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Chapter 11: Thing's are just beginning


With a small smile, James reached down and gently removed Lily's mask as everyone around the couple did the same to their respective partners. There was a unanimous gasp in the hall as each student looked at their dates that stood in front of them, shocked. Lily and James stared at each other with blank faces, and they said the first thing that came to their minds.

"Oh my gosh."

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"Lily?" James breathed breathlessly as he stared down at a shocked red haired, green eyed; Lily Evans.

"I…. Kissed… James- Potter?" Lily whispered disbelievingly. Then Lily's thin red lips curved into the first true smile, James ever saw. (a/n: he looks just like J.K. described him; black unruly hair, hazel eyes, black horn rimmed glasses, a smile that makes hearts melt, and muscles from years of quittich (sp?))

"Yeah, you did," James replied half laughing, then he started smiling.

Everyone in the great hall looked around and saw Lily and James smiling at each other, and now the people in the great hall erupted in a small hum of a whisper.

" Never- I had no- um- how do I put this---" But Lily was cut off by James' lips pressing lightly against hers, she kissed back, and when they pulled back James said;

"I had no idea it was you too."

"James," Lily said, "What are we going to do?"

"Why don't we go out there in the hall, and discuss this? I mean, how would it look if the head boy and girl started going all lovey-dovey on each other?" James replied.

"Oh, and what makes you think I'd go all lovey-dovey on you Mr. Potter?" Lily asked, smiling sweetly.

"Well, because you go all weak at the knees for me every time I kiss you."

"Oh, yeah?" Lily whispered into his ear, "then why don't you prove it?"

James pulled Lily towards him and gave her a fiery kiss, and her knees buckled, so he held her tighter and so did she. When they broke away, James smiled and Lily replied, "You are still arrogant, but in a good way….. You made your point, lets go."

Lily and James left the great hall, and walked outside, underneath the starry sky.

Once out side, James just stared at Lily and said, "You know what I think you look good in everything?"

"Me? Sure," Lily said as she held onto James' hands, "What are we out here to discuss exactly?"

"You and me," James replied, "I cannot believe that I got paired up with you, and not know it."

"You? Me!" Replied Lily, "You kind of asked me to kiss you, at first I thought you knew who I was."

"No if I would have known it was you, I would have definitely done something dumb, Lily I haven't stopped thinking about you; since our first letter; I showed it to Sirius and he said that it would be funny if it was you, and then I thought it couldn't be, but every letter kept saying different, so I decided if it was you, then I would kiss you here- tonight, and show you how much I love you Lily! Please don't tell me the kisses and the notes meant nothing."

"They meant something, I-I-I…" Lily said thinking, "I'm not ready to tell you my feelings just yet, okay; but believe me; I didn't know you cared that much about me."

"Lily, if I could I'd marry you," James said, "But you hardly know me at the moment."

Lily smiled at him, they were both lost in each others eyes when James finally broke the lovely silence, "I wonder who Sirius, Remus, and Peter's dates were."

"Way to ruin a romantic evening James," Lily joked.

James laughed and then he looked at his watch, it read: 1:00 am

"I think we need to go to bed."

"I agree," replied Lily, "This has been a trying evening."

"Shall I walk m'lady to our common room?" James asked offering her his hand.

"You are something else James Potter," Lily replied staring at his hand, but catching on she giggled and said, "Yes sir, good knight."

James and Lily walked to the heads common room, and once they said there password (Glory star) they entered, there were 2 stair cases in there common room, the one on the left went up to James' room and the one on the right; to Lilys bedroom, they both shared a bathroom that connected the 2 rooms.

"Good night James," Lily replied with a smile.

"Good night Lily," James said.

As Lily ascended her stair case, James got a brilliant idea, "Lily?"

Lily turned around, "Yes?"

"Will… W-Will you be my girlfriend," James asked seriously.

"You have not asked me in over 6 months, " Lily replied, as she looked at him, she realized she couldn't deny her feelings she held inside, so she said, "Yes."

James' heart did a back flip, he ran to he in the middle of her stairs, the stairs turned into a slide, as Lily and James fell down it, they stood up and kissed each other good night, and went back up there own stairs, got ready for bed and went into a dream-filled sleep of each other.

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