Babysitting Cupid

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"You want us to what?" Piper Halliwell brushed a strand of her long brown hair aside, her frustrations evident in her agitated movement.

"To baby-sit my boy." Cupid said. "Please." He added, following human etiquette. He heard hearsay that please was the magic word.

He nodded his curly blonde head towards a gurgling toddler. The two Charmed Ones turned to look at the little angel. Cute chubby cheeks were dusted pink and a head of blonde curls bounced on his head. He was fairly naked except for the white cloth wrapped securely around his waist.

Currently, baby Cupid was engrossed in making roses randomly bloom into existence.

"Aww, he's so cute! Isn't he cute, Piper?" Phoebe was gushing as she rushed over to play with the little cherub.

"Very." Piper agreed absentmindedly.

Cupid Jr. giggled and offered a fully bloomed pink rose to what he deemed a fellow playmate.

Phoebe squealed. "Look Piper! He gave me a flower! Oh, little man, you're gonna make a girl very happy someday."

Piper snorted and rolled her eyes. Wasn't she supposed to be the excitable one?

Turning to the cloaked man beside her, she asked a little skeptically. "He's your son?"

"Yep, that's my boy." Cupid puffed his chest proudly.

"I thought Cupid only spread loveā€”not," she waved her hands vaguely, "not actually participate in the loving."

Cupid nodded his head in agreement, temporarily distracting Piper with his bouncing curls.

"Generally, that's the idea. But our network of Cupids doesn't replenish themselves, you know. Therefore we have to get in some action, so to speak." He winked at Piper who distinctly turned her head away from him. His charms won't work on her. She was already taken. Sort of.

Cupid smiled in understanding at her reaction, or lack thereof.

"Before we agree to anything, why and for how long will we be magical babysitters for the little guy?"

Piper folded her arms as she spoke. She could feel all the stress settling back in. They finally had a lull in their demon vanquishing, and this man shoves a future angel of love into their arms. Not to mentionat a time when her own love life sucked.

"Just for a few weeks or so, or however long it takes for me to fix the little problem the little guy caused."

"Problem? What problems can such a cutie pie cause?" Phoebe questioned, pulling the subject of their topic into her lap.

"You'd be surprised." Cupid replied dryly.

"Wait, he's not the reason why half the people of San Francisco is committing adulteration against their spouses, is he?" Piper asked cautiously.


"He forced married people to fall in love?"

"Oh, no. He's not old enough to create love. But he can be a bit of a handful, and I figured the Charmed Ones would be able to handle it." Cupid carefully navigated himself around the issue of answering her question.

"I'm glad you think so highly of us." Piper scoffed, to which Cupid gave her a charming smile.

"Now, I must be off. There's a couple who are about to get married...with their spouses as the maid of honor and best man." And with a wink, he puffed out of sight.

Phoebe and Piper sat in silence as Cupid Jr. played with the ribbons of Phoebe's outfit.

"Now what?" Piper questioned to no one in particular.

The sisters were still young, in their mid-twenties, and none of them were even close to having kids. And now, in pops the son of Cupid.

"What do you mean? We take care of cutie here. Come on, Piper, you're suppose to be the smart one." Phoebe joked.

Piper arched an eyebrow.

"Oh, really. So then you must be..."

"The beautiful, charming, and terribly irresistible one."

"I was going to say 'ill-bred one', but I suppose that works too."

Suddenly Cupid Jr. poofed from Phoebe's lap. In mere seconds, Phoebe was holding nothing but air.


"Dammit, where'd he go?" Piper jumped from her spot on the couch.

Both sisters turned as they heard the front door open.

"Hey guys?" Paige's voice floated through the manor as she walked into the sunny den. In her arms was little Cupid, smiling happily and reaching for her hair.

"A baby just popped into my arms. What do I do?"

"You hand him over to Phoebe. I'm glad you found him." Piper breathed a sigh of relief.

Phoebe took baby Cupid out of Paige's arms and smiled as he settled comfortably.

"I'm hoping he's not yours." Paige stated.

"Don't be silly. That's our new charge. We have to watch him until daddy Cupid gets back."

"Wait," Paige said, clearly confused. "Cupid can have kids? Who would've thunk."

"Yea, you're telling me."

Piper sighed.


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