Because Link Sneezed

**One day while Link was at a meeting with Mayor Dotour**

Link: (sneezes loudly)

Mayor: My toupee! (yes, his toupee was floating away on the breeze)

Cheese Vendor: Whoops! (trips on toupee which was lying on ground in South Clock Town, drops piece of cheese)

Dog: Woof! (runs over and eats piece of cheese, which makes him so fat he collapses through the ground into underground cave)

Sakon: You found me! (runs through his tunnel system, up to West Clock Town in an attempt to get away)

Soldier: Sakon! (arrests Sakon, takes him to jail, but Sakon drops a small bag of rupees in a bush, vowing to come back for it later)

Bird: Chirp! Chirp! (sees bag, tries to eat it but chokes)

Groundsman: Oh yuck, a dead bird! (puts bird in bag, mops up mess)

Cheese Vendor: Whoops! (slips and falls again, dropping another piece of cheese)

Dog: Whoof! (eats it, becomes fat again and drops through ground)

Moles: Hey! (This was the Mole's Underground Network that the Dog had dropped into, they carried him off to jail, never to be seen again)

**That night**

Lady: Where is my dog?! (falls into hole, is arrested by a mole)

**The next morning**

Man: Where is my wife?! (falls into hole, arrested by mole)

**That afternoon**

Little Girl: Where is my daddy?! (f. i. h. i. a. b. a m.)

**That night**

Little Boy: Where is my family?! (fihiabam)

**The next day**

Groundsman: Where did this hole come from?! (patches up hole, making it impossible to know where the Bolami family went)

Man #1: Have you seen the Bolami family lately?

Groundsman: Nope.

Man #2: Hey guys, do you know if the Bolami family went out of town?

Man #1, Groundsman: Nope.

Dude: Sup Homey G's, seen the Bolamis?

Man #1, #2, Groundsman: Nope.

All: Oh well.

**Later that day**

Mayor: I lost my toupee when Link sneezed!

Cheese Vendor: Well your stupid toupee made me drop cheese, what's that!? (a faint barking had sounded, but it ceased)

**Much Later**

Everyone: So, this all happened because Link sneezed? We'll teach him to sneeze! (they set to work)

**That evening**

Link: (is happily walking into South Clock Town when a 5-ton weight falls from the Clock Tower and squashes him, speaks after everyone pulled it off) Why'd you do that!?!?!


The End