashi, a very powerful warrior and miko of the eastern lands. She was a fable, a mere tale for children to aspire to, but she was real to everyone Lady Kaede's village. Yumiko was also the king's general of war. She hadn't fought in many years, however, but she still trained her children in the ways of martial arts and magic.

Kagome had the ability to become a priestess, and her mother instantly put her under the teaching of Lady Kaede, the village head. Though Yumiko was indeed a miko herself, she was in no way knowledgeable of teaching someone. Sota was known as the village warrior, and all the children of the town looked up to him. Even though he was only thirteen, he had the skills of a man of twenty.

"Ok, I'm ready!" Kagome cried, following her brother out the door of their house and up the hill to Kaede's house. She could already see a small crowd gathering in front of the old priestess's house, and she and her brother eagerly pushed their way to the front. Yumiko was visible from there, and Kagome could see she was talking feverishly with Kaede. The two children walked up to Yumiko.

"What's happening, mom?" Kagome asked. Yumiko turned to face her daughter.

"Ah Kagome, you're awake. Sometime horrible has happened. We're going to have to leave instantly." Yumiko explained hurriedly.

"What? Why?" Sota looked curiously at his mother.

"The king has declared war on the demons of the eastern valley. He's called me back to the palace to once again take my role as general." Yumiko opened the letter and reread it. Kaede smiled at Kagome.

"You'll be going with her, lass." The old priestess said. "When at war, we need all the help we can get."

"But I don't have any experience in war!" Kagome cried.

"You're a skilled miko, and your powers far surpass my own. You're the daughter of the general, and you're the best miko the king has. So, you're required to go as well." Kaede said. Kagome let this sink in as Sota spoke.

"Do I get to go to war too?"

Kaede glanced at Yumiko gravely. "Yes, Sota. You are going to war. All able boys above the age of twelve are leaving."

"Yes!" Sota punched the air. "I finally get to show off my skills!"

"Sota, going to war isn't a good thing!" Yumiko scolded her son. "Luckily because of your age, you'll only be backup in case things get really rough. Hopefully you won't even have to fight."

"Ah man…" Sota frowned.

"When do we leave, mom?" Kagome had recovered from her shock.


Noon… That's so soon! Kagome thought as she packed all of her belongings into a leather bag. Her mother's words flashed through her mind.

"Be sure to bring all of your clothes, because I'm not sure when we're going to be back. Pack anything and everything you feel is important to you."

"That makes me feel so much better…" Kagome sighed and stood up. She glanced around her room and fingered the jewel around her neck. Her grandfather had given it to her on his deathbed, and made her promise never to let anyone else get a hold of it. Since then it had been her most prized possession, and she was always careful not to let anyone else see it.

"Ready Kagome?" Sota came to her door and peeked inside. He was carrying all of his stuff in a small bag as well.

"Yeah. I'll be out." Kagome sighed and picked up her bow and arrow. Miko skills were great, but it was impossible for someone as young as her to fight only with those. She would kill herself trying. Bow and arrows were the only solution, because Kagome had such a killer aim with them.

"Ok, come on." Sota led her out of her room and out into the fresh morning air. She turned around and got one last glimpse of the house before following her brother to the horses.

"Kagome, Sota, are you all packed?" Yumiko asked when she saw her children emerge from the house. Both nodded. "Good. Come on, get on a horse and we're heading out."

Kagome surveyed the people her mother had chosen to go to war as well. She noticed several of the village boys, including Koga and Hojo, both of whom had had a crush on her when she was younger. She noticed Sota's best friend, Kohaku, and his sister, Sango. Kaede wasn't going, apparently she was too old to go to war, but Kagome noticed several of the other villagers on horses as well.

"So many people…" Kagome whispered as she walked over to Sango and Kohaku.

"Kagome!" Sango said to her best friend. Kagome smiled and took the horse closest to the demon slayer. Sota followed suit, steering his horse over to Kohaku.

"Hi Sango." Kagome said, getting comfortable on her chestnut brown horse. "What about this, hmm?"

"I know! They're sending Kohaku and Sota off to war and they both just turned thirteen! I can understand me, because I come from a family of demon slayers, and you, because you're a miko, but they just so young!" Sango shook her head.

"Yeah. Sota's actually excited about this. He says that he can't wait to use his skills on something other then rabbits and deer."

"Same with Kohaku. I have a feeling that will change when they see just how devastating war can be." Sango sighed.

"I hope so." Kagome nodded. "It's not a good thing to go to war in excitement."

"Yeah, but I heard a rumor that only the older men and a few skilled women will have to fight." Sango looked at Kagome curiously to see if she could confirm this rumor.

"That's what I heard. My mom agrees with it, and she said that the younger boys would only fight if the going gets really rou—" Kagome was cut off by her mother's powerful voice.

"Ok, troops! It's noon, move out!"

"And so it begins…" Sango whispered to Kagome.

Inuyasha sighed. Another war meeting… I swear, those humans cause us too much trouble. He made his way down a long hallway to the door at the end. On it was the words, "War Room". It's like they have to announce it to the world. He commented sarcastically as he opened the doors.

"Ah, General Inuyasha." A demon with a very powerful aura stood up and did a slight bow. "So good of you to show up this time."

Inuyasha chuckled. "Same goes to you, King Seiji." The king always had a way of lightening his mood. Inuyasha nodded to all the other demons in the room and took his seat by the king.

"As I was saying, the humans have decided to wage war. I have a feeling that the humans will put up a much bigger fight then last time." A few chuckles ran throughout the room. Last time the war was over within a week. "We need to round up all able demons to come and report to General Inuyasha for training before we head to the battlefield. Know that every demon within the age of fifty and seven hundred are liable to go."

"Every demon, my lord?" One of the messengers asked. "Against mortals? Is it really necessary to pull them all out?"

The king nodded. "I'm afraid so. The humans have a new general this time, and apparently she's a miko and a warrior. She's the one who took out the whole group of demons on Halloween fifteen years back."

A few demons shuddered. Inuyasha frowned; that mere mortal had taken out about twenty demons single handedly, and she hadn't even broken a sweat. It caused a large commotion on the demon side for several weeks afterward. That miko was famous, and she was commonly sought after. To capture her would be a prize like no other.

"Yes, so we need to be even more on our guard this time. We can't let our senses down even for a minute, lest we get captured by this miko." King Seiji held up a rough carving of Yumiko and showed the demons in the room. "If you see her, stay clear, because she will certainly kill you.

The king held up another picture, this time of Kagome. "Also, this girl has a daughter as well. She was but a tyke when those foolish demons attacked fifteen years ago, but now the daughter is eighteen. From what I hear by our sources, she is an even more powerful miko then her mother, and she'll be in battle as well. Do wise around her, for we don't know what she's capable of." He put that picture down and pulled another one up. This one was of a young man wearing monk robes and holding his hand out.

"This man is called Miroku. About fifty years ago a demon that called himself Naraku punctured his ancestor's left hand. Now there's a devastating hellhole there, called the 'Wind Tunnel'. This monk is probably just as dangerous as Yumiko because of the hellhole. If you get too close, the man will unleash it, and any demon or human who gets close will be sucked in and killed instantly. Not even their body will remain. Be wary of him as well.

"So, go and get all able demons to report to General Inuyasha within a week. He will train them, and when the humans attack, we'll be ready." King Seiji stood up, signifying that his speech was over. All the other demons left the room to do his bidding. Inuyasha was about to leave when the king pulled him aside.

"Inuyasha, I have something important to tell you." The king's eyes softened. "I'm sorry, but the queen and I have decided to restrict you from battle."

"What?" Inuyasha screeched.

"I'm sorry, but we can't bear it if anything happened to you. You're like a son to us, and if you got wounded in battle we'd never forgive ourselves. Plus if something happened to you, we'd be out of a general, and no one would be able to train our troops." The king shook his head.

"So?" Inuyasha spat. "You let me compete in the last war!"

"That was fifty years ago, and things have changed. This new general will be tough to take down, and we don't want you to get cocky like you sometimes do." King Seiji said. "I'm sorry, but when the battles begin, you will be restricted to the palace. End of discussion."


"That's an order." The king said, using his royal power to end the talk. Inuyasha fell silent, and stormed out of the room angrily. The king watched him go.

"I don't want anything to happen to our only heir…" He whispered. (A/N: No, Inuyasha does not know about being an heir. Let's just say that the king and queen have no children so they chose him to be the next king, 'conveniently' forgetting to tell him.)

Kagome smirked. She had been to the palace once before, and it never ceased to amaze her by it's size. As her village entered the gates, she looked over to see Sango practically drooling over the rich palace guards and their expensive weapons. The young demon slayer was great in her profession, but she had yet to choose a weapon to her liking. Hopefully she would get a chance here.

"All soldiers, report to the barracks to get your bed and uniform. You will be instructed further after that." Yumiko called loudly. Groaning slightly, the villagers moved their horses to the barracks. Kagome and Sota trotted over to their mother.

"Do we go with them, mom?" Sota asked.

"No, you two will be rooming with me. Come on." She dismounted her horse and motioned for her children to do the same. Once two stable boys came to lead their horses away, Yumiko led Kagome and Sota into the large palace. "My room is always on the second floor. I'm afraid you'll have to get used to it yourself; I'm supposed to meet the king for a short conference before we start training." Yumiko walked up the stairs to the second floor. "My room is the third door on the right. You'll find two cots set up in there as well, and feel free to put your stuff in the dresser by the bed."

"Ok." Kagome and Sota waved to their mother as she continued up to the third floor, where the king had his conferences. Once she was gone, they made their way to the indicated door.

"When do you think the war'll officially begin?" Sota asked. Kagome thought for a moment.

"Probably not for another month or so. The new recruits have to train, and the demons will take a while to get ready as well. War isn't a sudden thing." Kagome said grimly. Sota shrugged.

"Works for me. After we get settled down, let's go to the barracks. Kohaku heard that all the new soldiers get to pick new weapons, or get theirs inspected if they already have one. I want a really cool sword!" Sota said eagerly. Kagome shook her head and walked over to her bed.

"Whatever. Hopefully mom'll figure out where we are." Kagome set her stuff down and smiled at Sota's happy disposition.

The barracks were large. They easily took up half the courtyard, and as Kagome and Sota looked for Sango and Kohaku, they realized that there were quite a few men and women around. Most looked at Kagome, realizing the resemblance to their general, but Sota wasn't paying attention.

"Kohaku!" The boy ran over to his friend.

"Hey Sota! We lost you when we went to the barracks." Kohaku stated. Sango came up behind him and smiled at Kagome.

"Yeah, we wondered where you were."

"We were in my mom's room. Apparently we're supposed to sleep with her, but right now she's at a meeting with the king." Kagome explained.

"Ah." Sango looked around. "Come on, let's go to the armory before all the good weapons get taken!"

"Ok!" Sota looked especially happy about that. Kagome shook her head and shifted the supply of arrows on her back.

"All right, let's go." She said, leading the way out of the barracks. Sango, Kohaku, and Sota followed her. Kagome was the only one who knew her way around the castle, because she had come here when she was about six. Sota had come as well, but he was only one when that happened, so he didn't remember much. "The armory is this way." She led them down one hallway and past a lot of elegant looking doors to the one that said 'armory' above it. "In here."

"What was your first clue?" Sota asked sarcastically. Sango and Kohaku chuckled; Kagome shot daggers at her brother and opened the door.

The armory was a large place, and it was fairly empty. Swords, bows and arrows, staffs, and several other types of weapons littered the walls. Sota and Kohaku immediately walked over to the swords, their faces lit up in awe. Kagome sighed and walked over to the man who was running it. Sango followed.

"Excuse me." Kagome said to the man. He turned around and frowned.

"Little girl, this isn't any place for you." He said gruffly. Kagome huffed in anger.

"I'll have you know I'm eighteen. That's much too old to be called a 'little girl'. And, we're here to get weapons for the war." She put her hands on her hips and glared at the man. He surveyed Sango and Kagome with raised eyebrows.

"They'll let anybody in war these days…" He shook his head and sighed. "All right, what do you need?"

"I need my bows and arrows checked, and my friend is looking for a sturdy weapon to use." Kagome held out her bow and arrows. The man took them and began inspecting.

"Give me a minute, and if your friend needs a weapon, just pick one off the wall. There're plenty." He said before turning his back on the two girls. Kagome shrugged and began inspecting the weapons.

"Any idea what kind you want, Sango?" She asked.

"I want it to be different, something that no one else uses. I want it to be suitable to the demon slayer custom. Also, I want two swords to use in case that weapon failed." Sango explained. Kagome thought for a moment before picking up two plain swords.

"Like these?" She asked. Sango picked one out of her hands and tried a few stunts with it.

"This'll work." She said.

"Good. Now, let's go about looking for t—" Kagome stopped as she noticed Sango walking slowly towards a weapon in the corner. She picked it up and dusted it off.

"It's perfect…" She whispered.

"What?" Kagome walked over to her and looked at the weapon she had chosen. It was literally a boomerang, but it came up to about her chest. When Kagome tried to pick it up, she found it was extremely heavy. "What is it?"

"That's a Hiraikotsu." The man was finished inspecting Kagome's bow and arrows. "By the way, these are fine." He pushed them towards her. Kagome took them and turned back to Sango.

"Hiraikotsu?" She repeated. Sango said nothing; she was too in awe of the weapon.

"Yes. It's a large boomerang that was commonly used by demon slayers about fifty years ago. Nowadays, though, no one that I've seen can use it properly. You'd best pick a different weapon, girl. That's made of demon bones and it's too advanced a weapon for you."

Sango wasn't listening. She picked up the boomerang and smiled. "I'll take it!"

"Weren't you listening? I said that it's too heavy for you to use properly! Go pick out a sword or something." He scowled when Sango didn't put it down. "You know what? If you can prove to me that you can wield it, feel free to take it."

"I will." Sango walked to the door. "Come on, you'll see just how good I can use it."

"What is this world coming to?" The man muttered as he followed Sango outside. Kagome grinned and walked over to Kohaku and Sota.

"Found anything?" She asked.

"Yeah. Look at this!" Kohaku showed her a weapon. It was a metal blade that curved in the middle. At the end was a long chain with a weight at the end. "I like this one. Sango told me to get two swords as well, so I chose these." He showed her two plain swords like the one Sango had chosen.

"Good, good. And you, Sota?" Kagome turned her attention to her brother.

"I found this sword. I really like it." Sota held up a rather large sword. It looked extremely sharp, and had a green handle at the bottom.

"Ok, then. Those look great." Kagome praised her brother and his friend as Sango and the man walked back in.

"Sango! How did you do?" Kagome asked her friend eagerly.

"Let's just say it'll take a lot to wrestle this weapon off me." Sango said smugly. The man looked a bit dazed as he checked out all of their weapons.

"You must have really gotten him shocked." Kagome said as she walked out of the armory.

"I did. I don't know, it's just when I picked up this weapon, it felt . . . right. Like it was my destiny to wield it!" Sango smiled happily, patting the Hiraikotsu on her back.

"Well, you won't have to wait long, we're going to war in less then a month." Yumiko walked around the corner and smirked. "Hope you're ready."

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