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Chapter One: In Which the Dare is Made

"Okay," said Minerva, swallowing the firewhiskey. "Celaene, truth or dare?"

Celaene hiccupped slightly and giggled out the word, "Dare." She and several other female professors at Hogwarts were playing their favorite game, but this time, they were playing it with the interesting addition of alcohol.

"I dare you to…" McGonagall thought about it for a long moment. Then a broad smile spread over her usually stern face. "I dare you to—" she hiccupped, "—sleep with Snape."


"I said, 'I dare you to sleep with Snape'," she repeated.

Celaene frowned. "Snape? Oh, come on, Min… Min…erva…" she struggled. "You know he's just my f-friend"

Pomona Sprout rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right, Sinistra. We all know you can't get enough of him…" Her voice was slurred with drink and her eyes were unfocused.

"N-no!" Celaene insisted unconvincingly. "Just because I dreamed about him once—"

"Five times," muttered Victoria Vector from the corner, making Celaene flush.

"—doesn't mean I'm in love with… with… him," she finished.

"But," said McGonagall loudly, calling attention back to herself, "you can't just sleep with Snape. You have to make him start it."

Celaene shook her head but seized the bottle and poured herself a shot. She drank it and turned to Minerva in retaliation. "Minerva, truth or dare?"

"T-truth," she said finally.

"I dare you to—"

"Truth," she repeated more firmly.

"Coward," muttered Celaene. "Okay… Then t-tell us what happened on a certain night three months ago with a certain Filius Flitwick?"

Minerva turned instantly scarlet. "Nothing."

"Nothing?" Celaene insisted. "Truth, Minerva."

"We… had a drink," she mumbled. "And… well…"

They all laughed. "Come on…" wheedled Sprout. "Detail, Minerva."

"Yeah… At least tell us if he's good…" said Victoria, reaching out for the bottle to take her turn. "Is he?"

"Well… well, yes, if you must know. But I suspect it was a charm," she added in a lower voice. The other professors roared with laughter as Victoria had her shot of whiskey and looked, with slightly unfocused eyes, at Celaene. "Celaene, truth or dare?"

"Again?" complained the Astronomy teacher. "Um… truth."

"What do you really think of Snape?"

"Well…" Celaene didn't know how best to answer. "I—don't—" she stammered.

"Go on…" said the quiet Muggle Studies teacher insistently.

"Well, okay, so I don't think of Snape as just a friend," she burst out. "But I don't love him. It's more of a vaguely related… um…"

"Desire," interrupted Victoria.

"Not just desire," said Celaene, forgetting her earlier denials. "I… well, I sort of like him. And once we did get kind of close and I liked that, but… but I d-don't—"

"Keep going, Sinistra," insisted Pomona with a wicked smile. "Tell us how much you want him…"

Celaene hiccupped, then finally stood up, faced the room full of professors, and announced in slurred but understandable speech, "I want Snape," before swaying and passing out into a drunken sleep.

Severus instantly regretted walking into the staffroom. There they were, nearly all of the female professors in Hogwarts, sitting around a large table, all of them drunk. Several empty bottles of Ogden's Old Firewhiskey lay around their feet. It was actually a rather amusing sight… Celaene Sinistra was leaning on the table, protesting something that Victoria Vector (draped over an old armchair) had told her. Minerva McGonagall, the usually collected Transfiguration witch, was giggling in the corner and drinking straight from a half-empty bottle that she was apparently sharing with Eleanor Browning, the Muggle Studies teacher. Pomona Sprout was sharing a couch with Poppy Pomfrey, who had already passed out. As Snape stood in the doorway watching them at their ridiculous game, Sinistra stood up and faced the room at large and announced, to loud applause and giggles, "I want Snape." It was perhaps lucky that she passed out then and did not see him turn around and stalk back out in disgust.

He should have known, really. The way they tormented each other every day of their lives was hardly normal of two people. She was really the only friend he had at Hogwarts, though she was not particularly social. It had been a bit of a shock to see her sitting voluntarily with five other people at a time. No, not social at all. He would see her perhaps once or twice a week and she was the only person he would really joke around with at all—if it could even be called that. But whether it was friendly teasing when they were on speaking terms or withering insults when they were angry with each other—a common occurrence—she was only his friend, as far as he knew… though over the years he had felt an increasing attachment to her that he tried to ignore.

But she had just said she wanted him… and was that the drink talking or was it her? Well, it didn't matter. He would not risk losing his only friend for some ridiculous, shortsighted desire of hers. She could control herself—at least her body, if not her temper. She was, after all, not Bellatrix Lestrange, though there were some similarities between the two. Sinistra was a fairly attractive woman with the same black hair and dark features, though it was a cleaner beauty than Bella's, and without the heavily-lidded eyes and malicious smile. And Sinistra was shorter with the softer and more rounded, curvy figure that was typical of witches from the ancient House Sinistra.

Severus shook his head and walked back down to his dungeons and back to his potions. He'd worry about it in the morning, but at the moment, he had to grade some no doubt abysmally written essays by his third-year Gryffindor class.

"So, Victoria, what happened after I passed out last night?" asked Celaene casually over breakfast the next morning.

"Well," said Vector, "we sort of fell apart after someone walked in on our party…"

"Oh? Who was that?" Sinistra took a bite of oatmeal.

"Er… Snape, actually. You do remember your dare, right?"

Sinistra rolled her eyes. "Yes, yes, of course. And I do fully intend follow through with it, thank-you-very-much. When'd he come in?"

Vector looked away. After several moments, she said, "Actually, just before you passed out."

Celaene choked on her oatmeal. "Please tell me he didn't hear me say—"

"He did," she assured Sinistra cheerfully.

"Oh, God…" Celaene pushed her bowl away and stood up. "I better go talk to him, don't you think?"

"Actually, it might be safer to stay away from him at the moment. He's having a rather bad morning… took twenty points from Gryffindor already because some first year glanced at him. Then he cursed Peeves halfway into oblivion and locked himself in his office."

"Hmm… Then I should definitely go see him. I'll see you at break if I'm still alive." The Astronomy professor walked quietly out of the Great Hall and crossed the Entrance Hall into the dungeons. Just as she opened the door to the stairs, a loud curse drifted up from below. Yes, he definitely heard me last night, she thought gloomily.

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