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If give you...

CTNIC's final arc:

Exodus of the OC's


There were some days wherein he really hated his life.

Days when he was constantly hounded by the mass media, days when he couldn't get anywhere without murmurs and pointing fingers tailing him wherever he went, days when he was finally away from the peering eyes of those he didn't want to be with, yet was without the one pair of eyes he actually wanted to be around...

...and yet...

...Mokuba would not trade any of that away now.

It was a starless night, from what he could see from his large bedroom window. He couldn't hear anything out of the ordinary, except of course fro the occasional car honking in the metropolis beyond his bedroom walls. The young kid looked up at his ceiling, hands behind his head as he leaned into his soft covers and smiled to himself contentedly. It was today, all those years ago, that the once lonely life he had lead took one twist after another, each more in tune to his favor than the last.

'Finally...' The kid thought to himself. 'Nii-sama is beginning to act like his old self again, I'm almost never bored, the mansion is much, much more enjoyable...'

The list seemed endless, and with each thought Mokuba kept smiling.

'Nothing can change this now.' He declared with a smirk.

'Don't be quite that hasty to say that, Mokie. Famous last words, you know...' Whispered a cocky voice with a tell-tale purr at the tail-end of his sentence.

Mokuba propped himself up at that statement while he rolled his eyes toward the bookshelf next to his bed before he set his sights at the pair of bright yellow, disturbingly awake, slitted catlike eyes of his 'roommate'.

'Mikagi, the more you do that, the more I'm tempted to call you mou hitori no boku.' The pre-teen Kaiba countered, sticking out his tongue at the leonine kami.

'Perish the thought.' Mikagi replied with a fanged smirk, his long black tail flicked at him as he adjusted his position on top of his cushion-lined perch. 'I'm just using this power of mine because that slave driver brother of yours nearly tossed me into the pool for being so loud last night. And besides...'

He leapt off his spot on the shelf and landed on all fours in a smooth feline fashion, his catlike eyes shining even more so in the dim room. 'At least I was able to stretch my legs and not get stuck in a cramped hunk of metal for three millennia.'

At this, Mokuba smiled and got out of bed. 'That's true...' He admitted with a shrug as he slipped on a couple of blue slippers and crept out of the room.

'Where're you headed this late at night...?' The leonine kami asked, running a hand through his wild mane of black hair, stopping to scratch his rounded feline ear with a bored expression on his face.

'I'm not the least bit sleepy. Wanna roam around a bit with me?'

Mikagi's reply was a subtle shrug, running his tongue along one of his dagger-sharp fangs. 'Why not...?'

The two raven-haired boys left the room, and began to wander aimlessly around the mansion, hoping to somehow let sleep wash over the both of them. While the walked around, they began to talk about the adventures they had in the past few years, snickering now and then. It was as if it was a normal night to them, as if it happened every single day of their lives.

But...as we all know...things are never normal in this household.

As they passed by Seto's home office, they heard some ominous rustling within. Mikagi crept closer to the wooden door, making his nails grow into intimidating claws. Even though he was not allowed to harm a mortal being, lest he lose his immortality, a common burglar didn't need to know that...

Mokuba inched around his companion, eyeing the inch long claws with wide grey-blue orbs. He slowly reached for the knob and glanced to Mikagi, who had his own golden orbs fixed straight ahead, fangs bared.

'On the count of three...' He thought, knowing Mikagi can hear him.

He churned the doorknoob...

slowly...but surely...

The door creaked open.

Like a black rocket, Mikagi leapt into the office, like the lion he was supposed to be. Even though it was pitch black in the room, Mokuba could hear the rough struggle that the intruder had with the leonine pre-teen. Shouts, grunts and breaths were heard left and right, sounds of things falling to the floor were plentiful and for what seemed like an eternity, he heard a loud thump against the floor and Mikagi's mental yell of 'I got him pinned! Hit the lights!'

Mokuba took a moment to react, but nonetheless, he fumbled around the nearby wall for the light switch, and when he found it, immediately turned the lights on.

As the fluorescent lights came on, Mokuba looked away for a moment in recoil to the sudden burst of light. Mikagi had bent his head down and screwed his eyes shut, given his feline eyes were more light sensitive. Nonetheless, as soon as both sets of eyes were adjusted, they gasped when they saw who was pinned on the floor.

"What the...?"


The young man that the kami had pinned to the floor could be easily mistaken for the aforementioned teen executive, but to the trained eye of his beloved little brother, there was acute evidence to the contrary. This person's chocolate brown hair was in a complete state of disarray, with his bangs more akin to Mokuba's black mane. He was a little more lanky than Seto as well, but given that Mikagi was struggling to keep him pinned, he was no less strong. His sapphire blue eyes were not the frozen orbs that Seto's were, but had a fire burning behind them much like his.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?!" Mikagi hissed, making sure to show off his fangs just inches from the intruder's face.

"Better yet..." Mokuba continued, kneeling down next to Mikagi and leaning over the Seto look-alike's form. "How did you get in here? Nii-sama's security system is failsafe!"

The intruder stopped struggling and let out a grunt, squinting toward a rather large bruise in the form of a desk side on his cheek.

"It's not really failsafe..." He began, wincing a little. "If you know all of the passcodes..."

"I doubt that someone outside me, Seto and my friend here would know all of the passcodes." Mokuba interjected, his brows knitted together.

'There's something off about this guy...' Mikagi stated in silence, his golden eyes glancing to Mokuba.

'What's off?' Mokuba asked in reply.

'His scent. I can tell who a person is by their scent. And believe me, at first I thought this guy was really Seto.'


'Positive. His scent is almost exactly like your brother's, but there are a few things different.'

"So spill...how'd you get in?" Mikagi asked, bearing his fangs again.

The man's eyes widened at the inch long-fangs bearing down on him, but he kept his composure, staring down the kami on top of him. As Mokuba observed the two, he could not help but silently applaud the intruder for being able to be this calm in the face of an enraged leonine being.

'He could certainly pass for Nii-sama...'

"Well?" Mikagi asked, raising a clawed finger near the man's cheek.

"I'm not here to do any harm." The man stated simply.

"How can I believe you...?" a second clawed finger came inches to his cheek.

"I know a way...undo the top two buttons of my shirt."

Both Mokuba and Mikagi stared at the Seto look-alike in disbelief. "What?"

"I'm serious. You'll see what I mean."

Mikagi gave a glance to Mokuba, and with suspiscious eyes, the latter of the two reached for the row of buttons on the young man's cotton shirt.

Cautiously the top two buttons came apart, and the two boys saw what he meant.

On the left side of his chest, just under the shoulder, was a strange tatoo, in bright red, in the form of what looked like a distinct coat of arms in the form of a star embossed on a shield, with a quill crossing the star diagonally. As soon as golden black-slitted eyes grazed that mark, Mikagi immediately let go, causing the other to look to the leonine kami with confusion.

"What's going on?" Mokuba asked, his grey-blue eyes wide with unexplained shock. His feline-like friend was never the type to recoil just by seeing a strange mark.

"He has an Author's seal..." Mikagi breathed, retracting his claws while cautiosly eyeing the man on the floor, who was propping himself up while rebuttoning his shirt.

"A what?"

"An Author's seal." Mikagi repeated, oddly clutching a spot on the left side of his waist. "The best way I can explain what an Author's seal is to you is that it's very similar to the Seal of Ouroboros."

Mokuba's gaze shifted rapidly from the leonine kami to the man on the floor and back again, brows knitting more and more with each volley.

"So you're saying this guy is a Homunculus?"

An alerting cough grabbed both of the boys' attention to the older man, who had taken to sit on the floor and run a hand along his bruised cheek.

"Not exactly..." He said. "A homunculus is a body without a soul. I, on the other hand..." He placed his hand over his Seal. "...am an Author's creation, or in laymen terms, an OC: A body with a soul whose purpose is to protect, serve and enjoy life with my Author, however he or she sees me fit to do."

He dropped his hand and cast a knowing glance at Mikagi, raising his brow pointedly. "But of course you'd know that...wouldn't you, Mikagi?"

The accused recoiled slightly, his hand snapping to the spot on his waist.

"How did you know his name?" Mokuba exclaimed, standing up. "Mikagi, what does he mean?"

"I mean what I mean. " The brunet said, a knowing smile on his face. "The apple dosen't fall from its mother tree now, does it?"

Mikagi looked to his friend, an apologetic look in his slitted eyes. "Mokie...I've something that I didn't tell you..." He grabbed a fistful of his night shirt and raised it to reveal his waistline, and directly on the spot that his hand kept fleeting to, was the exact same Seal as the brunet young man, but Mikagi's Seal was a lot more faded, but still visible.

Mokuba, of course shocked, stared at the faded Seal for a while, but nodded. "That I was pretty much expecting...but that still doesn't explain you." His attention turned to the brunet. "How did an OC get into this mansion without detection, and even more so without setting the alarms off?"

The brunet let out a sigh and ran his hand through his hair, ruffling up even more. "There's another explanation for that..."

He straightened himself up and bowed a little. "The name my Authoress gave me is Sanryo Kaiba."


Enjoy, and of course, forgive me for keeping you waiting...I know there aren't any chibies in this, but don't worry, they'll be in the next chapter...just let me get used to writing this again...