This is my first Beyblade story so, don't expect much!

For those, who notice my English mistakes, this is NOT my first language, so forgive me for my mistakes, they're usually because I don't spell check or re-read after I finish writing.

Warning: rape, blood shed, incest, yaoi.

After a fire accident, the Blade Breakers believe that their captain's dead. But when Rei starts seeing Kai in his dreams, what's the truth? Is Kai really dead? After all, his body was never found.

Chapter One: The Beginning.

Rei was standing by a place he couldn't recognize; it was dark, cold and creepy. There was ice everywhere. He tried to find his way, anyway or anywhere to get him out of this place but found none.

While Rei was walking he heard someone calling his name. He turned around to find the source of the voice, but again he found none. However, when Rei turned again to continue his way, he was stopped by the voice calling him again, but this time louder. Rei wasn't sure why, but there was this nagging feeling that he heard the voice before and he knew who the owner of it was.

The voice called again, and finally it clicked to Rei, "Kai! Is that you? Where are you?" Rei yelled at the top of his lungs and was about to yell again but this time Kai appeared in front of him.

Kai was wearing his usual clothing, but they where all bloody and torn, his face was so pale and held so much pain and sadness. Rei reached out for Kai, to hold him, comfort him. But his hand went through Kai, and Rei was startled, "Kai?"

Kai shook his head and looked at Rei sorrowfully, "Rei, help me."

"How?" Rei asked, "Kai, tell me! How can I help you?"

Kai's eyes kept their sorrow as a big house appeared behind him, and Kai began disappearing into thin air slowly, "Save me, Rei! Look for me. Hiwatari's household! I will wait for you…I am waiting for you..." With these words, Kai disappeared completely.

"KAI! Wait, don't go, please!"

"KAI!" Rei sat up from where he was sleeping, panting and covered in sweat.

"Are you OK, Rei?" Rei turned to meet his teammates, Kenny, Max and Takao. They were worried about Rei.

"Yes, I'm OK. Sorry I woke you up!"

"Never mind that; it was that nightmare again, wasn't it?" Kenny asked. And sure enough; over the past week, Rei has been having the same nightmare over and over again. Since that incident, when Kai…

"Yes, it was. But what does it mean?"

"I think you just miss him; we all do!" Takao sighed.

"No! I'm sure it's something more than just that!" Rei shouted, then he realized what he did, "Sorry! I didn't mean to shout at you. I just can't accept that Kai is…is…" Rei couldn't bring himself to say that word, tears started to run down his face.

"Maybe Kai is dead, but he still lives in our hearts, Rei" Max tried to comfort Rei.

"No! They never found his body! Maybe he is still alive. Kai would never let himself die in a fire!" Rei wiped his tears, "besides, he told me in my dream to find him… help him! Save him! And he said something about a Hiwatari household! I saw a house too that I have never seen before!"

The Blade Breakers remained silent and Rei continued, "He said that he will wait for me. That he is still waiting for me! Don't you see? This is not just a dream! I'm sure it means something!"

"I think we should tell Mr. D; if Rei was right, then…" Kenny said while preparing to sleep again.

"Thank you Kenny! Does this mean you believe me?"

"We have to make sure, you were right at one point; they never found the body! But now we need to sleep so we can go and see Mr. D in the morning, at least that's what Kai would have said if he was here now."

They nodded sadly and each one went back to sleep.

The next morning, the Blade Breakers went to Mr. D. They knocked at the door and entered, but they were surprised when they found Tala and his team there.

"What are you guys doing here?" Takao asked as he walked into the room.

Mr. D stood up, "Morning, boys! It's good you're here; I was about to call you.". "What for?" Max asked, a questioning look on his face.

"You see, Tala and his friends are here to talk to you about…Kai."

"We are here for the same reason!" Max chirped.

Tala stood, "We came here as soon as we heard about what happened to Kai." Tala narrowed his eyes, "And we should tell you that we have our suspicions that Voltaire had something to do with that fire."

"The fire," Rei started, "I think I know what you mean; I have been having this dream about Kai. And I want to get the bottom of it all!"

"What dream?" Mr. D asked.

And so, Rei told them all about his dream and what Kai kept saying in them.

"Hiwatari's household?" Mr. D began, "I think I may be able to find something about it."

"Really? Thank you Mr. D! You don't know how much this means to me!" Rei said excitedly. "By the way, Takao, you don't mind if the Demolition boys stayed at yours, will you?" Mr. D asked Takao.

"I don't mind at all." Takao held his hand up, then glanced at the Demolition Boys, who were staring at him, "And please, don't freak me out!"

They just smirked.

"Well then, I'm going to start my search of this 'Hiwatari's household'!" then adding mentally, 'I am sure I know this place from somewhere', and he left.

"I think we should go back to Takao's until Mr. D comes back" Kenny said, adjusting Dizzy under his arm.

"Yeah, lets go." Rei sighed, 'Soon, Kai, soon we'll be coming to you'.

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