Ruthie lay awake in the middle of the night. She had a secret, a terrible one. One that would ruin the reputation of both her and her family if it got out in the open. If anyone found out, it would be disaster, and there would be hell to pay from her parents. She'd been keeping the secret for only two weeks, and already it was tearing her up. But she had to keep her mouth shut, for both her sake and her familys. News travels fast when you're the daughter of a reverend. It could never be discovered, or she could kiss life as she knew it goodbye.

She rolled ever restlessly, and tried her best to get some sleep. But it was impossible. Her secret was taunting her. It wouldn't go away. She had to tell someone. But first she would have to figure out who. It would have to be someone she knew would keep their mouth shut. A person who had kept secrets of her own in the past. The only possible answer was Mary. She was the queen of secret keeping. And if Ruthie didn't get up the courage to tell her soon, she would blurt it out and the Camdens lives would come crashing to the ground.

Ruthie reached for the phone and dialed Mary's number, hoping she wasn't asleep. The phone rang several times before a half sleeping Mary answered tiredly.

"Who ever this is, I'm gunna hunt you down and strangle you. It's 2 in the morning", Mary bellowed.

"Mary, I'm so sorry. But I just had to talk to you. It's important", Ruthie said quickly.

"Ruthie, can't it wait til morning. I need to get some sleep. I have a job interview in tomorrow."

"I promise you it won't take long. Can you keep a secret", she asked.

"It depends on what kind of a secret we're talking about", Mary answered.

"A terrible secret. One that could ruin both mine and mom and dad's lives", Ruthie said.

"Wow, did you do something. Ruthie tell me what's going on", Mary replied, worried.

" secret is-".

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