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Hi there, I'm the teenage Manga-ka Khamille! I've finally decided to do a Chibi fic! I hope you like it, and this will also be a self-insertion.

Dateline: November 26, 2005

Time: Midnight

Area: Domino City

Location: Kaiba Mansion

Here, we see the Kaiba mansion's living room, furnished beautifully by exotic, expensive furniture. But all is not silent, for we see a figure sneaking into the said room, with a slightly translucent figure behind him/her. "Are you sure this is a good idea…?" The 'ghost' said, tapping his/her companion on the shoulder. The solid person waved at her/him in reply. "Yes, I'm sure. I'm just trying out my new potion." He/She said.

They snuck quietly to a large room, where on a massive, king sized bed, Seto Kaiba lay asleep.

"Now, I just need the last ingredient." The solid person thought aloud. He/She pulled out a pair of tweezers and a vial. They ducked below the bed and with the tweezers, neatly plucked a lock of hair from the 6 ft. teen and placed it in the vial.

"Now let's get out of here! We got all of them!" The 'ghost' whispered hurriedly. And with that the two intruders ran away.

Area & Location unknown

The two intruders from before were in a basement of some sorts. In the center of the said room, a large cauldron was placed, its insides gurgling happily. The 'ghost' was pacing around the floor. "I'm not sure we should do this…" it mumbled aloud.

Then her/his companion came into the room, carrying 10 plushies with her/him. "Oh, come on, our little spell won't hurt anyone!" He/She complained, placing the plushies on the floor and walked to the cauldron. She/He reached for 7 glasses, filling them with the contents of the cauldron. Then he/she pulled out 7 vials, containing 7 hairs in order from the left: a long wavy blonde one, a long brown one, another blonde one, a short brown one, a tri-colored one, a grayish-silver one, and a long pure white one.

She/He placed each hair in a glass then spilled each one over a plushie, the last 6 she spilled a half of a glass over them. The 10 plushies glowed and then disappeared.

"Hehe, operation 'Chibi care' is underway!" She/He said.

Whoever can tell me who were targeted can get a prize! Feel free to guess and review me! Also, as a bonus, one of the hairs was so obvious and I've already said Seto is a target! Guess the other 5 and I'll c'ya next chapter!