The Love Note:

I give thee, summary; Okay I decided to write this story because it sounds really cool, so summary: This story is mainly based on Lily and James; and in one of there classes the students are all assigned a pen pal, and are to write to them for there last day of 6th year, all summer, until October in there 7th year. (So from June to October; about 4 months) and are to give them presents on the holidays, but here's the catch; no one knows who there pen pals are, and they are not to tell each other who the other one is until the unmasking on Halloween night at the school dance; at midnight. And all the students have a charm on them so they don't let slip there identitys until Halloween.(They are all assigned to the opposite gender, and more details are learned/ given if you read; Enjoy:) Let the fun begin...

Chapter 1:

Dear Pen pal Girl,

I am a 6th year student and I hope you like my letter because, well since your a girl maybe you can help me out with a girl that really really hates me. Okay now about me? I am a rich wizard, we are oviously in the same class, You will never find me in a library, I love to pull pranks, I hate Severus Snape, I am usually found on the quidditich field(I love it! But less than the girl.) I live in the wizarding world with my parents, I am a pure blood gryfindor, I am an only child, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Don't abandone me please! Write back soon...

Love, Dued!

Dear Dued,

Maybe I could help you with her, but as long as you help me with this guy; I like him, but everytime he asks me out, he does something really cute; or dumb in my case; and I say no, because I will look like an idiot if I say yes, if only he'd ask me out in private... Are you a Quittich player? Maybe if I knew the girl's name I could help. I am usually found in the library, I don't like flying (afraid of hights); nor Quidditich, I don't like Snape, nor do I like Potter and his stupid pranks he pulls on him; It is just plain rude! I love to read books! I am a muggle born, so please don't hate me. I am also in Gryfindor. Um, nothing else happening here, so by.

I will not abandone you,

Why'd you sign it Love?


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