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Sasuke woke up with a throbbing headache and he hurt all over from falling asleep on his thinking couch. It was hard for him to sit up, and the light streaming in from the window hurt his eyes. He forced himself up and went over to the kitchen first to find some aspirin. The only bottle he had was a new one and he cursed silently as he broke open the childproof seal. More swear words tumbled out of his mouth as he was met with a foil seal once the cap was off. He poked a big hole in it with a finger, only to find a cotton puff. Another string of profanity came from Sasuke as he yanked out the cotton and finally reached the aspirin. He swallowed it with a glass of water, thinking, 'I've already got a headache, why do they make the packaging so damned difficult…?' He wandered over to the coffeepot and made some strong coffee. Silently he wished someone were there to make the coffee for him so he could just sit down. 'If only Hinata could be here…' He thought and mentally smacked himself for it. She'd practically dumped him last night. That was why he was feeling like this. Hinata…

The doorbell rang, the sound ringing more loudly in his head than it ever had before. Grumpily he made his way towards the sound and opened the door to see an irritated blonde boy standing before him, Naruto of course.

"Oi, Naruto, not today…" Sasuke held his head.

"Tough luck," Naruto shoved past and Sasuke sighed as he closed the door behind him. "Sakura called me."

"Oh yeah? Good for her," Sasuke replied absent-mindedly. He was intent on getting to his coffee. 'At least someone can be happy,' He thought.

"Yeah, and she told me the weirdest story. She said you guys were locked in a closet for two and a half days."

"Unfortunately, we were."

"She wasn't making that up?" Naruto was surprised and eventually took to lying down on Sasuke's thinking couch. Sasuke secretly hoped he'd end up sore from doing so. "Well, how did Hinata take it?"

Sasuke winced at her name and downed a cup of coffee. Images of Hinata's tear filled face flashed in his mind, closely followed by a desire to harm the one who'd brought on those tears. Whatever sick and twisted idea Ino had concocted had worked, since it clearly had made things go wrong between him and Hinata. He really did care about Hinata, he hadn't realized how much until now. And he never would have known it if it weren't for that mission.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know," Naruto walked over and slapped Sasuke on the back. "She'll come running back, don't you worry about it."

"That's just it, Naruto," Sasuke took a seat in an armchair, cradling his head in his hands. "I don't think she's coming back. She was really upset."

"Sasuke, Hinata's a smart girl," Naruto had no idea how to help his friend, but he wasn't willing to quit trying. When he'd given him the mission, he had expected Sasuke to go for Sakura and she would've been very happy. But he hadn't expected Sasuke to actually find someone to fall in love with. "Don't worry, she'll figure it out soon enough and then you guys can get all lovey dovey again."


"That's it, come with me," Naruto dragged Sasuke to his feet and out the door. Sasuke blinked in the bright light until Naruto shoved a pair of sunglasses onto his nose. "Geez, you're hung over too? You seriously need to get out of here." Naruto felt like he was helping an addict find counseling, and chuckled to him self at the thought. Of course it was like an addiction, what else is love when it does this to people?

They went to Ichiraku, and Sasuke grimaced. This was where everything had started after all, on Hinata's birthday. Naruto tried to be happy and cheer Sasuke up, but there was a dark cloud over the Uchiha and he could find no way around it. It even started to spread to Naruto as well, but as soon as they left the ramen shop Naruto was back to his usual cheery self. If only it were that easy to make Sasuke happy again.

As they were walking around, someone called for Sasuke from the other side of the street. Sasuke was still really feeling out of it and Naruto had to elbow him before he even took notice.

"How's Hinata lately, Sasuke?" Ino asked innocently. Suddenly, Sasuke felt fine. Maybe the coffee and ramen had kicked in, or maybe it was the feel of Ino cowering in his grip, he wasn't really sure.

"Sasuke! What are you doing?" Naruto yelped, running up behind him but not wanting to step in.

"It's all your fault isn't it?" Sasuke hissed at Ino, looking like a madman. "You stuck us in that closet, and you knew someone would find out and tell Hinata so that she'd be mad at me."

"I'm sorry!" Ino was shaking. Her plan had backfired on her horribly.

"Answer me, Ino," Sasuke snarled.

"Ok, ok…" She whimpered. " I made Chouji help me, he got Sakura and I got you. I'm sorry!" Ino burst into tears and he dropped her.

"Why would you do that?"

"I-I t-thought that maybe if you saw how easily she got upset over this, than you'd realize she's no good," Ino managed to spit out, and Sasuke gave her a death glare. 'Did she just say Hinata's no good?…' Sasuke thought before all normal thoughts escaped him.

"Don't talk about her like that," Sasuke growled. He made to hit Ino as hard as he could, and Ino screamed as she tried to avoid the hit…But then he made contact, -and it wasn't Ino he had hit.

"Hinata!" He yelled in surprise and stepped back in shock. Sasuke had just hit the very girl he'd been defending…In his own weird, twisted way. She had jumped in front of Ino at the last moment, and received the blow to her stomach since Sasuke had been aiming for Ino whom was on the ground. Hinata stared up at him blankly and went down to her knees, clutching her stomach.

Naruto was the first to recover from the scene and went over to Ino and pulled her away. His chivalrous move was deemed pointless as an irritated Shikamaru pushed him aside and took to taking care of Ino himself. Hinata and Sasuke simply stayed there staring at each other. Sasuke felt horrified that he had just hit her, and she felt some sympathy and understanding for his position. He had been locked up by Ino, yelled at by his girlfriend, and taunted by the person who'd started the cycle of events, all in less than twenty-four hours. She didn't blame him for reacting the way that he had.

"Hinata, I'm so sorry, I didn't know," Sasuke was flustered. 'I just hit someone I love, I'm more like him than I thought…Wait a minute, love?…' His jumbled thoughts came all at once.

"Nice shot," Hinata wheezed, still affected by the hit. "You'll have to teach me that sometime."

"W-what? Sure, of course," He knelt down in front of her so that they could be at eye levels. Her pearly eyes stared back at him calmly, studying the boy before her. "So… You're not mad at me?"

"You were the one who was locked up, I should have trusted you. I'm sorry," She smiled weakly at him. "And I couldn't let you hit her. She might be the reason we've gotten into this whole mess, but no one else needs to be in pain. You're hurting-" She grunted and held her stomach tighter. "-I'm hurting, and she looked like she regretted what she'd done. No one else needs to be hurt today." He felt a huge weight lift off of his shoulders at this. Sasuke pulled her into his arms, holding her close like she would disappear if he let go.

She wasn't angry anymore, and he could finally feel like himself again, because he had his Hinata back. Even Ino breathed a sigh of relief, because after Hinata's speech Sasuke would definitely not try to hit her again.

"Will you always be by my side?" He asked, quietly so that no one else could hear him.

"Always," Hinata replied. He pulled back just enough so that he could kiss her lips softly.

"I guess things worked out for the best," Ino sighed, and Shikamaru rolled his eyes.

"Does this mean you'll stop your troublesome meddling?" Shikamaru asked her, and she had to think about it for a minute.

"No, probably not," She answered and Shikamaru laughed at her.

Sasuke broke the lip lock to look into her pale eyes once more. She seemed hesitant to stop the embrace, but looked back at him patiently.

"I love you, Hinata," He said simply and a pink tint rose in her cheeks.

"I love you, too, Sasuke," She leaned forward into him once more and this time their kiss deepened. The world around them no longer mattered as they shared this special moment. Never again would they be pulled apart. Never again would they doubt each other.

From the side, Naruto smirked as he watched the scene unfold before him

"Mission complete."


Sasuke opened his eyes groggily, and looked around the room. It was clear that he was still in the Uchiha mansion, the colors of the house making that obvious. He groaned, remembering the dream he'd just had.'That girl sure has guts, to jump in front of one of my punches like that,' He smiled as he thought of Hinata. Rolling over slowly, Sasuke saw the lump in the sheets.

Hinata's hair framed her face gracefully as she slept and Sasuke couldn't help but smile down at her, reaching over to her hand and running a finger across the gold band on her ring finger. Hinata's eyes half opened and she smiled before closing them again, still tired. It wasn't long before the door opened forcefully and two children jumped up onto the bed, one landing on Hinata, the other landing on Sasuke. Hinata groaned and hid her face under the sheet, she'd never been a morning person.

"Mommy! Daddy! You promised to take us to the park today!" A little girl with big dark eyes grinned, sitting on Sasuke as she spoke.

"Sasuke-kun, you heard your daughter," Hinata said from under the blankets.

"Mommy, you said you'd go too!" said the little boy on top of the lump that was Hinata. Hinata finally poked her head out of the sheets and met his silver eyes with her own.

"Why don't you go get your Uncle Neji to go with you?" She suggested, and the kids jumped off the bed in excitement. Sasuke smiled at her, the kids loved Neji for some unknown reason but he was hard to convince unless they were looking up at him with those big eyes.

"Guess I'll see you later, then," Sasuke gave her a quick kiss before getting up to take the kids out. After he got dressed, he went to the door and turned back to take one last look at Hinata as she went back to sleep. "Don't forget to come to the park, before Uncle Neji loses his patience."Sasuke left before he could see her answer, but he didn't need to see it. Uchiha Hinata would never lie to their kids.

-The End-


Chpater title comes from the song "Addicted" by Kelly Clarkson (Breakaway)

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