I do not own Fruits Basket or any of the characters. This is my first fic, please review! Also, If you write Ayame fics, e-mail me. Ayame is awesome, both when he's serious, and acting like an idiot. This is a few years back when Ayame tried for one of the first times to be closer to Yuki.

Ayame's Words

He came to visit his brother, to make up for his attitude towards him in

the past. Ayame's long hair, coloured silver despite him being merely 24,

shone in the sunlight. His green eyes reflected his determination. The sun

was bright and the lake sparkled in the distance. He saw his brother.

2"Yuki, how great it is to see you!" Ayame called, his loud voice overflowing

with confidence. Yuki didn't seem to see him and remained silent, his eyes

cold. Ayame realized he would have to say something more interesting to

catch the attention of Yuki. Ayame began to talk about an actor in a play,

than about his high school days, and than began to speak French. As he

spoke, rapidly and jumping from topic to topic, not allowing Yuki to get a

word in, Yuki became more and more annoyed. Ayame's words came so fast

that it was hard to make any of them out. The anger became more and more

evident in Yuki's face, his eyes narrowing at his older brother who was

waving his hands dramatically in the air, his long red and gold coat blowing in

the wind. As he flailed his arms, he neglected to put down his bag, black and

expensive looking, and it came dangerously near Yuki's head several times.

Finally Yuki spoke.

"Go away," he said, his voice emotionless and low. Ayame sighed. He would

have to keep trying to get through to Yuki, hoping maybe eventually it would

work and forbidding himself to think otherwise.

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