Another Piece

Written By: Smerph Greenfox

Disclaimer: All characters, unless otherwise noted, are copyright of Eichiiro Oda.

Chapter 1: Aboard the Orbit

22 years ago, the former Pirate King, Gold Roger was executed. It was a grand ceremony for the King. He smiled proudly as he marched down the road that led to the platform he was to be executed on.

He was a powerful man, not just due to his vast wealth and massive crew, but his physical stature was nothing to put down. Standing straight up, he almost reached seven feet. Just an inch or so away... His physical strength was something else, and he loved to show it off. His favorite trick when he stopped at a bar for a drink was lifting as many tables as he could with one hand. His max was set in some bar whose name he couldn't recall on some island whose location he couldn't remember. He had a terrible memory for things like that.

Forty-two tables. But on that day, he claimed he could lift more than that. His arm was sore because he just got done arm wrestling everyone in another bar. Or so he said.

No one could tell if he was lying or not. He kept that a secret.

He grinned to himself, recalling that story. A gust of wind suddenly picked up, and it blew the straw hat he was wearing off of his head. Roger frowned. He was kind of looking forward to dying with that hat on his head. It landed somewhere in the crowd, at the feet of a small red haired boy. He looked down in awe. He quickly picked it up, pushed his way through the crowd, and called out to the King.

"GOLD ROGER! Your hat!" He cried out.

Roger cleared his throat, indicating that he wanted the guards who were leading him to the platform to stop. He turned around, and saw the boy trembling, holding the hat tightly in his hands.

He chuckled. "And who are you, my red haired friend?"

"Sh-Shanks..." The boy said nervously. "Mr. Roger, I'm your-I mean, you're my hero."

"I am? Well, thank you! It's good to know I have a fan!" He looked up at the sky. "Hm. Maybe it's just me, but I think this day just got a bit sunnier." He looked back down at the boy. "Keep the hat, lad. And make sure nothing happens to it! I really like that hat!" With that, he stood up, proudly, and continued marching towards the platform.

The boy was in awe. His hero had just left him with a memoir.

It was there that Shanks vowed to become a great pirate captain. One who would make Gold Roger proud. He grinned widely and looked up to see the Pirate King walk away.

He arrived on the platform soon after, knelt down, grinned, and asked his executioners if he could have a last word.

They complied, and Gold Roger cleared his throat.

"Inherited will. The destiny of the age and the dreams of its people. These will not be stopped. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of freedom, THEY WILL NEVER CEASE TO BE!" He yelled triumphantly.

The crowd was silenced by his words. How could he say such a thing? With such bravery? Did he still fear nothing even on the site of his death?

A lone man in the crowd took advantage of the Pirate King's bravery. "YOUR TREASURE! WHERE IS IT!"

Gold Roger was taken aback slightly. "My treasure? You really want to know? Very well, I suppose there's no sense in hiding it." He chuckled lightly. "It's on the Grand Line. Don't worry, it's in one piece. But good luck getting there! You'll need one HELL of a crew to get THERE!" With that, he burst into uproarious laughter. But it wasn't a taunting laughter, as if he were mocking the attempts of the future pirates who would hunt for his treasure. No, it was more of a content laughter. The kind made by a man who had accomplished all he wanted to do, and thought that being executed was a silly way to end his life. Almost as if he were saying "Well, it's been fun! But, it's time for me to go!"

With that, he died, laughing a ridiculous, monkeylike laugh.

But, ten years later, Monkey D. Luffy was not thinking about Gold Roger's words. He wasn't thinking about the One Piece, or anything even close to that. Why?

He was too busy being scared.

The black haired, five year old boy had snuck onto the passenger ship Orbit with his older brother Ace, in order to escape that cruel orphanage they had to live in since their parents died shortly after Luffy was born. For the first few days, the sails were full and the seas were calm. But on the fourth day out at sea, a violent storm threatened to sink the ship.

Luffy and Ace clung tightly to the railing on the deck, trying to make their way to a lifeboat. Suddenly, amidst the panicked screams, a shout from the crow's nest made them look up.


Luffy had no idea who that was, but Ace looked very concerned.

"Luf, stay close to me, alright? Red Shoes Zeff is one helluva pirate." Ace said and hugged his brother tightly. Luffy was slightly taken aback. Ace had never sworn in front of him before. Even though Ace had four years on the little kid, Luffy still thought he was too young to swear.

As Zeff's pirates raided the ship, Luffy suddenly saw a little blonde haired boy with two knives in his hands. He recognized the boy. Yesterday, while he was sneaking food from the kitchen to quiet his never-full stomach, he saw the boy yelling at the cooks about something.


The cooks laughed mockingly. "Sanji, Sanji, Sanji... It's a fairy tale. There's no way it exits..."They tried to convince him. "Now, come on, get back to work. One of the chefs tried to take his arm to lead him back to the sink full of dishes.

The boy pushed the chef's hand away. "SHUT UP! I'M GONNA PROVE IT TO YOU ONE DAY! YOU'LL SEE!" He turned around in a huff and stormed towards the door, walking right past Luffy.

The chefs saw Luffy standing innocently with a half-eaten apple in his hands.

"HEY! What are you doing in here? The kitchen's off-limits to passengers!"

Waves crashed into the ship, causing Ace and Luffy to lose their balance. Luffy's eyes remained transfixed on the blonde boy. What exactly was he fighting this pirate for? Even Ace was afraid of this pirate, and Ace wasn't afraid of anything. Not even snakes, and those were the scariest things Luffy had ever seen.

"I ain't gonna die here!" He yelled, and charged Zeff. Zeff calmly kicked the boy into a pile of empty barrels, but the boy got back up. "I'M GONNA FIND THE ALL BLUE!" He charged again, and almost as if it were on cue, a huge wave crashed onto the deck. The force of the water ripped Luffy from Ace's arms and he was flung into the ocean.

"LUUUUUFFY!" He heard Ace yell as he crashed into the water. He saw the blonde boy fall with him, and saw Zeff dive in after him. He was confused as to why the so-called fierce pirate would save that boy's life, even after he just attacked him.

Luffy swam awkwardly to a plank of wood and clung to it for dear life. He looked up and saw Ace being pulled into a lifeboat, still screaming for his brother.


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