Well, this is the end. Is it abrupt? Well, a little bit, I guess. Has it been fun? Heck yeah! I have put so much detail, work, and research into this project (which I'm thinking of sending in to Nintendo of America). It has become my child: I started writing it simply because I was a little bit obsessed with Wicked, but it grew into something more. It slowly became my duty to finish this.

I cannot accept a congratulation for writing this piece alone. I have met many friends and fans along the way, and I have been influenced by many people. First, although you may never read this, I would like to thank Gregory Maguire for writing the best-selling novel Wicked, and for reminding me that there are always two sides to every story. I would like to thank Shigeru Miyamoto for creating Bowser in a 3D world and giving me the mold to sculpt this story.

I would like to thank my fans, especially G.I.R.'s shadow, Sailor Taichichi Vegeta, and Queen B of Randomness 016, who stuck with me and Bowser throughout this entire adventure. Without your amazing reviews, this story would not have been at all possible.

And, lastly, I would like to thank Bowser, Kammy, and Toadsworth for putting up with what I put them through. Without them, there would be no story and I am grateful that this website exists.

Alright, you didn't come here to read mushy gushy stuff, so rev up your N64s and pop in Super Mario 64 and get ready for the final installment to my story, King of the Koopas…

Bowser did what he could to make his new castle feel like home, but thoughts kept coming back to him. Thoughts of his brother. The horrible look on his face as Bowser's Giga-infested foot stomped down on his skull, killing him in the worst possible way. Each time these thoughts entered his mind, he would go up to his throne and cry as silent as he possibly could, so the princess wouldn't hear him.

However, tears are things you can't hide. The poor girl finally gathered up her courage and asked the mighty Koopa King.

"Why do you cry so?" she asked in a near whisper. Bowser shot her a look, fire burning in his red eyes.

"Because of what your father did to me…" he tried to keep his tone low and controlling, but sobs wouldn't allow it. He wiped the tears away and sat upon his mighty chair, golden mushrooms surrounding the throne. The princess starred down at him, still suspended from the ceiling, and a strange thing happened. Her heart went out to him. She knew that her father wasn't the kindest person in the world and suspected that he had done something truly heartless to the Koopa.

"What did he do?" she inquired again? Bowser didn't feel comfortable talking to this girl, being the spawn of his most hated enemy. He ignored the girl's question, leading to the princess keeping her mouth shut.

Soon Kammy burst through the door, looking triumphant. "Well, you Majesty, I hid all of the Stars like you asked." She smiled. "Nobody will ever be able to find them in my all-too secret hiding places."

Bowser grinned. "Thank you, Kamilia, excellent work." He walked over to the stained window. He had plans for its new look. It was time this castle stopped pretending to hold such happy sappy thoughts. He pictured a new mural on the window: His brother, sister, and he, all gathered around a small fire, Kamilia flying in front of a full moon. That was worthy of such a high and mighty window.

A knock was at the door. Kamilia answered it. In burst a Lakitu, holding a camera, and a smaller creature, green in hue, resembling a bean or seed of some kind. Kammy showed them to the Throne Room. The two strangers bowed in respect.

"You must be Bowser, King of the Koopas, new ruler of Mushroom Kingdom." said the Lakitu in a speedy voice. "I am Lakilouie from 6.4 News. This is Mips, representative of the Beanbean Kingdom. He has come to sign a treaty of peace and alliance with Mushroom Kingdom under a new ruler." Bowser turned his head towards Mips, so small he barely remembered that he was there. Mips took a small bow.

"As representative of the Beanbean Kingdom, I ask for peace between us."

Bowser looked at him, emotionless, as he gripped the tiny Bean-creature's hand and shook it as lightly as he possibly could. "The terms will be met, ambassador. Show me your treaty."

Mips removed, from his hat, a rolled up document with fine handwriting, asking for an alliance. Bowser summoned a Paragoomba, plucked a feather off of one of his wings violently, dipped it in a deep red ink, and began to sign the treaty. As he began to finish his signature, a tiny piece of fine print caught his attention. He paused and then ripped the document out of the ambassador's stubby hands.

"What is this!" he bellowed. The Bean-creature began to shiver violently in fear.

"I…I don't know what you mean…"

"It says that, if I sign this treaty, all property owned by the undersigned will go directly to The Great Cackletta!" He grabbed the Bean-creature by the throat and tightened his already massive grip. "Who is that? What kind of game are you trying to pull on me!"

The ambassador hardly knew what to say, so sobs came out of his mouth instead. "It…it wasn't my idea! It was my brother! He put me up to it!" Bowser threw him high in the air, his body crashing into the ceiling then slamming down on the ground hard. He could feel his very bones crunching.


Kammy felt Bowser's rage and chose this opportunity to use even more magic. She conjured up another transformation spell and chanted the sacred words. The Bean-creature began to glow, his ears growing longer and floppy, his legs becoming longer, his body suddenly covered in a light brown fur. When the light dimmed down, the Beanbean ambassador was a rabbit.

"Now go…" he commanded, wanting so much to kick the creature to his death. "before I kill you." Out of pure fear, the rabbit did as it was told, hopping off awkwardly into the bowels of the castle. Bowser turned to the Lakitu reporter and growled.

"N-Now before you go all crazy on me, lemme take a tour of the castle. May I? The public demands it."

Bowser grabbed Lakilouie by his Cloud and pulled him down to eye level.

"You may tell your public that their new King isn't at liberty to show you anything." He sneered, and then flung the reporter back into the air with a start.

"Well…I guess I'll be leaving then. Good day, your Majesty." The Lakitu then flew out of the Main Lobby, taking a few last minute shots of the interior before exiting the doors. Bowser sighed and placed his giant claws on his temples. Kammy looked up at him and grabbed his free hand.

"What bothers my mighty King?" she asked motherly. Bowser replied by grunting, tiny puffs of smoke emerging from his nostrils. He just couldn't think about the hole he dug himself into. He couldn't rule over an entire kingdom. He just didn't know how. Sure, Kamilia could help him, but she wouldn't be around forever. She had taught him everything he could possibly learn.

"Kamilia…" he began, searching for the correct words. "I…Now, this is going to sound a little harsh…and sudden, but…" he sighed. "Kammy, I want you to leave right now."

Words could not describe the expression of hurt that was scribbled all over Kamilia's tired, aged face. Her mouth slowly fell open, then she inhaled, as if she was going to speak, but was silent. She knew what her son wanted, but she could hardly stand to believe it.

"I just feel like…everything I've accomplished was because of you and…I need to learn to grow stronger in myself." He said softly. "I can't rely on your strength anymore."

She backed away slowly, tears filling up in her eyes. In all of his years with Kamilia, he had never seen her cry before. It was like the strongest person he had ever known was dying before his very eyes. He couldn't stand it, so he walked away from her right there. No hug, no good-bye…nothing. He simply left. As did Kammy, lowering her head and walking out the door.

He approached his throne, hoping it would bring him happiness. Or, at the very least, help him remember that the wicked Toadstool used to sit upon it. Nothing happened. He sighed and then looked up at the princess, who was nearly asleep in her suspended cage.

"What do you do when you are troubled, girl?" he asked, his voice echoing in the nearly empty room. The princess fluttered her eyebrows and looked down at the Koopa King.

"Well, in my current situation, I just think about my family." Bowser let out a small laugh. Thoughts of his family only brought back more horrible memories. He growled in frustration.

"Never mind…you're what? Twelve?"

The princess folded her arms angry. "I'm fifteen, thank you." She muttered back. Bowser shot her a look.

"Well, you really can't help me, princess. You've been here, blindly living your life in luxury. Meanwhile, I've been struggling to survive my everyday life. Simply things like walking across my yard became dire missions of survival. You don't know the definition of trouble!"

He slammed a fist on the armrest of his new throne, resulting in him snapping the piece off. Roaring in utter frustration, he spewed fire from his throat again, causing the princess to cower in fear in her small cage. She didn't know what had happened to him; she admitted that to herself, but what could've happened to him to make him so…evil like this?

Bowser sat at his throne, starring out the colorful window. He didn't know what to do. He thought about letting the kingdom…his kingdom…crumble apart underneath him as he sat here, rotting, until the day he died. Maybe the world would accept him then.

He thought about Brank and Brilette, how much they would want him to succeed. They loved him so much…but why did they have to die? Why did Kamek have to vanish suddenly? Why did he force Kamilia, the only one who ever showed him the care he truly needed, to leave him forever?

He thought long and hard, starring up at the princess, feeling a sense of sympathy grow within him. He had become no better than Toadstool was. He was a ruthless king, not caring for his subjects. Not caring for those weaker than he. He felt his heart give a few flutters as he thought about letting the princess go…when he heard a sound, a sound like something emerging from the ground

He starred out the window again and saw a bright green pipe bursting from the grassy grounds outside, like lava from the belly of a volcano. It was one of Toadstool's underground pipes he used to conquer most of Het Naamkaartje. A man then jumped out of the pipe like a red grasshopper.

He was a short man, late twenties-early thirties, Bowser assumed. He was wearing red with blue overalls, stained with grease and grime. His eyes were bright blue and, below his large nose, was a very large black mustache. Upon his head sat a red hat with a large M printed on it. Although Bowser's heart began to beat faster with nervousness, he managed to crack a smile.

"So, this is your friend, is it?" he chuckled at the princess, all pity for the young girl vanishing. "You did send him to assassinate me, didn't you?"

The princess looked off through the window, eyes wide with fear for her beloved Human friend, and didn't answer. Bowser lowered his brows.

"Well, we'll see just how well he does finding you…or the Stars…" he began to laugh evilly, finally making up his mind. He would do anything and everything in his power to keep his kingdom safe. He needed to…for his family, friends…and Kammy. "And, even if he does find you, he'll have to pass through me first! My Kingdom will reign high, and nobody will be able to bring me down!"


Peach looked at the King, tears flowing down her rosy cheeks, as she prayed to the Stars that her beloved Mario would be safe.

Kamilia Koopa was flying high above the Mushroom Castle, her stomach churning. She had a strange, sickly feeling that she would never see her son again. She starred down at the castle, a strange green pipe suddenly in the picture. Lakilouie was now talking to a strange person, she couldn't make out his race, all dressed in red. Or maybe that was his skin hue? She couldn't tell from her heights.

Her mind began playing her memories back at her. Though she saw her entire life, the moments with Bowser stood out like gold in dirt. She smiled. He was so young when they had first met…

"Tell me child," she said suddenly. "What is your name?"

The young Koopa blinked in surprise at the question, then stated, "Bowser, ma'am." The witch starred at the ground for a moment, as if lost in thought, then smiled.

"That's a good, strong name, Bowser." She said softly. "My name is Kamilia. Nice to meet you."

Young Bowser and Giga Bowser…totally different, yet entire the same. Kamilia lowered her head, the brim of her violet hat now covering her entire face. A few tears blew through the wind as the Magikoopa flew high above the castle, now ruled over by a King who only wanted justice and love.

She heard the castle doors open and then shut. This mysterious assassin was about to kill her son, collect the Stars, and give Princess Toadstool her term back. She sighed slowly, trying to hold back sobs.

The two had won the battle, but the war was still far from over, and this time, Bowser would have to fight alone. Kamilia knew this and prayed one final prayer for justice as she passed by the blinding sun, still defying gravity…

"Bowser was sprinting happily through the forest, snow-covered tress above his reptilian head. He had a smile on his face, for nothing pleased him more than running for his life, without a care in the world, knowing that not even the Mushroom Kingdom could harness his imagination. He leapt and jumped throughout the wood, completely joyful in his solitude..."

Thank you for reading my story, any and all. I just might write a sequel, a prequel, or anything in between. I am urging, and hoping, that one of my friends or fans would like to write a story concerning Kamilia's past, before she met Bowser, when she was fighting the Shy Guys and married to Korallis. I hope someone will take me up on that challenge.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go take up G.I.R.'s shadow's challenge and write another origin story. Defy gravity!

-The LemonyShepard