Nearly one thousand years ago, France

In the beginning, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin had a dream. Their dream was to create a school where young people of the wizarding world could study and be trained in the magical arts they needed to become strong, fully-trained witches and wizards. Each created their own house that worked together to form Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

For a number of years, their arrangement worked fine. Each of the founders selected a few students to be in their own house, and despite their differences, they learned to create a way where no matter the person's character, the student would find a place in the world. However, the differences between Gryffindor and Slytherin began tearing the school apart. Eventually, Salazar Slytherin left the school to find peace and quiet -- far away from Godric Gryffindor and his silly ideas.

However, Slytherin could not get away for long. Salazar's grandchild, Andasar, came to him with the news of his marriage -- to Godric's granddaughter. Salazar was outraged and, at the wedding, vowed there would be a curse on Andasar's family. When Andasar and his wife had a daughter a few months later, Slytherin swore that as long as a Gryffindor woman lived, their lives would be tormented.

Andasar and his wife, Fayebris, escaped with their daughter to France where, they hoped, Salazar would never find them. They only told one person of their whereabouts -- Andasar's father, Draconis. Draconis, however, betrayed his son and told his father exactly where Andasar and Fayebris were. (In more recent years, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy decided to name their son Draco after the 'noble' acts of Draconis Slytherin.)

Years later, Elye married a man named Johnathan Prewitt, whom she met when she was shopping for her grandmother. Together, they had three children: Molly, Gideon, and Fabian Prewitt. Andasar's aunt Rudena married Brutus Black and had a son named Phineas. But the most important story, the story that ties everything together, is the story of Salazar Slytherin's rage towards all Gryffindor women; the rage that would carry over a thousand years.

The sky was dark and the atmosphere was bleak as Salazar Slytherin walked around the streets of France. His wife, Alasia, struggled to keep up with him as the wind blew at top speed around the pair.

"Salazar, you don't have to do this!" She yelled, pulling her dark, forest green hood over her head as she chased him. "Why don't we just leave them be?"

Salazar stopped and threw a look of disgust towards his wife. "Are you suggesting I just let them stay alive in their filthy little family? Are you suggesting I let them continue to reproduce while they continue to ruin my bloodline?"

Alasia looked down at her hands. "No, Salazar, I'm not saying that, but --"

"For two years -- two years -- I have let them live. One year with their daughter. And today, that year is up."

Salazar continued walking at a faster rate to the large mansion up ahead. Alasia stopped following and let a tear trickle down her face as she imagined what would happen in the coming moments to her son and great granddaughter.

"Grandfather," Andasar greeted, opening the door to his mansion. He knew exactly why his father was there, and exactly what would happen in the moments to come. He had done everything he could to ensure the safety of his family, but it was no use. They were all to die.

"Andasar," Salazar replied.

He patronizingly glanced around the mansion before stepping inside; it would be a great place to live after it was expelled of its former residents.

"How is your lovely wife?" Salazar asked, running his bony finger over the dusty mantlepiece on the right side of the wall. "And daughter? She's two years now, isn't she?"

Andasar felt a knot begin to start in his stomach, but knew he had to remain strong. If he were to try and run, he would only be killed faster. He had to have dignity.

"Fayebris is... fine. And Elye..."

Salazar let the tips of his mouth curl upward into a sneer. "Let me see them."

Andasar nodded, walked to the large staircase, and called, "Fayebris... Come down here please?"

Fayebris was upstairs, finishing the end of a letter. Once she was done, she looked at her daughter, whose wide blue eyes stared at her.

"Believe, my love," she whispered, kissing the top of her red-haired head. "Believe. It won't get any easier unless you believe it will."

"Fayebris... Come down here please?"

Fayebris took the letter she was writing and folded it up neatly, then pinned it to the back of her daughter's nightgown. She took a deep breath, grabbed her wand, and whispered, "Silencio."


She knew she'd have to hurry. "I love you, Elye, so much..." With a pop, she apparated to her mother's house, quickly, leaving her on her mother's stairs. She apparated back just in time for Salazar and Andasar to walk through the door.

"Where. Were. You?" Salazar asked, carefully looking around the room.

"I was upstairs when I heard Andasar calling," she explained, looking her husband in the eye. "It's so difficult to run down the stairs, so I just simply... apparated."

Andasar glanced from Fayebris to Salazar and sighed.
"Please, Salazar. Just get this over with."

Salazar shook his head. "Not without the child."

"Salazar... the child has been killed already."

Salazar looked at Andasar. "What?"

"Godric has already killed her," Andasar replied, a tear falling down his eye at the thought.

"Well, then. Less for me to do. Avada Kedavra!"

As Andasar and Fayebris slowly fell to the ground, Salazar knew that Elye was, in fact, alive. The human mind was so easily deciphered when one is dying. Salazar's own mind was filled with pure hatred as he though of his great-grandaughter living on the earth.

Salazar spent the last years of his life trying to find Elye, until one day he knew he would surely die. As he prepared to pass on, he used the last bit of power in his body to send a curse raging through every unmarried Gryffindor woman that had come and every one that would be: unless she married a slytherin man before age eighteen, she would be tormented and killed.

When Godric heard about the curse, he was outraged. He set his own curse on all Slytherins: Slytherins and Gryffindors would hate each other for the rest of their lives.

Through their hatred, they did not care who in their family died. The curse was hard to break, and there was no way to win. Godric knew this as he died, but somewhere in his mind he knew that sometime, the curse would work out for the best.

Author's note: What do you think? Thought I'd try something new. BTW, Molly and Arthur were married by the time he sent the curse. Salazar lived quite a while didn't he ;x