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Lex's heartbeat shattered the silence and darkness. The alien edged forward slowly, lips baring teeth in a malicious smile.

That's what gave it away, the observer in the shadows noted, as the soft meat let out a shrill cry before dodging. The ebony hard meat let out a cry of its own, though its higher pitched one gave on a different tone. One of fury. And of pure, unswerving blood-lust.

The Predator clenched his fist around his staff-like Combistick, the weapon fully lengthened and ready. They were running straight towards him. The soft meat blind in the darkness. The alien blind in its rush to capture its prey. It was unaware.

Lex stumbled, throat clenched in sudden terror. Squealing its delight, the alien leaped forward with momentum, having every intent to strike down its pre-

That's when Scar struck.

Muscles bunching, the Yautja lunged forward, giant arm darting out to grasp the hard meat around its neck. Using its momentum against it, Scar pivoted, slamming the alien as hard as he could to the stone-like wall of the temple.


The stone wall exploded outward at the impact, making Lex cover her head protectively. The human female's wide brown eyes took in the two battling forms in the darkness. But it was too dark to make out anything clearly. Lex knew her eyes merely needed time to adjust. She was almost stepped on twice before her feet decided it was a good idea to bring her somewhere safer. Hah, safer. If only such a place existed.

Neither Predator nor Alien took heed of her sudden departure, too enraptured in their battle to focus on anything else. The hard meat hissed dangerously low, whipping its tail in a wide arc in front of its pinned form. This forced Scar to leap back, a snarl on his own lips, though the sound was distorted and echoed with a metallic trill through its mask. Hardly a breath later, the black sinewy form launched itself off the wall, giving the Predator half a second to brace itself.

The Yautja took the force of the leap well, considering he only skidded ninety feet down the corridor. He had curled instinctively as the hard meat had rammed into his armored body, lessening the force of the impact. Breath effectively knocked out of him, the Predator didn't dare lose a moment's concentration as the alien continued its attack, mucus-covered teeth hoping to catch the Yautja between its jaws. Growling, Scar caught the elongated head roughly between his hands. Caught up in the thrill of battle, death looming mere inches from his face, Scar yanked the alien's head closer to his own. Staring right into that murderous face, the Yautja let out a battle-hardened roar.

The alien bared its teeth, head regarding the Yautja before him. The hunter challenged him? At the corner of its mind, it felt the mental nod of The Queen. So be it. Pausing in its frantic haste to kill the Predator quickly, the hard meat opened its mouth and let out a shrill challenge of its own. Scar was pleased. He wanted a good battle.

Lex watched on in horrified amazement. The two titanic forms were fighting a few yards down the hall from her, and all she could do was stand there in slack-jawed, wide-eyed, terror. Shouldn't she be going somewhere? Shouldn't she be running. Like, uh... right now?

But no matter what the voices in her head were saying, her legs refused to budge.


Someone had rammed the other into the stone wall. Hard. Dust clouds thick enough to make Lex gag spilled over the hallway, enveloping the darkness with a fine particles of broken stone.

There were no movements but the rise and fall of Lex's chest. There were no sounds besides the loud thumping of her heartbeat in her ears.

Suddenly, something moved.

It only took Lex a few moments before she realized the winner. Scar emerged the victor of the short-lived battle. But despite his obvious victory, the Predator couldn't help but feel more than a bit discouraged. Sure, the hard meats were considered one of the ultimate preys, so then why had that battle not been as satisfying as it should have been? Growling in a short trill of frustration, the Yautja jerked his head to examine the dead body at his feet, his dreadlocks lashing against his face at the sudden movement. Upon closer inspection, the Hunter realized the problem.

That alien had been small. Young. Not much of a challenge.

Lex blinked, still trying to let the fact sink in at how quickly the Hunter had dispatched the Alien. When she noticed the Predator's frustration, she cringed inwardly. Did it want to fight more? Would it kill her? Remembering the way some of her companions had been horrifically slain by both Predators and Aliens, the human couldn't help but shudder.

That's when she remembered. She still had the guards' gun. The strange artifact they had taken from the depths of the pyramid. If only they had left well enough alone. The gun was the reason the Hunters took out some of her people. Or at least, that's how Lex had talked and rationalized it with Sebastion before... Lex let the thought come to a standstill.

The Predator was looking straight at her.

Every muscle in her body tensed.

Catching the clenched stillness of the human's muscles, the Yautja stood rigid a moment. Would the female dare challenge him? He scented the air and moments later dispelled that thought. She would not attack him. Her stance was weak. She smelled of fear. Shifting through his visual enhancers with a mere blink of his eye, the Predator stiffened even more. She had reason to be afraid.

She had one of their guns.

His growl was low. His trill filled with the promise of much pain as he stalked forward, his fingers gripped painfully on the elegant Combistick he still held. SHE was one of the soft meats that had taken THEIR guns. How DARE they. How DARE the soft meats tamper with the Hunt.

Lex's eyes widened at the Predator making its way unswervingly to her. She only had to read his hunched shoulders and hear the threat in his warning growl to know his intent. He was mad.

And he was going to kill her.

Her climber instincts kicked in then, screaming at her to fight, hide, run, anything to save her skin. It was like staring down at an endless abyss below her. Knowing there were no ropes to stop her from falling. All that stood in between her and death were her own instincts and strengths. And right now, her tremendous fear was definitely NOT one of her strengths.

'Work with what you have,' Lex found her thoughts hissing in her head, 'fear can be used. Turn it to my own advantage.'

Fear clouds the mind. At the same time it made everything so much clearer. But only if you knew how to sift through the choking terror.

Adrenaline. What could...


She dodged the Hunter's sudden lunge, gasping as the sharp end of the Combistick whizzed millimeters past. Thrown off-guard by her sudden movement, the Yautja reached out with his arm a split second too late. She had ducked under the appendage and continued sprinting off into the darkness, her eyes already adjusted despite the sound of her petrified heart booming in her ears.

The Predator trilled in irritation before he pivoted, darting after his new prey.

It's amazing just how fast you can run when motivated.

All too soon, Lex found her muscles screaming in the way only a hard five-hour climb could produce. Apparently running for your life in ten or twenty minutes had the same effect. Thankfully, that voice Lex had always found annoying kept up a mantra of, 'Don't stop. Keep going. Don't stop. Keep going.'

Unfortunately, that other voice was there as well. The one screaming in pain, just tempting her to rest. Just for a moment. But if she did that, then in the next moment she would probably be dead.

Panting, Lex chanced a glance over her shoulder, trying to spot the Hunter that was chasing her.

It wasn't there.

She could hear a multitude of things. Her boots slapping hard against the ground. Her breath, quick and demanding, was harsh and loud. Most of all, she could hear the pounding of blood rushing through her ears. She could hear all that, and yet she could hear nothing of the Hunter. Had she lost that humanoid alien?

The next instant, she slammed into something and fell. Hard.

"What the fuck?" She gushed in one loud breath. She was gulping in air too quickly to say it any other way.

There hadn't been a wall in front of her, though. Just an open, dark and creepy corridor. Nothing was there. But she had most definitely run into SOMETHING.

That's when he moved. Strangely, it looked as if the very background before her just sprung to life, details moving ever so slightly as what almost seemed like ripples glided towards her. An invisible hand clutched at the front of her parka and she was jerked bodily into the air. Instantaneously, the cloaking deactivated and Lex was faced with one pissed off Predator.

Her breath caught. They were mere breaths away. And she knew this thing could breathe, what with the raspy sound emanating rhythmically through the mask. So either the Hunter was out of breath or it was really mad.

Lex prayed to god it was the former of the two options.